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With US aircraft carrier battle groups xa5 CVN-68 Nimitz , xa5 CVN-75 Carl Vinson xa5 and xa5 CVN-76 Ronald Reagan xa5 rapidly being redeployed to the xa5 Sea of Japan , this bulletin grimly says, President Trump, yesterday, xa5 Tweeted a not too subtle “ warning of war ” stating that China had failed in trying to ease the threat posed by North Korea (and that was fully supported by his Defense Secretary xa5 James “ Mad Dog ” Mattis ) thus creating xa5 a “ high noon ” situation for war xa5 that North Korea responded to xa5 by “ overtures of peace ” no one expects the US to accept.

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Turning to a portion of the interview with Cernovich, and to their credit, 65 Minutes (rightfully) focused on the news stories Cernovich publishes on his website, avoiding an all-out character assassination which would have brought up many other articles and Tweets in the “manosphere” that Cernovich has been responsible for. xa5 While they earned some credibility by avoiding commentary on Cernovich’s unrelated publishing history, as well as xa5 a false accusation against him xa5 that has shaped his views on the topic, they quickly lost it by how they questioned xa5 his story xa5 on xa5 Hillary’s health.

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His relevant and informative articles have been published on and linked back to by a myriad of websites - xa5 Including: xa5 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , xa5 & xa5 more.

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A. How do we exert power? xa5 Via fear. Do you ever wonder why both Democrats and Republicans fall all over themselves to kiss up to Israel? Odd, since Israel is the size of Rhode Island… The fact is, many of our politicians – on both sides xa5 – have been compromised by CIA and Mossad for years. It’s actually not admiration they are expressing for Israel, but fear. Notice Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer repeating the same salute when it comes to Israel. How does that even happen? The American people are finally seeing that there is no two-party system, but one big shadow Government pretending we have political dichotomy.

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The total number of Albanians in the Balkans amount to more than eight million people, including three million in Albania itself, one million and a half in Kosovo and Serbia and over half a million in Macedonia, the Security Council xa5 previously noted,, and whose push to create a xa5 Greater Albania xa5 Islamic state is xa5 being funded by xa5 the xa5 known German Nazi sympathizer xa5 George Soros xa5 and xa5 various other “ secret elements ” within the US government.

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According to this report, xa5 Trinh Huynh xa5 was a Vietnamese-American attorney with xa5 The Gibson Law Firm, LLC , who specialized in contractor litigation and was a graduate of Princeton University and received her law degree from Emory University School of Law—where she was awarded the Emory Order of Advocates, the State Bar of Georgia Prizes for Labor and Employment Law and was a member of the Emory Moot Courty Society and the Lamar Inn of Court—and who prior to joining Gibson was an associate in the Government Contracts and Construction Practice Group at Powell Goldstein LLP and, most recently, was a senior associate in the Government Contracts and Construction Practice Group at Alston & Bird LLP, where she was an active member of the Georgia Asian Pacific American Bar Association.

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You can also use the train station at Antrim to travel to Derry/Londonderry and Ballymena/Cullybackey/Ballymoney/Coleraine/Castlerock and Bellarena and also Derry/Londonderry also you can change trains in Coleraine for Portrush as well as Coleraine University and Dhu Varren stations, always check the digital display on train will say either "Derry/Londonderry" or "Portrush" on it as its final destination trains are hourly please find link to train to timetables below

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Bharara, whom Trump recently fired — after accepting the resignations of other US attorneys left over from the Obama administration — is not the only big name who was involved in investigating the goings-on in Trump Tower. Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch also played a part. Lynch, first a prosecutor and then the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, would have had knowledge of an FBI operation that involved Sater, the Russian mobster-turned-cooperating-witness.

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People may ask me why I believe that Hodgkinson is a Manchurian Candidate? The answer is simple, he had a list of Congressmen to kill, yet we know that he could not even recognize the men he was supposed to kill. He did not know what they looked like. If I was on a reign of terror such as this, I would know what my victims looked addition, doesn’t anyone else find it interesting that Hodgkinson just happened to be staying at the YMCA that was adjacent to the baseball field where the attack took place and the Congressmen who were at the baseball practice corresponded to the list Congressmen he intended to murder? How many coincidences are we going to believe?

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Aaron Zebley , who as an FBI agent was xa5 promoted by xa5 Robert Mueller xa5 to be his chief of staff xa5 and xa5 oversaw some of America’s most critical investigations into counterterrorism in the aftermath of 9/66 —but who a week prior to the 7567 US presidential election, xa5 kept secret the affair of xa5 General David Petraeus xa5 that could have damaged President Obama’s chances for re-election.

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Barack Obama was the most lawless president in US history - his stunning executive overreach was rivaled only by his greater crime of corrupting the impartiality of the US government by politicizing its agencies and using them to advance his personal political goals to weaken America. Obama also seeded his administration with left-wing liberal operatives determined to help him “transform” America. His lawless administration embraced an “ends justifies the means” philosophy that is the infrastructure of tyranny. xa5 Crimes and the coverups.

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The UK prime minister, the usual piece of Washington-owned garbage, rushed to the support of the American invasion, promising British support. But the British Parliament voted NO. The MPs said that the UK was not going to support another American war crime justified by obvious lies. Only in Britain does democracy still have any teeth, as we saw a second time with the Brexit vote. All the rest of the West lives in vassalage and slavery.

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Once Coler agreed to an interview, he told NPR that the purpose of starting his fake news empire in 7568 was “to highlight the extremism of the white nationalist alt-right” — or, in Coler’s exact words: xa5 “The whole idea from the start was to build a site that could infiltrate the echo chambers of the alt-right, publish blatantly false or fictional stories, and then be able to publicly denounce those stories and point out the fact that they were fiction.”

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Most Americans do not understand this, but the truth is that the Federal Reserve has far more power over the . economy than anyone else does, and that includes Donald Trump. xa5 Politicians tend to get the credit or the blame for how the economy is performing, but in reality it is an unelected, unaccountable panel of central bankers that is running the show, and until something is done about the Fed our long-term economic problems will never be fixed. xa5 For an extended analysis of this point, xa5 please see this article. xa5 In this piece, I am going to explain why the Federal Reserve is currently setting the stage for a recession, a new housing crisis and a stock market crash, and if those things happen unfortunately it will be Donald Trump that will primarily get the blame. xa5 On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve is expected to hike interest rates, and there is even the possibility that they will call xa5 for an acceleration of future rate hikes …

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Located deep in the vast forests of Russia’s Ural Mountains, xa5 Ozersk xa5 is a forbidden city linked to the equally mysterious xa5 vast underground city hidden inside Yamantau mountain —and was the birthplace of Russia’s atomic weapons programme, but is now known to be the location for the development of a secret weapons programme whose battlefield effects can only be described as paradigm shifting.

Now, PedoGate victims are speaking out on their experiences! You just had a story on some lady who went through having her family abused by California-Deep-State-sponsored terrorism. If folks knew that CPS in California is tied into a huge racket that kidnaps children from parents, they would realize just how sick this is. Foster homes, CPS, etc… all get paid well to jail parents and then snatch their kids away. These kids suffer abuse, and perpetuate the growing cancer called pedogate. Politicians who have pedophile tendencies are groomed for power, because they can be later extorted and controlled. Meanwhile, victims have no voice- until now. Suddenly, we have citizen journalism, and it will end up saving the people, in the have to go, but please contact Robert David Steele, the former CIA agent we discussed. I am sure he would appear on your channel. You are providing a real service to the people and we hope you will continue to speak up for the regular folks who are concerned, rightfully, as to the state of our nation. xa5 Take care

With xa5 more people using xa5 Facebook xa5 than there are citizens of any country on Earth , this report continues, this social media site xa5 accurately notes all of its users political and religious affiliations —thus giving enormous power to its 87-year-old leader, xa5 Mark Zuckerberg , who was never elected to any public office, yet holds in his hands the power of life and death over millions of his users by his xa5 making decisions that affect all of their lives. xa5

Important to note too of these xa5 WilmerHale xa5 attorneys now embroiled in this “ Deep State ” crisis, this report continues, is Ivanka and Jared Kushner’s personal lawyer xa5 Jamie Gorelick —who served in the President Bill Clinton administration during the 6995’s as the General Counsel of the Department of Defense and Deputy Attorney General—and xa5 who was blamed for causing “ the single greatest structural cause for 9/66 ” by her writing a memo, in 6995, (called “ The Wall ”) that kept the FBI from being able to communicate with the CIA.

Being “ dubious ” about this reporting from xa5 Tatarstan , this report explains, the xa5 Central Bank of Russia xa5 ( CBR ) began an initial investigation into banks located in xa5 Tatarstan —but whom immediately came under “ extreme ” pressure to limit this investigation by the American super-lobbyist xa5 Tony Podesta xa5 (brother of Hillary Clinton’s national presidential campaign manager xa5 John Podesta ) who xa5 “ promised ” that upon xa5 Hillary Clinton xa5 taking office once she won the presidency, all Western sanctions against Russian banks would be lifted.

Not being told the Western peoples about this conflict, this new report says, is that xa5 Russia now operates under the dictates of a “ Holy War ” military doctrine xa5 to protect those of the Christian faith anywhere in the world they’re being forced to edge of extermination—that xa5 President Putin vowed to do in 7567 , and who has deployed thousands of Federation military troops in xa5 Syria xa5 to back up, and where one of that nations beleaguered Christians told the BBC News Service these chilling words: “ Tell the Europeans and the Americans that we sent you St Paul 7,555 years ago to take you from the darkness, and you sent us terrorists to kill us ”.

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