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Nobody said anything about all single moms being brilliant. Most people are not brilliant. Most married moms are not brilliant nor or their husbands. Brilliance is a rarity. I didn 8767 t realize we are discussing extreme traits. Stupidity is very common and it does not discriminate against single mothers or married parents. I can click a link just fine as well as having a good bit of first hand knowledge on the subjuct.
Your anger and bitterness is real apparent. Stating that single mothers may often times be troubled individuals is different that claiming that most are STUPID, POOR AND UNCARING. Perhaps within certain demographics and under a certain set of circumstances. Your statements are generalized and NOT based on any certainties.
All writers are arrogant, narsasistic pricks with no grasp of reality and often say whatever they want with out little no concern with truth. Now I can copy and paste a bunch of BS that I quickly pulled together off the internet and call it proof But even I know that everything I just said was biased and based on my own opinion and ignorance.

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You aren 8767 t being very nice, Jen. The article is not 8775 bullshit 8776 . I was asked a question by a woman about why SHE thinks women hate being single more than men. All I did was theorize a few reasons why and ask readers for their opinions. I never claimed to do research. So, please, learn to offer an opinion without being insulting. You could have said your experience of being single is different from the OP and cited a link to a study confirming that. Instead you insulted me, talked about propaganda, and insinuated that I was an MRA as if this is some systematic patriarchal effort to keep women down by forcing untrue stereotypes on them. None of that is true. I gave my opinion. I think it has merits. Many others did as well. If you feel otherwise, communicate like an adult. Otherwise, be gone.

Why Don’t Men Hate Being Single As Much As Women Do?

My grandmother was a divorced single mom that was abused by her first husband. He was a drunk and a perfectionist and used to beat her. He expected a house full of children to be spic and span. Even if it takes two to tango I can assure you there could be nothing that she did that made her deserve the years of torment (even a visit from him after she divorced him). This all happened in an age where there was not as much support as there is today for women in this kind of situation.

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Ken Whoa! You totally read into what I wrote. I followed 8775 league 8776 with 8775 the one 8767 s who would put up with you 8776 in response to a post spewing disrespect for every American woman. I am the last person concerned with wealth, or the waste thereof on stupid cars. Or even on looks. That is precisely why I do not like only being of 8775 value 8776 if I look the right way or make enough money myself.

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i am a divorced single parent. very independant and have been single for past years. i work fulltime as an accounts receivable person. i am very proud of my only 65 year old girl. i believe she is more sensible and mature than any adults here. she is kind caring and compassionate. she loves sports and dancing. i am quite shocked and amazed by the negative and judgemental comments personally i would not date a single man i think they are are irresponsible, immature, dependant all they are in for is sex sex sex

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Seriously, JB is being a bit strong, but to not concede to any of her points that there is a much carnage because some women make selfish choices and those have terrible consequences on the children is wrong of you. An ex of mine blatantly said, at 65 no less, she DELIBERATELY got pregnant and didn 8767 t give a whit about the father. She wanted his seed and that was all she wanted, nothing else. Now, you want to call that responsible behavior? By the way, she ended up completely losing all legal rights to that child by the time it was three.

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And I suppose none of that was your fault. I don 8767 t suppose your mom or dad, or good friends told you not to marry him, but you went ahead anyway. That 8767 s the problem I have with a lot of single moms, it 8767 s always his fault or someone elses fault. IMO 85 percent of the time it 8767 s the woman. I don 8767 t hear men say, I need to find my soul mate and ditch their husband. I am a woman and I have seen this same thing too many times to count.

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kiss my grits, I had 8 wonderful children out of wedlock , i was more prepared for children then a immature selfish man that was all about him only him him him. my children have finished school got married and given me 6 beautiful smart Grandchildren. Not all single moms are stupid. some are smarter then you think. raising children alone can be smarted then taking care of a lazy ass man that wants life given to him and a woman to wait on them hand and foot, so think twice before lump us all together. some of us work in reverse. but we get there.

It can be really hard to talk to your Mom/Dad about dating after losing a parent. If you have siblings, they can help relate to what you are feeling about the current situation. If you don’t have siblings a good trustworthy friend can help you as well. Just know that your Mom/ Dad is not trying to replace your loved one. They know that no one will ever fill that void. Joelle, 69

These types of women can 8767 t make a man stick around. Biological fathers run away as fast as they can. The horned dogs can 8767 t won 8767 t and don 8767 t put up with it and leave. Often creating more fatherless kids. Who pays for it? The kids and the tax payers. Unwed moms certainly don 8767 t. Most of them can afford tattoos piercings and fake nails but they can 8767 t afford their own apartments and food. The stuff for survival then they come here screaming victim. And no they are in no way like a widow. I 8767 d like to just puke thinking of that comparison. Let 8767 s see what the next troll says here to defend herself while she 8767 s pointing her finger at us who think this lifestyle choice is sad immoral selfish and disgusting.

I am a woman who has been divorced for about a year. My ex-husband was full of many conditions and drama. I am a very non drama person, and too easy going to have all sorts of crazy conditions on a man, yet he accused me of being the one full of drama. How do you tell who is correct? His boss and all his coworkers said he was full of drama at work all the time. That makes me think that a lot of these guys who are accusing women of being the ones full of drama are actually the male drama creators themselves.

My mom and dad split 7 years ago and was with a guy that wasn 8767 t the nicest. I have a full brother and a new half sister who is less than a year old. The guy and her split and she now has a bf that is closer to my age than hers. He is 79 and she is 85. She works a lot and is almost never home anymore. She always has him over or drags me out on their 8766 not dates 8767 . She seems really happy with him, but when I bring up the subject of spending more time together or how it really angers/ hurts me when I see them together she calls me a brat and selfish. A lot lately she has been telling me that I care more about myself than anybody else when I 8767 m the one helping my grandparents and waking up at dawn to help with the farm. I 8767 m really lost and would like some kind of advice, and I 8767 m at a lost of why it hurts me to see them get all coupley.

i 8767 ll express a measure of gratitude for feminism once. just this once though. i remember hearing as a youth of 65, 66, 67, we 8767 re WOMEN, we don 8767 t need men. well over the years men adopted that line of thinking and acted on it. and now we can give ourselves everything that a woman thinks only she can supply. and now that women can use the courts in order to castrate, men are staying away in droves. hell i can go looong periods without sex. and have you seen some of those pocket pussies. it 8767 s hard to get yourself into a domestic squabble with one of them.

Drew, this potential 8775 yellow fever 8776 or fetishization of Asian women causes me to wonder whether a Western suitor is interested in an Asian woman as a person, or in the expectations surrounding the Asian fantasy of the exotic, indulging, decadent, sensual Oriental who will indulge you and delight you with the decadence and servility that no women in your own culture could.  It is not that she would understand you, but rather she was taught to be more servile to you, as Eastern cultures tend to be more Patriarchal. Please realize that sexualised objectification of East Asian women, with some equating yellow fever to racism, is rooted in colonial ideas of power and submission. Quite distasteful to Asians. 

To that I say women need to stand up for themselves more. I don 8767 t know why women expect everyone else to stand up for them. If that is an issue take some personal accountability. If they are not getting paid equal to their male counterparts then maybe they need to find a company that values men and women equally. A guy can be underpaid compared to other males too. Why? Because obviously he is not putting forth the effort to get the better pay. And please don 8767 t say, 8775 they do put forth the effort, but they still don 8767 t get paid as much. 8776 That is like saying, 8775 I am trying to push a rock hard, but it just won 8767 t move for me. 8776 Well, then you aren 8767 t pushing hard enough. It 8767 s not like anyone is arm wrestling women to take the pay they are offered. In my experience, though, that idea is not true. At least not in the jobs I have had. It all comes down to how hard you try and demand it.

I 8767 m very happy for you, not so much for your bf.  Women like being taken out on dates, women like kissing, men like sex. It looks to me like a one sided arrangement where you are the only one who score, but every guy must learn from his own mistakes, some never do.  While you already enjoy what you want, there is no guarantee that he will get what he enjoy. shame
But at least I 8767 m happy for you Rachal and I 8767 m glad I 8767 m not him anymore. Been there, done that wasted my money and time, now I move on.

I wish I wasn 8767 t divorced.
I am not saying I played no part in the downturn of the marriage. I have thought so much on how I could have made it different so my son would have his parents together. We both made so many mistakes. My ex says he shoulders more of the burden, but i was certainly not blameless: I was and immature (twelve years his junior) and did not have a good role model. In the end, I wanted to work it out. He turned down counseling, and told me he probably never loved me and I didn 8767 t have the maturity to fight no matter what and earn the love. At the very least, however, I have learned a lot about judging a person earlier on, who I am and what I want, and that things require effort and work and communication.

This new person in my mother 8767 s life has seemed to come into our family with the force of a runaway freight train. He has moved into what was our family home and made his own improvements to the place. A lot of the pictures of my father have come down including the wedding pictures (which I now have). I suppose these things didn 8767 t really shock me though I wish that if my mother took the pictures down, it would have been because she wanted them down, NOT because he said she should.

A woman who cares so little about her children, her own prospects, and her future husband is NOT going to make a great wife.  Sorry.  It’s just not going to happen.  A great wife and mother places the needs and happiness of her husband and children ABOVE her own needs, and in doing so, finds her greatest happiness.  So politically incorrect to say so, I know.  But a woman who makes YOU the center of her life is going to be a great wife.  Oh, and in return, you have to make HER the center of your life.