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On my way home I stopped in Aussie for 5 months because I have free visa entry because of my kiwi nationality and I came back to NZ for a few days. I asked the check in woman and said what one should I use and she said 8766 whatever one you want 8767 , so I said I 8767 ll just use my British passport to avoid hassle again, went up to NZ departure immigration and the guy behind the desk was asking me why I was here for only a few days not realising I should have just used my NZ passport.

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Honestly I 8767 m not sure what you 8767 re asking here. You want to stay for three months in France which you can do on either your US or CAN passport so why split the time between both? Regardless, there is nothing wrong with traveling on your US passport. Canada isn 8767 t going to be mad at you for doing so. It doesn 8767 t matter if you return home with no stamps. What does matter is you always represent yourself as a Canadian to Canadian authorities and American to American authorities. If they ask why you were gone three months and have no stamps, just say you are a dual citizen. Nothing wrong with that.

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Here are my questions:
6) Since I 8767 m on a Visa, isn 8767 t the US immigration supposed to record that I exit the country? By showing my italian one at check in, that won 8767 t show in their records.
7) My tickets are booked with the name that is on the Greek passport with the US visa. (didn 8767 t want to risk to no getting back into the US). How would you go for it?
8) At Immigration in Brazil, do they care which passport you gor on the plane with?
I was thinking I would travel both legs with the Greek passport (show that at Check-in) so tickets match passport and US can record both exit and arrival, then go through immigration in Brazil with Italian one. Check in with the Greek one on the return flight, show Italian one at exit immigration in Brazil (return the card and get the exit stamp), and then enter the US with the Greek.
Do you think that would work? How would you go about it? Would you show both passports at the Brazilian immigration?
Thanks for your help!!

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Hi, I am trying to write a letter of invitation for my aunt to attend my wedding in December. I applied for my adjustment of status in February and my application is still pending. My question is, does this affect me inviting my aunt over? Especially if my immigration status is till pending and I 8767 m on OPT? Do you think it will be best if my husband were to write the letter of invitation since he is a US Citizen?

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Hi, I am a US citizen and my boyfriend birthday is coming up. I want to surprise him by having his dad come over with a visa for his birthday. My boyfriend and I have 8 years together and we currently living together, he has a green card. Can I send a former invitation for him to come visit us even if we are not married, and what form should I filed ? Thank you. My father in law will be staying with us and we will take cared of all his expenses while been over here.

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Hi tommy. Just wanted to ask you if there is a place for ppl to put their mobile phones at the embassy gate. My appointment is next Monday and I have to go to college immediately after so it 8767 s kinda hard if I don 8767 t have my mobile phone with me.
Also, when applying for the visa class I selected the b6/b7 visa although my visit it purely for tourism since my bro is a student there. Will I be rejected on this basis. I 8767 m traveling with my parents and aunt btw and I applied for the same visa class for all.

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Hi Tito
I 8767 m in a slight mess not certain if you can advise
I have earned £85,555 in less than a year but I am based in Australia my income was derived from being self-employed and working for a company but at two separate times so not overlapping
My financials I am not certain of going to stack up technically as I have used different bank accounts for different transactions obviously running a business
Can I only get a Visa for my wife ,she is looking for a spouse visit and my who is looking for a dependent Visa as I have got a British passport, if I have been in the same appointment for 67 months or can I have moved employment and work for myself
Cheers and thank you

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My name is Yaa Yaa my boyfriend who 8767 s a from USA Atlanta Georgia wants me to visit him soon I 8767 ve read all the above information and I know I need to get an invitation letter first which my boyfriend is preparing for me
The question is I 8767 m from Ghana I have a job and we met on a dating site and have not met before but we talk everyday and call each other also my boyfriend is sponsoring the whole thing what necessary documents should be provided to make it a reality and is the probability that I will be given since we met online
Or can he state it as a friend instead of a boyfriend? And should we go for the b7 visa or fiance visa?

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Q: I am petitioning for my sister who is New Zealand citizen to come and live here in the US if she wants to 67 years later. With that said, while the petition is pending, can she visit the US without any issues under the Visa Waiver Program? or will it be anywhere on the form asking if someone has petitioned for her for permanent residency? She just wants to visit here under 95 days as the program 8767 s regulation. 

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hi Dave,
thanks so much for the info.
please let me ask u a question, I hold a Malaysian passport from birth and have a French passport. Malaysia government don 8767 t allow double nationality. But i have to travel with my FR passport (which got the good visa) to go to USA from Malaysia, following your advice I should check in with my FR passsport and show immigration the Malaysia one, even though you mention that the airline don 8767 t care about immigartion law, but I still fear I will be announce holding 7 passports as it is unlawful in my country. any advice? pls

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Henrick Are you saying that you have overstayed your visa in Canada and that 8767 s why you can 8767 t leave without being able to come back? Or do you have a valid work-permit that is allowing you to stay in Canada? If you overstayed, changing passports doesn 8767 t solve your problem (although you may not get caught). But if you have a Canadian work permit in your Brazilian passport you can 8767 t leave and reenter as an Italian. If you do, you won 8767 t be under the work permit, you 8767 ll be a normal tourist and restricted to a 95 day stay.

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My situation is that I have an Australian and a Greek passport, both with different names. The passport needs to match the boarding pass. In your example above, if I leave Europe to come to Australia, I need to check-in for my flight using my Australian passport and use my Greek one to exit Europe. But then my boarding pass will not line up at one of these steps either at check-in, or at immigration.

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Here 8767 s my question…I live in Canada and am a dual Canadian/South African citizen (with both passports). I will be going to South Africa in March and then leaving from there to India and then back to South Africa (and back home to Canada). [Canada-South Africa-India-South Africa-Canada]. I 8767 m in the process of getting a visa for India, which I thought should be in my Canadian passport, correct? I 8767 m a bit confused because as a South Africa citizen, I have to enter and leave South Africa with my South African passport. So when I leave South Africa for India..wouldn 8767 t that mean I 8767 d have to use my South African passport (without the India visa). Or is 8775 leaving 8776 a country and 8775 entering 8776 another country 7 separate occurrences (. I could 8775 check out 8776 of South Africa with my South African passport and then use my Canadian passport with the Indian visa to get into India)?
My main question is…should I be getting the Indian visa in my Canadian passport, South African passport…or both?!

Hi Shima. You need to show your US passport to the airline when you check in. Then show your Malay passport to the immigration officials when you depart Malaysia. Then your US passport to the US authorities when you arrive in the US. It doesn 8767 t matter that you are buying a one-way ticket as you are a US citizen and can come to the US forever if you 8767 d like. My other post may be helpful to you http:///cruising-flying/step-step-guide-to-traveling-with-two-passports/

Thanks for this and to confirm when you fill in an immigration card on the plane for the country you are entering with a passport for that country, you indicate you are a citizen of that country. IE I am about to travel to Australia and will fill out a card indicating I am an Australian citizen (residing in the US). On return to the US I will indicate on the immigration card I am a US Citizen.

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Q: Hi, I became citizen 9 months ago, and I have been separated from my husband over year. I 8767 m divorcing now, we have final hearing in 7 weeks. My boyfriend is illegal and he has been living in USA for about 69 years. I want to married him, we are planning family, we are from the same country. What documents we both will need in order to get him legal? We want to get married after my final divorce hearing ASAP.
We have account together, we have apartment lease over year together, Power is on my name, TV on his name. 
My question is do I need to change adresses on my health insurance my ex husband will continue to pay some of bills as we made deal. Can this be issue for immigration interview?

Leslie in this case you should be using your US passport for everything. Check into the flight from Zurich to Atlanta using your US passport, exit Swiss immigration using your Swiss passport and then use the US passport to enter the US. You must do this as you are a US citizen. As US citizens do not require a visa to enter Peru, you can keep using your US passport for everything until you check into the flight back to Zurich and then enter Swiss immigration.

This sounds doable. You would depart the UAE, then return on your Spanish passport. Get a tourist entry visa and then have it upgraded. Is this something the UAE does with work visas? You don 8767 t need to enter having the work visa already? You would know the answer to this better then me since you 8767 ve done it before. But assuming that 8767 s the case, it should be fine. The only thing to make sure of is if the UAE has a limit on how much time in a single year you can spend in the country and make sure you don 8767 t exceed that. Even changing passports, the limit will apply to you.

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