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Racism. This is an interesting one for me. I have never seen much of it, and what I have seen I have stopped (being a reasonable build, when I say stop people usually do). My wife has experienced some of it too. That said, I have been on the receiving end of it in Korea and America so it 8767 s a crappy fact of life that goes everywhere. My biggest point would be to intervene where you see it the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

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Hallo Chris,
I like your blog very much. I come from Cesko, so sorry for my clumsy English. Let me join my comment. What I hate about my home country?
6. Despite of Cesko is a beautiful country and living here is quite good
(btw-Have you ever been here? Have you ever had a love affair with a Czech woman -)? ), most of people is still complaining about everything. At our streets you meet many grim, tired faces. We cannot enjoy life like you do.
7. A lot of envy is among people. It is like a poison.
8. Coruption.
9. Rasism.
5. We cannot get dress nice and elegant. Too much carelessness, too much cheap, ugly rugs. It looks like we ( men, especially) are afraid of colours. All wear jesns and sport shoes. May our girls are said be pretty, if they take more care of their outlook, they would be even more beautiful.

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I 8767 m not trying to be mean or negative, but between the widespread shame attached to admitting to loneliness and the almost condescending this-worked-for-us-so-it-must-work-for-you-and-if-it-doesn 8767 t-then-there 8767 s-something-wrong-with-you-specifically sentiment that pervades so much anti-loneliness advice, the lonely can feel both overwhelmed and frustrated. They can 8767 t admit they 8767 re lonely, and if they do, they 8767 re smothered with either platitudes or an expectation that others 8767 perspectives and experiences must also be theirs. There is no natural reason this should be the case.

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While reptiles may have ruled the world, from the poles to the tropics, it's easy to forget they didn't have the planet all to themselves. There was another type of animal hiding in these prehistoric forests. They're still here, and there's one, just over there. The ancestors of the platypus have been poking their mammalian noses into the billabongs and waterways of Australia for at least 675-million years.

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Hello Malcolm, I am new to this forum and I wrote you a very very lengthy message and somehow or other I clicked something and lost it. so basically I wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts and your feelings. I too 66 and I live alone and I have no children. I Went through a divorce a few years ago that I did not want and I am recovering from betrayal and trying to start over.
I hope I can figure out how we can possibly communicate again and bless your heart and I wish you the best.

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I attend church weekly and I love my church family. Great people who would help me for sure. I try to keep moving forward, but I do feel lonely at times. I believe that being a widow when is a lot easier than when you are older. Anyway, that is what I have come to realize. Another thing that helped me when I lost my first husband was my parents were living then and they supported me so much. The second time I became a widow my parents were deceased. I was lost without them. I pray for daily strength!!

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I just read my post again and I think I came off as bashing women too much perhaps it 8767 s just a societal problem that I 8767 m using women as an example of, but the problem does exist. You probably get these instances where a woman is sitting at the bus stop, a handsome dude starts chatting to her, she 8767 s polite but not interested in talking too much, they eventually go their separate ways and then she opens tinder and starts chatting to a guy she just matched with.

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Hi Karman.
I am brand new to the site and wondered what area of the country you live in ?
I am in central Arkansas.
I am glad I found this site and hope that by supporting each other in a nonjudgmental way we can find Positive solutions to each of our unique situations.
My frustrations with using a dating site is that most of the men that I have met are extremely conservative and I am somewhat more liberal in my political thinking.
It would be nice to find a companion that I could share my political views and enjoy that kind of company.

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6. Jesus, that is a grim tale. The one thing I do like about Australia is that there is (usually) support there when times get hard. I 8767 ve had to come crawling back to Australia penniless and in debt after a job in South Korea fell through and screwed me over, but I came back safe in the knowledge that I 8767 d get care if I was sick and that I 8767 d get assistance in the form of Newstart when looking for a job and trying to get on my feet.

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I 8767 m in So. Cal. also. I 8767 ll be 67 pretty soon. So tired of just sitting trying to figure out where to meet people my age. I have yet to retire because it scares the heck out of time on my . My own fault really, I lost my oldest boy in 7557, my depression pushed most of my friends away never to return. Helped raise my 7 grandchildren until their mother remarried and moved to Arizona.

I just lost my job (that already did not pay much) I am too to get social security or use my 956k (which is not much), I do not own my own home and have to live with my daughter, which I am sure that she is about to go crazy her boyfriend just moved in. I am 56, never thought that was old but ageism sure exists in the job market! I hate to sound depressing, I have never had it this bad. People always used to make sure that I did not spend Shabbat alone, or Sundays. No one used to care if you were old, single or with family. I found it really closed here in this country. You cant even walk to a nearby park and sit on a bench and yack with others of all ages!

Thank you for your kind caring thoughts. Yes, after so many years of marriage l have finally freed myself of my partner and living alone here now. You write 8776 living the life you want to lead 8776 well, my problem is not knowing how to live this new solo life. Being here alone each day is scary never been on my own. Sitting here looking out the window at the fine droplets of rain coming down l do wonder what is in store for me in my future. That will ultimately be up to me to decide which way to go .

I will try to check out Pacific Heights, but if anyone can tolerate the headaches and do it right, being a landlord is almost a money machine. Most can 8767 t afford to live off the rental income 655% but it 8767 s surely a business where you can have regrets if you don 8767 t know how to be a proper landlord. Many people are doing it so it can 8767 t be all bad. I think the biggest failure is not getting good tenants. Renters usually don 8767 t have much money and there is a high proportion of mentally ill renters, so these need to be avoided. I would think anyone doing Section 8, group homes, sober houses or anything along those lines needs to have extra experience and maybe extra money or extra risk tolerance. Plus I have no choice, due to a physical disability that greatly limits my sitting and standing time. Meanwhile I must be supported by my husband.

About 5,555,555 years ago, desert began to finally claim central Australia. The last vestiges of a jungle flora, now surrounded by a sea of sand and Spinifex grass, found refuge deep in natural soaks and damp gorges. Arid Australia had arrived and so had the Quaternary, the slow drying of the continent that pushed kangaroos out of the trees and onto two legs. But as Australia drifted north, it blocked the flow of moisture to the west, as well, pushing an upright ape to stand tall on the planes of Africa.

The botanical landscapes Australia's dinosaurs walked in, though, are much easier to experience. You can still walk in them today. The Mesozoic was a great time for plants. The earth was an ice-free greenhouse world: warm, wet. Thick forests spread around the globe, and the southern lands of Gondwana were no exception. Cycads, ferns and gingkoes were common and had now been joined by the tree ferns that still abound in the rainforests and gullies of eastern Australia. But the standout trees of Mesozoic forests, worldwide, were the giant conifers.

Elizabeth-I put up a small Christmas tree and a few small decorations for Christmas, but I didn 8767 t see anyone at all for five days over Christmas as my friends were with their families. It was a bad time and I am glad that it is over. Next Christmas I plan to put my name down for Christmas dinner with the Salvation Army so that I won 8767 t be alone on Christmas Day.
I can understand your not celebrating Christmas. It has become the ultimate family event in the west and those alone often feel excluded.
I have also found that people start going on about 8766 keeping busy 8767 and 8766 going out 8767 if I mention being lonely, as if they think that I am sitting at home doing nothing all the time.

I can feel your pain as I type. I have lost all hope also. Perhaps we won 8767 t be able to help each other..I am early 75 ish. Had 8 children 7 boys and a girl. My sons have disowned me. I don 8767 t know why. I am heart-broken. I recently move, a month ago. It is very hard to live for me. I have no incentive to go ine and would like the floor to open up and swallow me. I will wish you hope and courage. Lillian

Australia has some of the best universities in the world. Looking further, the high school system is below average in the region. Recent studies found that the top 65% of Australian high school students compare with top 55% in SE Asia. What good does it do a country if the high schools system does not match the university system. Some courses at the universities 95% of the students who graduate don 8767 t stay in Australia, they go home. Universities are business, not for local people.

I moved out of Australia some 85 years ago. I like going back now and again then but I would not want to live there anymore. I find it somewhat boring and everything looks and feels the same whereever you go but what surprised me the most was how expensive everything is. I was shocked what people pay especially for food. It certainly never used to be. Still compared to alot of other Western Countries Australia still is pretty damned good.

Ever since Howard brought in the ABN, it has been a free-for-all. What it has done is make wages lower by making people believe they are working for a higher wage and them not seeing the expenses come from that, and also most likely missing the superannuation as well. This has than held wages down unless you are a 8775 Shiny Arse 8776 of course, just look at their wages and privileges and penalty rates compared to the rest of us as if they are above everyone else. So to pay for their fake job glorified wages our taxes have also risen through scams such as fake tickets and licences and rates and levies and all other behind the scene taxes plus paye tax plus GST as well now. And not once have i seen these scum lose anything and only gain more and more.

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