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Many chiffchaffs now stay in Britain for the winter and are found in hedges and bushes, often near water. There are more than a million pairs of these little greenish birds nesting here in the woods in summer, with their loud “chiff-chaff” song. The wintering individuals rarely sing, but they are quite noisy, sometimes making almost continuous bright “tweet” calls as they move about. Birdwatchers are looking out for Siberian chiffchaffs, which do indeed come here all the way from Siberia. They are not easy to identify, but generally they are much more brown and buff than the other chiffchaffs, while in a different light they look grey and white. Their call note is fairly distinctive, however. It is a dull, plaintive note, not unlike a weak bullfinch call, and it has given the bird its scientific name of tristis , the Latin for “sad”.

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The kind of hairstyle you choose often depends on your lifestyle. If you are a college-goer looking for cool ways to impress the girls and show your unique style go for short layered haircuts that frame your face. Let the hair hang a little below the ears for a cute and funky look. Another great hairstyle for Asian men is a really short crop that gives a neat look. Give a twist to this age-old hairstyle by razoring the sides while keeping a tuft of hair on top of your head. Office-going Asian men can style their hair in a neat and presentable manner with a clean side parted hairstyle with hair in front of the ears neatly trimmed. You can get wild and expressive with a geometry inspired punk hairstyle with neat patterned razored on the hair at the back of your head. Shaggy layers are also an exciting style in which you allow the hair in front to reach below the forehead in casually messy strands. So, go ahead and express your personality with a fresh hairstyle.

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Come on, show us that million-dollar smile! Whether you’re walking the red carpet in a sequined gown or dashing tux, heading to the mall for some weekend shopping or making the trek to the local grocery store in sweats and a baseball cap, everyone wants to look beautiful. From little girls begging to try on their moms’ high heels and old ladies putting on their Sunday finest to middle-aged men looking to hide the grey hair in their beards, who doesn’t want to look their best?

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Styling your hair is a mark of your personality, and the right kind of hairstyle can really set off your features. Asians love experimenting with different ways of styling their hair, and from Japan, Korea and China have come up with some innovative and fresh hairstyles. Asian Hairstyles For Men go well with the smooth fine hair that many Asians have, and a bit of imaginative highlighting makes for a great makeover for men.