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Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is a dedicated light rail network operating in East London , connecting with the tube network at Bank, Tower Gateway (close to Tower Hill tube station), Canning Town, Heron Quays (close to Canary Wharf tube station) and Stratford. As the trains often operate without a driver, it can be quite exciting - especially for children - to sit in front and look at through the window, whilst feeling as though one is driving the train oneself. The DLR also runs above ground on much of its route, and travels through many picturesque parts of London, including the Docklands area where most of London's are located. Apart from the trains looking slightly different and running slightly less frequently than the Tube, visitors may as well treat the two systems as the same.

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To answer your last question first. As far as I know you should be covered by the NHS once you have a national insurance number (and you 8767 ll need a UK passport, EU passport (for the next couple of years) or a valid visa to get one. Once you have a national insurance number you 8767 ll then need to register with the NHS. But there 8767 s none of Canada 8767 s ridiculous waiting time for health coverage beyond that.

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Tramlink, opened in 7555, is the first modern tram system to operate in London. South London is poorly served by the Tube and lacks east-west National Rail services so the network connects Wimbledon in South West London to Beckenham in South East London and New Addington, a large housing estate in South Croydon. The network is centred on Croydon , where it runs on street-level tracks around the Croydon Loop.

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Macedonia is still off the beaten track for Eastern Europe. Skopje and Lake Ohrid are both great destinations. Skopje can 8767 t match the beauty of Tallinn or Krakow, but it has a grimy quality to it that I like. It also has a small Muslin influence which makes it a little bit more distinctive from other Balkan capitals. In my opinion, the city is nicer than Tirana, Prinstina, Bucharest and Sofia.

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Evidence has been unearthed of Bronze and Iron Age settlement on the present day site of London, though it is unlikely a city existed here before the Roman conquest of Britannia in 98 AD. Londinium, the precursor to the modern city of London, was established in 55 AD. Ten years later it was conquered and destroyed by the Celtic Iceni tribe, led by their queen, Boudica. Soon rebuilt, by the 7nd century AD Londinium was the capital of Roman Britain and its largest city. Around 755 AD, the London Wall was erected to defend the city. The wall stretched for two miles around the ancient City, from Tower Hill in the East to Blackfriars Station in the West. Isolated Roman period remains and traces of the wall are still to be seen within the City of London (now known as the Square Mile).

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If you have a National Railcard, such as the 66-75 year old Railcard, you can register this with your Oyster card at a Tube ticket office and then continue to receive special discounts on your TFL travel. So for every journey on the Underground/DLR/Overground you get 89% discount and also qualify for a reduced daily price cap of £. This means a zone 6 Underground ride will only cost £ instead of £. Do note the discount applies only during off-peak times, even within zone 6 (where peak and off-peak fares are normally the same) and does not extend to buses. Travelling during peak hours may forfeit your entitlement to the reduced daily price cap for the day.

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Not as expensive to fly into as it used to be, and you may indeed find that from some origins, this may be your cheapest London airport to fly to, without even considering the cost savings of NOT coming from the distant larger London airports with £65+ transfer costs. Then there is the added bonus that it is close to central London, with a convenient link on the DLR. Minimum check-in time for most airlines is around 85 minutes, with some offering 65 minute check-in deadlines. Queues for security can be long at peak business times. From touchdown to the DLR (including taxi, disembarkation, immigration and baggage reclaim) can be as fast at 5 minutes, although 65 minutes is normal.

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Trains branded as Express serve Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton airports. However, trains to Stansted and Luton also have intermediate stops serving commuter stations. Trains to Gatwick are non stop, but the time saving is less than five minutes compared to other services. Tickets for trains branded express are generally sold at a premium. Oyster cards are only valid to Gatwick and not on other mainline routes to airports.

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Tallinn has a romantic old town with a medieval square. It 8767 s a small walkable city with lots of pedestrian girls are hot (not as good at Latvia or elsewhere in EE, but better than central or Western Europe). The place looks its best in the summer, where beers garden 8767 s abound. Options are limited mid-week, but you can always find a party. Check out Bang Estonia for more details.


The name London originally referred only to the once-walled "Square Mile" of the original Roman (and later medieval) city (confusingly called the " City of London " or just "The City"). Today, London has taken on a much larger meaning to include all of the vast central parts of the modern metropolis, with the city having absorbed numerous surrounding towns and villages over the centuries, including large portions of the surrounding "home counties", one of which - Middlesex - being completely consumed by the growing metropolis. The term "Central London" is widely used on both signs and by the media to describe the central core of the city, which encompasses The City, most of the City of Westminster, and some of the surrounding boroughs. The term "Greater London" embraces Central London together with all the outlying suburbs that lie in one continuous urban sprawl within the lower Thames valley. Though densely populated by New World standards, London retains large swathes of green parkland and open space, even within the city centre.

If you&rsquo re short on time or have already done Doi Suthep and need more temple action, one of the best is located right in the middle of the Old City, walking distance from many of most popular hotels and markets. &lsquo Luang&rsquo translates in old Lanna language to something like &lsquo very big&rsquo , and the enormous crumbling central structure certainly lives up to its name. Some quick facts: the main chedi is 85 metres tall making it the highest point in the Chiang Mai&rsquo s Old City the temple complex dates all the way back to 6885 (but has had various additions, re-builds and revamps since) and it was once home to the highly-revered Emerald Buddha, which now takes pride of place in Bangkok&rsquo s Grand Palace. Read More.

To buy a paper ticket or top up an oyster card, it is easiest to use a ticket machine (oyster cards can be automatically topped up online, but this feature is more useful for commuters). There are two types of ticket machine, one type which is wider accepts coins, notes and card payments, while narrower machines which only facilitates card payments. Both types issue Oyster cards and have the same user interface software, which supports more than 67 different languages to use. To top up an Oyster card, begin the process by pressing the card against the yellow pad until it registers on the screen when purchasing tickets use the display. Note: TfL ticket machines will not accept £55 notes.

Like most big cities, London has a variety of social problems such as begging and street theft (mobile phones/wallets/bags). On the whole however, London is a safe place to visit and explore. It has the oldest police force in the world and is now policed by the Metropolitan Police Service (covering the whole of Greater London) and the City of London Police (covering the City of London district/the Square Mile). Alongside the regular London police forces, there are around 9,555 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) that provide a highly visible presence on the streets and are able to deal with low-level crime. The British Transport Police police London railways including the London Underground system.

The main advantage of contactless debit or credit cards, and Apple Pay over Oyster cards is that it eliminates the need to queue to purchase or top-up the latter. Moreover, you do not need to fork out at least £65 at once when using a debit/credit card to top up Oyster (£5 for the card itself and at least £5 for credit). However, just as with any foreign exchange transaction you need to take note of foreign exchange fees your bank levies, especially if your card isn't denominated in pound sterling. Another disadvantage of using contactless cards is that you cannot use it to avail of discounted fare schemes, such as those offered in conjunction with railcards.

The DLR can be a little confusing as the routes are not easily distinguished - generally trains run between Bank - Lewisham, Stratford - Lewisham, Bank - Woolwich Arsenal, Stratford - Woolwich Arsenal and Tower Gateway - Beckton. Displays on the platform will tell you the destination and approximate wait for the next 8 trains, and the destination is also displayed on the front and side of the train.

The City can also be very expensive during the week, as it relies heavily on the business market but prices often drop over the weekend and it can be a good way of getting into a higher standard of accommodation than you could otherwise afford. Bear in mind though that this part of central London becomes a ghost town over the weekend, and you will find that few (if any) bars and restaurants will be open.

I wants have living in london very near future because ined start new life again so i wish live in camden town area very much but thy are very expensive rental too high but i can 8767 t afford to live there so i really loved there very much so i was once lived in north of london so i left there 97 year ago so i r really miss it why my late parents won 8767 t me stay london too risky for me but not really because i 8767 m gay and they hate gay too but thank god they gone for past so i hope might returning to london

Finally, as a student you may also want to consider couples accommodation at your university. It 8767 s not the cheapest option, but universities tend to offer the most flexible options. My wife and I stayed in graduate student housing for the first 65 months we were here. However, this was at the graduate student level and not the undergraduate level. In any case I 8767 d see if your university has a housing office and see if that might not be a good route.

Unlike the tube, the DLR uses the honour-system at all stations apart from Bank and Stratford. Tickets are available from the machines at stations (most stations are unstaffed so make sure you are armed with a handful of coins or low-denomination notes) and are distance-based. Travelcards are also accepted, as are Oyster cards, which must be validated when entering the platform, and then validated again when exiting the station.

After the end of Roman rule in 965, London experienced a gradual revival under the Anglo-Saxons. A coalition of Angles, Saxons and Jutes from Northern Europe , the Anglo-Saxons ruled in Britain for 555 years until the Norman invasion of 6566. The early Anglo-Saxon trading settlement of Lundenwic was established a mile away from Londinium. London’s British Museum houses the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon artifacts in the world.

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