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Hmmmm Well, I 8767 m not swedish, but I like to be equal with my man in the cases mentioned as well, though maybe independent would be a better word for it. Agree with Swedish S if a guy wants to pay for dinner, drinks or similar, it does feel like I owe him something and start to wonder what does he want in return. The only exception would be if we 8767 d agree that he pays this time and I 8767 ll pay the next time.

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Im 65, once you women pass 85 your done. The market place even denounces you. Face facts men with resources are not going to risk putting up with agendas, grief, monthly moods, dissatisfaction scows , and just plane old pissy attitude all the time. You have won baby but keep your unhappiness to yourself. And the world knows how unhappy you females are and the corner you have painted yourselves into.

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No. Feminism was created to destroy the family and curb population growth. 8775 After overpopulation ran out of control, the female mice in John Calhoun’s “mouse universe” experiment stopped breeding, and the male mice withdrew from the company of others entirely, eating, sleeping, feeding and grooming themselves but doing little else. They had shiny coats, but empty lives.
Never before in history have relations between the sexes been so fraught with anxiety, animosity and misunderstanding..the sight of society breaking down, and ordinary men and women being driven into separate but equal misery, thanks to a small but highly organised group of agitators, is distressing. Particularly because, as increasing numbers of social observers are noticing, an entire generation of people—mostly men—are being left behind in the wreckage of this social engineering project. 8776

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Hey ive bin talking to a virgon man for a few months now, and i mett him for the first time last week and he said he was verry intrested in me. But he really whants to take things slow witch i agree but its bin one week now and whe still havent seen each other and im alwayse the one enitiating the convo V I text we dont call each other just text. Is he intrested in me or just being polight about it.

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You 8767 re right, it 8767 s not that hard. That 8767 s selfish. While you were out getting your side action she could have too! You 8767 re not the only ine who wants something good. You wanted some new ass, maybe she did too. Let me find out your penis is the shit, there 8767 s someone else who would give it to her reaaaaal good lol. While you were out there cheating leaving Her by herself she could have found a man to do the same thing. Remember that when you 8767 re 65 and you can 8767 t get it up Anymore and she desires a man who is not impotent. You tell her so that she can decide whether she wants to be involved in that or not. It was good talking to you. Again I hope that your wife will never do that to you, and if she does please forgive her. Bye Casor

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To each their own! But I learned that whoever has money has to be careful about getting taken advantage of man or woman- and there are jerks at every age. I hate generalizations that older women are better, men are better, etc. There are good and bad people and it 8767 s up to you to find them. I think it might be easier for us to relate to people who are older or because we treat them differently. We treat older with more respect (as opposed to someone who is just as clueless as any other person). Olders treat peeps with a lot of compassion because they can remember what it 8767 s like to be and naive and kid just wants to please that 8767 s what kids do because they don 8767 t know themselves yet.

Now, if a man of your age sometimes talks in a fun away about hotly fancying women to his male friends (and this gets back to you via chance conversation with someone else) rather than about women his own age , but actually wants to spend time with you Does he feel he is making some sort of get the confidence and the quality of conversation he wants he has to put up with an older body too??? Or if he had the choice would he want to go out with much women?

suzzzy, i feel like i could have written your comment myself. I am in the same situation except i work with the man and we often see each other outside of work but only for sex. No perks, no dates. I too feel like such a doormat bc i also treat him to gifts and i hate it. Many times i have tried to move forward by dating and meeting other people. Ive even tried online dating to get out of my comfort zone in hopes of liking someone else. The thought of him finding another side girl also bothers me for some reason, i hate it. Its isn 8767 t healthy. Its become an addiction.

If you were unhappy, chances are he was too. I 8767 m by no means excusing his cheating but really, people more often have an affair when their needs are not being met and more often its on a subconscious level.
Sounds like he is really remorseful about it and trying his utmost best to make up for it but you wont let it go. You are licking the cream from the saucer but still determined to pour bitter venom into every aspect of this event sort of as a wound you dont want healed because it serves you to play victim.
Get some professional help or you will destroy whatever is left of a marriage that yout hubby is trying his best to make up to you with.
Do you not know how he is suffering too? That pain has absolutely no power whereas yours, yours has a payback. I deserve, poor me, screw her, I 8767 m angry, I 8767 m the victim
8776 We have all forgiven him but not really 8776
This makes me ill and I speak from experience.
Do yourself a favour and learn what it means to forgive because only you are holding onto a poison inside that will slowly kill you, him, the marriage. one way or the other

I love your series and have been reading a lot from you because I am starting an adventure of my own.
As the father of 8 daughters, I have found the prejudice of the age gap to be ridiculous. I have seen my daughters date guys who treat them like crap, are incredibly self-centered, pressure them to have sex, have no possible future other than working at minimum wage jobs, tell all their friends every possible secret they may have and then cheat on them and call her a B*tch all over social media for leaving him. And the American reaction to that is Aren t they a cute couple.

Ultimately, no one can objectively advise a woman whether she should date a man, as only she knows what her goals are, and only she feels her needs and desires are at that specific stage in her life considering the unique circumstances of her present emotional state and her dating past. An intense physical affair might just be something she needs to enjoy your life and to be distracted from her previous break-up or disappointments in men.

Yeah, I agree, it is pretty uncomfortable. Maybe she just wanted to respect her boyfriend as some men could get jealous if they see their girl teaching another guy how to dance. But if you still want to learn, I 8767 ve found some good dancing classes on youtube, just type 8775 how to dance salsa 8776 . And the good thing is that if you are kind of shy of looking like a fool, this is a good way to learn. And also you can repeat it over and over until you get it!

I try to keep up, lots and lots of comments via the site here, the youtube channel and the facebook page. I learn from people 8767 s comments the experiences they 8767 ve had here as well that it 8767 s best to take things slow here. I really like this woman, but I 8767 m just not ready to settle-down and she needs some time as well to sort out her feelings. At 87 she 8767 s not in a big hurry like the girls. I like that. We 8767 re spending time just doing simple stuff, hanging out letting things fall in place.

I too am with a man 66 years I met him when he was 76 and he is now 78 🙂 since it was my 8 rd boyfriend I didnt give it much thought ( i went through it with the first one who was only 8 years He is the best partner I have ever had: cooking, helping out with my daughter, caring for both of us, and generally giving muuch love. I couldnt not mention the great sex life we have as well. I do not think much of the future but certainly we re all happy as is. There are plenty of men out there that deliiberately choose a more mature woman, and see YOU (and only you for that matter) as a great fit.

But back to finding out you are bland and like everybody else as I think it relates to dating. You think that would feel unifying except that since most people by in large are unexceptional and you were raised with such praise of your average gifts only to find out they are really average it kind of sucks And so when you start to date on-line 99% of the people seem so average and blah because because you are drawing from this HUGE pool of what looks like blah to you sooooooo you put even more label and definitions on yourself to prove you are not average and are unique, to try and stand out but don 8767 t really want to wade through the see of blah yourself. Yet too find a good match takes time and if everybody expecting the other 6% of unique peers to wade their way through the blah to you,you get nowhere.

But this has made me realize that perhaps I am not as smart as I thought and am falling for him. I thought that he was so special that if he found someone more suited for him and he could start a family with in the future I would be OK with that. He is very smart and mature and doesn 8767 t like when people lead other people on, He 8767 s honest and full of character far more than any 95 year old I know. Otherwise I never would have gone there, seriously.

Then one day her father, back from Saudi Arabia where he was a driver, was drinking with his friends. She came back from a late afternoon fiesta. He thought she was playing around, beat her up. And immediately after that she started pressuring her various admirers to actually marry her. These apparently included a student architect, lawyer etc etc but also one illiterate farm lad from a land-owning but 8766 way out there 8767 rural family. All the lads with futures, declined. But the farm boy gathered his 8766 barricadas 8767 and basically stole her from school and frog-marched her to the family stronghold. There his relatives scared her into marrying him. And babies followed every couple/three years thereafter to number four.

I have recently met a much man whom is 76,, going on 77,,. There has been nothing but conversation, but what a conversationalist. We discuss everything, and he thinks I am very sexy and has no qualms about our age difference, not that I m really worrying myself either, but,, I do have a 78 daughter who thinks this is awesome. She is on her way in the fall for her Masters. So reguarding this Man,, she said,, Mom, I love you, I want you to be happy, so go & do, what makes you happy. I love my baby girl!!:D So I have her blessing, now,, what about his family?

It s been almost 7 yrs since I wrote in needing advice on this issue, as I was in a confusing man/older woman situation. I was feeling rather overwhelmed by the feelings that had developed between myself (then nearly 89 yrs old) and a man (who had just turned 76 yrs old). It started casually, then got very deep, very quickly. We ended up splitting after about 8 months, in a friendly manner, as it wasn t really what either of us wanted in fact, it was all a bit frenzied and rushed.

I am 97years old married with 8 children all teenagers having an affair with a man 7 yrs married too with 9 kids. We are best friends. He tells me he shares secrets with me and not his wife. I wonder if he loves me or it s just sex, I am confused. Some days he is really into me then some days he won t return my calls. His excuse is his protecting my reputation. I would love to get serious with because I don t love my husband anymore.

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