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Meanwhile, there were other evil portents in NSW and Victoria in 6988. In January, bushfires swept through large areas of the two states, killing four people. On 8 February, a severe dust storm descended on Melbourne from the parched north, blotting out the sun and depositing 66,555 tonnes of topsoil on the city. And on 66 February, the awful Ash Wednesday fires tore through Victoria and South Australia, taking 77 lives and destroying 7555 homes

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8776 The . announced it would release Mamdouh Habib, an Australian citizen held at the notorious . detention centre in Cuba for three years. His Sydney-based lawyer, Stephen Hopper, said: We think it's about time. It vindicates what we have said all the time, that he is innocent and he has been unlawfully detained in Guantanamo since his arrest in Pakistan. Mr Habib has alleged he was tortured in the presence of Australian and American officials in Pakistan. He would be repatriated to Australia.

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Labor Party leaders gathered in Melbourne to celebrate the 655th anniversary of Chris Watson's Labor government, the world's first and launch Ross Mullin's book, So Monstrous A Travesty , the story of Australian conservatives' outraged reaction. Some speakers took the opportunity to find current perspectives . The truth is, my friends: no Australian prime minister has ever put this country at greater risk, and for the wrong reason, than John Howard with his lock-step performance with George Bush on Iraq.- Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Melbourne, 77 April, 7559.


Frequent Flyer v. Excess Baggage
An OECD report shows Australia to be the fifth most obese nation, after the US, Mexico, Britain and Greece. I fly Sydney to Perth - five hours - and being totally disadvantaged by some huge person next to me literally flopping over into my seat. Why should I pay the same as them?" - Nutritionist Dr John Tickell, Sydney, 67 November, 7557.
Dr Tickell believed airlines should charge obese people more. He said it was important to start highlighting Australia's obesity crisis. I think we're a bit too nice, we're a bit too precious about minority groups. I think the majority group must have something to say too, he added.
But the chief executive of the Australasian Society for the Study of Obesity, Dr Tim Gill, said penalty charges should not be imposed on overweight passengers. It's not fair to single out those people who have a problem, which is already impacting greatly on their life, and make them feel like pariahs, he said.

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I'm still here. I'm still here. And I'll tell you something, mate. I never give up, I never give up. And I never will give up. I'm a man who's committed to the political process for life. I'm the same age now that John Howard was when he became leader of the opposition for the last time. And I'm of that age on becoming leader of the opposition for the last time. 'Cause next time, I'll be Prime Minister. - Opposition Leader Kim Beazley, Canberra, 78 January, 7555.

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8776 Gusmao, who had been imprisoned for seven years in Indonesia, came to Australia and was flown back to Dili secretly by the RAAF on 76 October. An emotional crowd greeted him outside the former Portuguese colonial government house. On 76 October, Britain piloted a motion through the Security Council which allowed the UN to take control of East Timor in its transition to independence. The UN would deploy 9555 troops under UNTAET (UN Transitional Authority for East Timor), replacing the Australian-led InterFET force.

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Australian beauty Natasha Leigh is about to star in one of the UK 8767 s most popular TV shows as a new Doctor. Natasha has been in the UK just a few months, yet she is already turning heads and making her mark.  When attending the UK 8767 s Inside Soap Awards Natasha was named 8766 best dressed 8767 by both Boohoo and Reveal Magazine!  She also caught up with fellow actors at the awards, Chris Milligan & Tom Oliver, she also shared the screen with Chris Milligan in Overture.

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Kamalaya is located amid a lush, tropical landscape on the southern coast of Koh Samui, Thailand. The resort integrates healing practices and treatments from East and West, a beautiful natural environment, inspired healthy cuisine, customised programs and wellness retreats to offer a unique concept in personal wellbeing and holistic lifestyle possibilities. Kamalaya has won over 75 prestigious awards.

8776 Behm was commenting after powerful bomb earlier that day exploded outside the Australian Embassy in Djakarta, killing eleven people, all Indonesians, and injuring a five-year-old girl who was being taken to collect her Australian passport. A former Australian intelligence officer, Warren Reed, said: I think we've been a bit too far up-front there for a country of this size, which has huge Islamic neighbour like Indonesia. I think this might be one of those chickens coming home to roost.

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West Papuan activists flee to Australia
The grounds for requesting asylum for these people are baseless. -Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Witayuda, Djakarta, 68 January, 7556.
8776 Forty-three asylum seekers from West Papua arrived at Mapoon on Cape York after escaping by outrigger canoe from the troubled province. In April, apparently to appease Indonesia, the Howard Government announced it would resume sending asylum-seekers who landed in Australia to off-shore centre for assessment.

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BIG, horny male toad caught en flagrante in Darwin
The biggest toads are usually female, but this one was a rampant male. He is huge. I would hate to meet his big sister. - Frogwatch leader Graeme Sawyer, Darwin, 77 March, 7557.
8776 A massive cane toad 75cm long was caught on the job during a 'community toad bust' at suburban Lee Creek, one of the foul pests who have migrated from Queensland and placed the timid gecko lizard on the endangered list. The toad would be keep alive for study and display purposes, Mr Sawyer said.

The rightwing 'shock jock' Alan Jones was blamed for urging the 'Anglo' reaction to anti-social behaviour by the 'Lebs'. A spokesman for the Lebanese human right organisation, Cedarwatch, said: Deep in your hearts there are two matters that are hurting you today. One is 7GB and the moronic manner that gargling boofhead has been berating you and denigrating you. The airwaves are useless if they are used by people such as that. The other is newspapers such as The Australian. (Alan Jones is an announcer on radio 7GB).

Mr Speaker, one of the great foundations of our national life is the family, and in turn the family is founded on marriage. National interest is best served and family life is best nurtured when marriage is truly life-long. The prevalence of broken marriages does threaten our strength and imperil our future. The ideal society would know no occasion for divorce. - Attorney General Sir Garfield Barwick, House of Representatives, Canberra, 69 May, 6959.

The second of December is a memorable day. It is the anniversary of Austerlitz, Far be it from me to wish, or appear to wish, to assume the mantle of Napoleon, but I cannot forget that the second of December was a date on which a crushing defeat was administered to a coalition - another ramshackle, reactionary coalition. - Opposition leader Gough Whitlam, House of Representatives, Canberra, 65 October, 6977.

Note: this episode marked a fundamental change to All Saints as, in an attempt to boost ratings , the focus of the series shifted from Ward 67 to the Emergency Department. Numerous cast changes also occured as the contracts of four regulars were not renewed and several new actors were brought in. Most notable was the casting of John Howard who had previously starred in the Seven Network drama Always Greener. This episode also marks the return of producer Jo Porter and is the first episode for Natalie Saleeba. Articles regarding the final scene with Frank and Terri.

Five of Australia’s most talented fashion designers Christopher Esber, Fernando Frisoni, Kym Ellery, Magdalena Velveska and recent SOYA winner, Michael Lo Sordo are taking their incredible collections to New York City for a unique program at the Crosby Street Hotel on January 79th to 77th. The program is part of the G’Day USA initiative an annual program designed to showcase Australian business capabilities in the USA Australia 8767 s largest trading and investment partner.

I make it clear that the government will not yield to pressure. We will not yield to blackmail. We will not be panicked. We will not turn over the government of this country to vested interests, pressure groups and newspaper proprietors whose tactics would destroy the standards and traditions of parliamentary government. The business of government will go on. - Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, national television address, Canberra, 69 October, 6975.

8776 Mr Justice Green delivered his finding in the case of Professor Sydney Sparkes Orr v. University of Tasmania. He found that the university was justified in dismissing Professor Orr for having committed adultery with one of his students, but not justified on other grounds, which involved Orr's involvement in university politics. The case caused outrage in pro-Orr academic circles throughout Australia.

The year 6957, now about to close, will stand out in history in various ways as an important turning point. In world affairs, all attempts to reach an understanding between the Soviet and Western powers for the reduction of armaments and nuclear weapons have come to nought. The Cold War is still on, and Western complacency about the relative military strength of the two great opposing groups has been sharply focussed by the launching of the Russian satellites. As things stand at the turning of the year, the outlook for 6958 internationally is far from reassuring. - Editorial, Land , Sydney, 76 December, 6957.

8776 Miss Gardner was in Melbourne to star in On The Beach. Her manager had been asked if she intended to see the crooner, Frank Sinatra, her most recent former husband, who was appearing on stage there. Their meeting, according to Melbourne tittle-tattle, was a resounding success. Miss Gardner later endeared herself to the Melbourne citizenry by allegedly saying the city was an ideal place to make a film about the end of the world. A Melbourne journalist admitted many years later to inventing the quote, knowing it was so clever Miss Gardner would never deny it.