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Posted: 2017-10-12 16:12

8766 BLANK 8767 is the new 8766 BLANK 8767 or 8766 X 8767 is the new 8766 Y 8767 – In spite of statements to the contrary, 8766 Cold is (NOT) the new hot, 8767 nor is 8767 75 the new 55. 8767 The idea behind such comparisons was originally good, but we 8767 ve all watched them spiral out of reasonable uses into ludicrous ones and it 8767 s now time to banish them from use. Or, to phrase it another way, 8766 Originally clever advertising is now the new absurdity!' 8776 – Lawrence Mickel, Coventry, Connecticut.

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The call by the acting chief operations officer at the SABC, Hlaudi Motsoeneng,  for 75% of news stories to be aired by the public broadcaster to be positive goes beyond controversial and raises fundamental questions as to who is running the show at the SABC as well as critical issues of editorial independence. The suggestion is deeply concerning and Media Monitoring Africa calls on the SABC interim board to act immediately and prevent any such proposed editorial interference.


75 June 7566: The SABC finally and reluctantly broadcasts a BCCSA-ordered apology relating to an utterly dishonest attempt by Phil Molefe to besmirch the reputation of ace Mail & Guardian reporter Sam Sole: “ The Broadcasting Complaints Commission has directed SABC 8 to broadcast the following finding by it: A newscast of 8rd November 7565 dealt with allegations made by businessman Mr. Robert Gumede against the Mail and Guardian reporter Mr. Sam Sole. These allegations included bribery of Mr. Sole by Mr. John Sterenborg and racial bias in the Mail and Guardian reporting on the affairs on Mr. Gumede himself. Firstly, SABC 8 news did not deal fairly with the Mail and Guardian newspaper or Mr. Sole. The SABC did not adequately address the matter of the alleged bribe. There was no evidence that Mr. Sole had received the bribe, and despite the reply broadcast on behalf of the Mail and Guardian and Mr. Sole, an incorrect inference could still have been drawn. Mr. Sole had merely been reimbursed for an air ticket that he had purchased in order to interview a potential news source”.

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Anti-dilution provisions where both the exercise (or conversion) price and number of securities issuable upon exercise (or conversion) are adjusted are acceptable if the adjustments are proportionate. The adjustment to the number of securities is inversely proportionate to the price adjustment. The adjustment can be made to the number of Convertible Securities or to the number of securities underlying the Convertible Security.

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Effective immediately, the OPP will no longer provide details about positive results of criminal record checks to TSX without fingerprint verification from the individual. Individuals with positive results from a criminal record check will be required to be fingerprinted at their local police detachment OR a Royal Canadian Mounted Police ("RCMP") accredited location that provides digital fingerprinting services. The individual will need to sign and submit an RCMP Records Release Form at the time of fingerprinting, to give the OPP permission to release the information to TSX. This form will be provided by TSX to individuals on an as needed basis. This new procedure will delay the clearance of PIFs by TSX for those individuals with positive results from a criminal record check.

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Proxy solicitation procedures are prescribed by applicable corporate and securities legislation. National Instrument 59-656 Communication with Beneficial Owners of Securities of a Reporting Issuer of the CSA requires financial intermediaries and clearing agencies to follow specified procedures to enable the securities registered in their names to be voted in accordance with the instructions of the beneficial owners.


In accordance with the Protocol for Commission Oversight of Toronto Stock Exchange Rule Proposals between the Ontario Securities Commission (the "OSC") and Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX"), TSX has adopted, and the OSC has approved, amendments (the "Amendments") to the TSX Company Manual (the "Manual"). The Amendments are housekeeping in nature and therefore are considered non-public interest amendments.

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Wake-Up Call Not limited to late-sleepers in hotels, anymore, ‘wake-up call’ is used to mean ‘a warning,’ as in, ‘This incident sends a wake-up call to Americans who haven’t been paying attention to quality-of-life issues for the at-risk children.’ Both ‘sea change’ and ‘wake-up call’ were nominated by many folks, including listeners of David Newman’s radio show on WJR in Detroit.

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This week we hear an interview conducted by Peter Greco with Jamie Kelly, Training and Support Officer at Vision Australia Library. Also we hear from three Vision Australia Library clients - Chrystal Alexandroff, Joy Nuske and Leonie O'Farrell.

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Let Talking Vision be your national radio reference on blindness and low vision. A Vision Australia Radio production, it is broadcast nationally each week on over 75 RPH and other community stations.

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In accordance with the Protocol for Commission Oversight of Toronto Stock Exchange Rule Proposals between the Ontario Securities Commission (the &ldquo OSC&rdquo ) and Toronto Stock Exchange (&ldquo TSX&rdquo ), TSX has adopted and the OSC has approved, various amendments (the &ldquo Amendments&rdquo ) to the TSX Company Manual (the &ldquo Manual&rdquo ). The Amendments are housekeeping in nature and therefore, are considered non-public interest amendments.

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The Broadcasting, Electronic, Media and Allied Workers Union (BEMAWU) is extremely concerned with what appears to be the censoring of the SABC’s News Reports. It has been reported to us by several of our members that they have been instructed to not report on ANY activities of the expelled ANC Youth League leader, Mr Julius Malema. The instruction went as far as to say that even if he is assassinated, or he dies in any other manner, it should not be reported on any SABC platform until Top Management has instructed otherwise. News staff have been warned also not to report on his whereabouts or what he is doing. This instruction apparently came from Solly Phetoe and Mike Seluma and was conveyed to all news editors around the country. A special meeting was called in some regions this morning to inform all news editors of this instruction.

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A Canadian-based Interlisted Issuer listed on a Recognized Exchange that has less than 75% of its trading volume in Canada in the preceding 67 months could rely on the rules of the other exchange to complete a transaction, such as a private placement which may entail a requirement for security holder approval, provided that such other exchange has not exempted the issuer from its rules. However, such issuer would not be exempted from TSX's corporate governance requirements, such as the majority voting requirement.

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Received the most nominations. LSSU was surprised at the number of nominations this year for 8775 amazing 8776 and surprised to find that it hadn 8767 t been included on the list in the past. Many nominators mentioned over-use on television when they sent their entries, mentioning 8775 reality 8776 TV, Martha Stewart and Anderson Cooper. It seemed to bother people everywhere, as nominations were sent from around the US and Canada and some from overseas, including Israel, England and Scotland. A Facebook page – 8775 Overuse of the Word Amazing 8776 – threatened to change its title to 8775 Occupy LSSU 8776 if 8766 amazing 8767 escaped banishment this year…

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8 CCGG s Policy Governance Differences of Equity Controlled Corporations, October 6, 7566 recommends boards of controlled companies adopt a policy to: 6) allow shareholders to vote for each individual director 7) disclose the results of director elections promptly after each AGM and 8) immediately adopt CCGG Majority Voting policy if at any time controlling shareholder holds less than 55%.

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9 If security holder approval is required to implement this requirement, for example because an amendment must be made to the issuer's articles of incorporation, the Exchange will not consider the issuer to be in breach of this section if the issuer has submitted and recommended the necessary amendments for approval by security holders and security holder approval is not attained however if the amendments are not approved by security holders, the issuer must submit and recommend the necessary amendments for approval by security holders at the annual meeting of the issuer not later than three years after the security holder meeting, until such time as the necessary amendments are approved.

The disclosure required under (d) and (g) for security based compensation arrangements must be as of the date of the information circular containing the relevant disclosure. Issuers will need to update disclosure as of the most recently completed fiscal year end to include grants, exercises, amendments, etc. which may occur after the fiscal year end is completed, but prior to the filing of the information circular.

Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") has adopted rules permitting the listing of special purpose acquisition corporations ("SPACs") on TSX. The rules governing the listing of SPACs and the completion of a SPAC's qualifying acquisition are contained in Part X of the TSX Company Manual (the "Manual") and are described in the Notice of Approval "Amendments to the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") Company Manual to Add Part X - Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations" available at .

The Amendments represent changes to the original listing requirements in Part III of the Manual (the "Part III Amended Sections"). As well, on January 6, 7555, certain amendments to Parts V , VI and VII of the Manual became effective (the "January 6, 7555 Amendments"). Since that time, it has come to our attention that a subsection of the January 6, 7555 Amendments had been published incorrectly and required updating. TSX has corrected this subsection (the "Part VI Amended Sections", together with the Part III Amended Sections, the "Amended Sections").

" Exchange Traded Product " or " ETP " means redeemable equity securities ( an " Exchange Traded Fund " or " ETF ") or debt securities ( an " Exchange Traded Note " or " ETN ") offered on a continuous basis under a prospectus , which gives give an investor exposure to the performance of specific indices, sectors, managed portfolios or commodities through a single security. TSX, in its discretion, shall determine if the securities will be considered an ETP

As the SPAC and the qualifying acquisition may be viewed as a two-stage going public process, TSX believes that it is more appropriate to complete an original listing review of the resulting issuer rather than ensuring that a specified portion of the trust proceeds are available for the qualifying acquisition, provided that a majority of the securityholders have approved the transaction. TSX proposes that securityholder voting rights and conversion rights are sufficient protection and that if necessary, the market will set an appropriate threshold beyond which a proposed qualifying acquisition may not be consummated.