Richard nwamba african

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Posted: 2017-12-07 17:51

The first thing that caught my eye about the set was the great finish of the parts, things looked familiar, smooth and reusable. Not only that, while building I actually got a little bit giddy of the smooth fit of each part onto the next. Clearly these parts had some time put in to make generic parts stack in a neat way. They make me think of the LEGO (tm) Architecture series: Nice imaginative constructions using mostly basic parts in a good colour scheme. Only for kids.


All things considered with the nice booklet make-up and easy to stack bricks I would have gladly put Sluban above KAZI for it''s versatility. Until suddenly the arms of the figurines started falling out on cross drafts. The parts involved do not snap in like with the Enlighten parts, or press in tightly with the original LEGO (tm) stuff, they''re in there, but they might just as likely not be. This sparked a session of close inspection of all things moving and snap-in and it turns out that actually the fit of these kinds of couplings are all a bit iffy.