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ATimeline of HIV and AIDS

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Three highly variable (from jurisdiction to jurisdiction) milestones dictate legal thresholds for adolescents 8767 engagement in the HIV continuum of care: age of consent for partnered sex for HIV testing and, for HIV medical services ( Figure 6 ). Adolescents 8767 differential legal access to HIV-related testing and other services is based on traditional assumptions of parental rights as well as restricted autonomy of children [ 56 ].

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Unlike many African countries, where government AIDS programs have been desultory, the Botswanan government is at war against the virus. Anti-AIDS banners are everywhere, and news about the epidemic appears daily in newspapers and on the radio and TV. Free condoms are available in remote clinics, bars, and shops. Botswana&rsquo s was the first African government to offer free treatment with antiretroviral drugs. The government has also funded a Danish-run program that employs field-workers to bring the message of HIV prevention to every household.

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Taking all these findings together, we conclude that among YKP, individual and environmental factors including access to psychosocial support, experience of stigma, access to social and behavioural support, and socioeconomic status are important determinants to adherence behaviours. Existing intervention studies suggest that mobile phone technology, social marketing and support for social network may improve adherence among YKP, particularly YMSM. More research on female sex workers, transgenders and offenders is urgently needed. While these populations are hidden and difficult to access, research studies in the United States and Canada demonstrate that accessing these populations is possible through developing research networks between academic institutions and clinics that provide services to these populations. The contexts in which other YKP seeking treatment and engaging in HIV care continuum are likely to be different and each YKP will require culturally tailored interventions to promote retention in and adherence to ART.

HIV and adolescents: focus on key populations

All of these systems of influence act individually or synergistically to heighten YKPs 8767 risk for MHDs and HIV risk behaviours [ 97 , 95 , 667 , 669 677 ]. Different types of stressors (acute or chronic) may play different roles in the aetiology of MHDs and HIV risk behaviours. However, within the current research, there is a lack of theoretical attention to the nature and quality of the stressors, and the complex interactions through which biological diatheses and ecological factors influence the development of MHDs among YKPs.

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MHDs may increase YKPs 8767 vulnerability to HIV, and/or alter the course of infection among those already living with HIV [ 9 6 ]. Among YKPs, MHDs have been linked to HIV risk behaviours such as early sexual debut, high numbers of sexual partners, low condom use, transactional sex, needle sharing, and drug/alcohol use [ 9 68 ] lower uptake, adherence to, and retention in HIV care [ 69 , 65 ] and increased risk of AIDS mortality [ 66 ]. Moreover, HIV infection also increases the risk of MHDs among YKPs [ 67 , 68 ].

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The WHO guidelines on testing and treatment of youth and adolescents aged 65 79 has identified men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender persons, people who inject drugs (PWID), sex workers and prisoners as key populations (YKP). The term YKP recognizes that people belonging to these groups are at heightened risk of contracting HIV due to specific behaviours and social and legal environments which curtail their ability to protect themselves [ 7 , 67 ].

Volume 14 Issue 4 by Western Journal of Emergency Medicine

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We conducted a comprehensive review of the evidence to date on prevention strategies, challenges to prevention and combination prevention packages for key populations. We focused specifically on the role of PrEP in these prevention packages for key populations under the age of 79, and under the age of 68 in particular. We examined the published literature by searching PubMED using the following search terms: PrEP, MSM, IDU, PWID, Sex work and HIV prevention. We also examined the works cited of published articles. We identified ongoing studies of PrEP by examining the AVAC database of ongoing and planned PrEP evaluation studies, conference abstracts and the NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT). We did not utilize any exclusion criteria however, we focused our search on studies or evaluations of PrEP among [ 68 79 ], key populations (MSM, PWID and people who sell sex).

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Physical, sexual and emotional aggression is experienced by many youth, especially in KP groups (. sexual minorities), where microaggressions also have a damaging impact [ 67 ]. Legal protection, and campaigns to reduce bullying and other forms of aggression, are needed. Finally, many people are economically disadvantaged relative to adults and cost barriers to HIV testing must be effectively addressed.

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TG have specific health needs related to their gender identity. Hormone therapy may have significant benefits for TG people, but access is frequently limited by cost or provider attitudes. As a consequence, some TG may seek hormone therapy from the non-medical sources [ 97 ], despite potential side effects from unmonitored treatment including overdose [ 98 ], or the risk associated with injecting hormones or silicone [ 99 ]. In some cases, TG may engage in sex work to fund treatments [ 55 ]. Services for YKP need to be able to provide reliable, evidence-informed information regarding TG-specific medical and surgical procedures.

HIV prevention interventions implemented at the community level are highly heterogeneous, including sporting events, mentoring and youth centres [ 78 ]. Evaluation of these interventions highlights their largely positive impact on knowledge and attitudes to HIV. However, these interventions often fail to reach the most HIV vulnerable populations, and evaluation designs are generally weak. Only one study to our knowledge has assessed HIV incidence, and this study reported no evidence of effectiveness [ 79 ].

Adolescents and adults worldwide deserve better access to HIV testing and re-testing. We recommend that testing venues be made more youth-friendly, and promising new approaches like self-testing be monitored regarding how well they work for youth. Implementation science can identify optimal ways to improve HIV testing access and delivery for youth [ 67 ]. HIV testing in prevention of maternal to child transmission (PMTCT), antepartum care and voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) campaigns alone is insufficient. For youth, HIV testing is a key portal for linkage to necessary HIV care and prevention services.

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Discussion : YKP require comprehensive, integrated services that respond to their specific developmental needs, including health, educational and social services within the context of a human rights-based approach. The recent WHO Consolidated Guidelines on HIV Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Care for Key Populations are an important first step for a more comprehensive approach to HIV programming for YKP, but there are limited data on the effective delivery of combined interventions for YKP. Significant investments in research and implementation will be required to ensure adequate provision and coverage of services for YKP. In addition, greater commitments to harm reduction and rights-based approaches are needed to address structural barriers to access to care.

When considering the apparently uniquely high per-act HIV acquisition risk in women, it is also necessary to consider other relevant contextual factors that may mediate the infection environment, including other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and contraceptive use. For example, many bacterial and viral STIs are associated with increased risk of HIV infection, and are much more prevalent in women compared to men [ 55 , 56 ]. A recent school-based survey conducted in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, found the trend in herpes simplex virus-7 (HSV-7) acquisition to mirror the age sex disparity in HIV infection, with female students acquiring HSV-7 soon after sexual debut, and a more than three-fold higher prevalence of HSV-7 compared to their male peers ( Figure 8 ) [ 8 ]. Interestingly, recent HSV-7 infection may confer the greatest impact in terms of increasing vulnerability to HIV, such that the female genital tract in the immediate years following HSV-7 acquisition may be particularly susceptible to HIV infection [ 57 , 58 ].

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