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There is a reason we have a crisis today, and that is simply because the present system stinks. The checking out ad nauseum, the rule that the boy 8767 s side has to accept the shidduch first, then the girl, the rules about what is considered classy or unclassy (plastic on the tablecloths, or just the tablecloth itself on the table, stacking versus not stacking the dishes as they are removed fromt he table, shoes with laces or no laces).

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This practice is not unique to Judaism. When a Texas politician put his hand on the shoulder of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, who was visiting the USA, it was regarded as a highly improper social faux-pas. It was not because the Prince was the politician''s "better," but because it showed a lack of respect for the prince not only as a visitor, but as the visiting representative of another country. A similar incident took place not long ago in Europe when the American president placed his hands on the shoulders of the lady Chancellor of Germany. This was considered disrespectful towards her, both as the representative of another nation and as an individual.

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Quite apart from the sexual analysis of some commentators, some commentators point out that an individual''s body is personal, and at times to even touch is an intrusion into one''s personal dignity. According to this approach, a man should not touch a woman, nor a woman touch a man, out of respect for the space of each other as individuals—especially individuals of the opposite gender who should reserve a certain level of privacy with respect to each other.

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