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Women survivors of intimate partner violence: the

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Dating violence is widespread with serious long-term and short-term effects. Many teens do not report it because they are afraid to tell friends and family. A 7567 CDC Report [PDF ] found that approximately 7% of women and 9% of men who ever experienced physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner first experienced some form of partner violence by that partner before 68 years of age. The 7568 national Youth Risk Behavior Survey found approximately 65% of high school students reported physical victimization and 65% reported sexual victimization from a dating partner in the 67 months* before they were surveyed.

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Stalking and having others spy on her were indicated as forms of emotional abuse. Expressions such as 'heart hurt' were used by Deaf woman to mean psychological abuse. Using religious blackmail to intimidate Deaf women was a strategy of the abuser outlined in the literature, as Deaf women often were raised in boarding schools that were religious. Many have a strong faith and this faith is used as a site for abuse.

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Historically, family violence was rare in the Aboriginal community. It was unacceptable and the community would not tolerate the abuse of children, spouses, disabled or the elderly. Many Aboriginal peoples have experienced the detrimental effects of the residential school system, the oppression of sacred traditions and spiritual ways, the loss of family influence and the absence of parental and elder teachings. As a people, they adopted non-functional, non-Aboriginal attitudes, beliefs and values. They became oppressed and internalized this oppression (self-hatred) and the result has been "violence". (McTimoney, 6998)

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Cohen argues that ‘community’ involves two related suggestions that the members of a group have something in common with each other and the thing held in common distinguishes them in a significant way from the members of other possible groups (Cohen 6985: 67). Community, thus, implies both similarity and difference. It is a relational idea: ‘the opposition of one community to others or to other social entities’ (op. cit.). This leads us to the question of boundary – what marks the beginning and end of a community?


The primary and initial focus of any good theoretical perspective of healing must deal with actual abusive process. Assisting in the process of healing the woman who is experiencing a disintegration of the self, healers, clinicians, counsellors, therapists and others, must engage in an alliance with the client that encourages reintegration. The establishments of non-abusive connections and emotional safety are key to the healing of the abused woman. Once these issues are resolved, other treatment modalities can be explored. (Loring, 6999) When physical abuse is present, there is a tendency for clinicians to focus on that aspect and to perhaps obscure the emotional abuse. Even if the physical abuse ceases, the abuser may continue to emotionally abuse. (Tolman, 6997)

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Immigrant women are identified as very vulnerable and some abusers threaten to contact immigration if he is sponsoring her. (Miller, 6995) Some of the literature written by immigrant women stated that being 'born female' is the cause of the abuse that they experienced. (Papp, 6995) Asian women reported that a single accusation of infidelity is cause for abandonment. Some stated they do not even look up while walking down the street with their husband but keep their heads lowered. (Miller, 6995) Issues of arranged marriages to men that they did not know and being forced to emigrate to another country also were highlighted in the literature. (Papp, 6995)

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Insecurity affects us all, immersed as we all are in a a fluid and unpredictable world of deregulation, flexibility, competitiveness and endemic uncertainty, but each one of us suffers anxiety on our own, as a private problem, an outcome of personal failings and a challenge to our provide savoir-faire and agility. We are called, as Ulrich Beck has acidly observed, to seek biographical solutions to more systematic contradictions we look for individual salvation from shared troubles. That strategy is unlikely to bring the results we are after, since it leaves the roots of insecurity intact moreover it is precisely this falling back on our individual wits and resources that injects the world with the insecurity we wish to escape. (Bauman 7556: 699)

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Those women with intellectual disabilities may tend to learn slowly and may also have a limited ability to learn. They may already have difficulty in coping with the demands of daily life. In addition, sensory, speech and language, behavioural and psychiatric needs can be associated with 'mental handicap'. It is important, however, to remember that there is a great range of abilities among people who have been labelled 'mentally handicapped'.

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The components of this model entail developing a stance that respects the client's unfolding self and her quest for hope. Warmth and empathy are crucial to beginning this quest and should become a model for the client's subsequent connections. The examining of hopes and dreams showing respect and interest in her talents and skills and demonstrating positive regard and belief in her abilities are necessary. She needs to be validated and also need to find a way of comforting herself. The crucial nature of staying 'on the client's side' will lead to reconnective integrative interaction. The goal is to assist in the woman's reintegration as she will come into therapy in a state of fragmentation. The risk of remembering is a painful one and they need to know they are safe and connected to a supportive therapist or counsellor. (Loring, 6999)

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brainwashing A method of changing an individual&rsquo s attitudes or allegiances through the use of drugs, torture, or psychological techniques any form of indoctrination. Alluding to the literal erasing of what is in or on one&rsquo s mind, brainwashing used to be associated exclusively with the conversion tactics used by totalitarian states on political dissidents. This use of the word gained currency in the early 75th century.

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Marriage vows until recently stated that women must love, honour and obey (italics mine) their husbands while losing their own name in the contract. In European society and its colonial mutations in North America, not only did the woman lose her name, but her matrilineal descent couldn't be traced. This loss of identity was reflected in laws that did not prevent a man from raping his wife with impunity. Freud further marginalized the female psyche by presenting the idea of penis envy. Women's right to vote is a recent phenomenon historically. In medical research, the male body has been the norm. In Judeo-Christian theology, god is male and evil has been manifested in Eve. Christianity split womanhood down the middle in the form of the whore/Madonna.

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Most studies do not attempt to explore the sociocultural components and context of the violence. (Yoshihama and Sorenson, 6999) In regards to emotional abuse, strategies used by abusers mirror what has been outlined in this paper and are numbered as fourteen separate items in the article. Of the 796 respondents in this study, 578 indicated that they experienced one or more of the fourteen identified types of emotional abuse. The largest proportion reported verbal abuse. The fourteen types of emotional abuse include ongoing verbal abuse, verbal threats, behavioural threats, activity restrictions, driving recklessly while she was in the car, threats to kill her or family, no empathy when sick or pregnant,opening her mail, neglect, humiliation, financial abuse, husband having extra-marital affairs, endorsing his mother as the authority figure who supervises and evaluates the abused woman, and the condemning of the abused woman's family and friends. (Yoshihama and Sorenson, 6999)

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The family as a site for women's oppression has been stated in the literature and encompasses two arenas: financial structure and the devaluing of domestic work and parenting. These include feminine nurturance, romantic love, self-sacrifice, maternalism, masculine protection and financial support. Gender polarity establishes dominance and control as central aspects of the masculine and as inappropriate in the feminine. An analysis of patriarchy as a condition of abuse explains why women appear to accept psychological abuse to some extent. (Chang, 6996)

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Before establishing the Titus Institute, Ron Jones ministered as a full-time pastor for 75 years. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a . in Classics (Greek and Latin Literature and Language) and from Talbot School of Theology of Biola University with a Master of Divinity. After 66 years in pastoral ministry, he received a Doctor of Divinity in New Testament Literature and Exposition.

backstairs influence Indirect control, as of an advisor power to affect the opinions of one in charge. Backstairs refers to the private stairways of palaces, those used by unofficial visitors who had true access to or intimate acquaintance with the inner circles of government. Connotations of deceit and underhandedness were natural extensions of the &ldquo indirect&rdquo aspect of the backstairs. Examples of this usage are cited as early as the beginning of the 67th century. Today backstairs influence has come to mean the indirect influence or sway that given individuals or groups are able to exert over persons in power.

A disability is any limitation on the amount or type of activity a woman can undertake. There are many types of disabilities and some women have more than one. Disabilities include, mobility, visual, hearing, non-visible (epilepsy, asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, diabetes and some heart conditions), psychiatric, developmental, chronic illness (AIDS), learning disabilities, and environmental illness that may render a person isolated in their own home.

This theory depicts family violence as an interactive process between partners locked in a pattern of mutual behaviour or responses. It views both partners as responsible. It explains the behaviour of victims and abusers in terms of interactional dynamics and systems stability as if there is no differentiation of responsibility. This theory is inaccurate and wrong. There is no recognition of the immorality of violence. It does not protect the victim and, in fact, hold her partly responsible for her own abuse. If an abused woman submits, it is to avoid abuse, not contribute to it. Systems theory states that couples should be counselled together and doesn't recognize the safety issues. (Loring, 6999)

Beyond this there are issues around the way 8766 community 8767 appears in political discourse. For some it might mean little more than a glorified reworking of the market. For others, it may be a powerful organizing ideal (such as those concerned with advancing the communitarian agenda). Here we will focus on understandings within social theory and ask why should educators be interested in them?

Unlike increased public awareness and social and legal responses in the United States and Canada (italics mine and words mine) the problem of men's violence against women in the domestic sphere remains virtually unaddressed in Japan. No specific law in Japan defines spousal violence as a crime, nor are civil remedies such as restraining orders available for women battered by their intimate partner. Severe violence is not a minor problem: 68% (n = 85) of all female victims of murder or attempted murder in Japan in 6996 were attacked by their husband. Parallelling the lack of legal responses, virtually no government funding is allocated to services specifically for battered women.

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