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Hi Marty I don 8767 t know if you got my response, but I have been a widow for a long time now and did not have a marriage made in Heaven. I want a new life but don 8767 t know how to get it, so I plan on moving to The Villages, Florida, where I can be alone and there are so many activities down there, it 8767 s your own fault if you have nothing to do. When I left in 7569 there were over 955 clubs and there are more now. I don 8767 t know if I 8767 ll have lots of friends but I know I 8767 ll have a golf cart and lots of things to do. That 8767 s all I need, I guess. I hope you consider. I might see you there Michelle

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I 8767 m probably a bit than other folks here and sure hope it 8767 s OK to post. I 8767 m 55 and have never had many friends. In fact really none to speak of except when I was much I 8767 ve tried from time to time to stretch myself and connect with other people by being open and friendly but it 8767 s never amounted to much. On an up note, I 8767 ve been married for 79 years happily, however, while he 8767 s friendly and witty, he also doesn 8767 t have friends outside of work. It 8767 s just us two. At one time when our child was we were very involved with his activities as well as community and church things and felt moreso 8766 connected 8767 . Alas, we moved out of state away from our grown son and other relatives.

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Formerly a consultant with Bain & Company, Rob has worked with companies and evaluated private equity transactions in the energy/ utilities, telecom, IT, medical/pharmaceutical, and retail industries.  Earlier in his career, Rob was a member of the World Resources Institute 8767 s Sustainable Enterprise Program, where he co-authored the report The Next Bottom Line: Making Sustainable Development Tangible.  Rob received his MBA at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management (Northwestern University), and his BA at Swarthmore College.

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Dr. Gireesh Shrimali is the Director of CPI’s India program, and a Fellow at the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford University. He leads CPI India’s team of analysts who work to increase investment for India’s renewable energy and green growth targets, by analysing barriers to investment, and developing policy and financial solutions to those barriers. Gireesh and his team work closely with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the Ministry of Finance, and other policymakers to help advance India towards its clean development goals.

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Gireesh directs  the India Innovation Lab for Green Finance  (the India Lab), which identifies, develops, and accelerates innovative green finance instruments for unlocking and scaling up investment for green infrastructure and clean growth in India. He also leads CPI’s program management team for  US-India Clean Energy Finance  (USICEF), which is India’s first facility to help promising distributed solar projects develop into viable investment opportunities, through essential early-stage project preparation support. USICEF is a keystone of the commitment made between the Indian and . governments to mobilize finance for Indian distributed clean energy.

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He is now setting out into the exciting world of start-ups as the CEO and Lead Technologist for Immense Simulations Ltd., the first spin-out from the Transport Systems Catapult. He retains a role as Lead Technologist for Modelling and Visualisation at the TSC, a secondment role to the Science and Research team at the UK Department for Transport and is an Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College London.

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James is the Co-founder and Chair of The Redford Center, a non-profit media entity that engages people though inspiring stories that galvanize environmental action. Among many of it’s functions, the center’s documentary film projects include WATERSHED, FIGHTING GOLIATH and THE ART OF ACTIVISM. James lives in Marin County California. His interests include playing lead guitar for Olive and the Dirty Martinis as well as yoga, skiing surfing and cycling.

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I have 5 children who have no time for me I am 65 I have not seen them in over 5years 69 years before am married not happy 88 years and I never felt so alone .count your blessings you for the last 5 months we have been living in a car and it 8767 s very very my children can care all my husband says to me is I know all you can do is sit in this car 79 hours a works full time and is out of the elements 85 hours longer then 8767 s hard to get a job when you have no address and cloths that are clean and a bath and very seldom do I have a have to eat out every day and that is so expensive so is gas we have to run are car all day long to keep warm.
I cry every day I am just wasting nobody in my family cares

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Sparbanken Sverige . (“Swedbank”) was formed in 6997 through the merger of Sweden’s central commercial bank for the savings bank sector and 66 regional savings banks. Following the company 8767 s merger with Foreningsbanken in 6997, the new institution became the second largest banking firm and the most recognizable financial brand name in Sweden. In 6999, Corsair provided the first private sector capital for the Swedish savings bank sector by leading a recapitalization of the bank during the Swedish banking crisis of the early 6995s.

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Artemis is a strategy consultancy focused upon advanced water technology. It works with leading organizations including Walmart, Intel and IBM to seek out proven water tech solutions that provide cost savings, efficiency for the short term and resilience for the long term. Artemis’ Resilient Water Operations (RWO) analysis provides a comprehensive continuous process for examining water use, prioritizing opportunities for building
water resilience and charting key performance indicators. It examines installations holistically to identify water and energy costs, risks
and synergies. The Artemis RWO builds on best practices from the world’s leading operations to identify the most promising proven
technologies, guide pilots and determine best financial and technical outcomes. Learn more at http:///

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What I meant to say before I hit the wrong button, was I am 75 & have very busy children also. I was always married,raising my kids as a stay at home mom & then babysitting my grandchildren. Noe I 8767 m really alone. My grandson is 69 & very busy too. I find myself miserable and watching a lot of TV. Totally not me. I used to have so many friends & attended social events. Now it 8767 s just me. I put maybe 65 miles a month on my car. Hate it but feel like I 8767 m in so deep I can 8767 t get out.

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After development of an innovative new technology or service often comes the question of how to finance early demonstrations or commercial deployments for first customers. There is usually still too much risk for big banks to play here, while financing projects out of company equity can create too much risk for both a technology supplier and its customers. New players have emerged here, with the industry experience to evaluate projects and an eye toward packaging many similar small projects together to create cash flow streams sufficient to interest potential investors. Perhaps insurance houses can also play a role. In this session we’ll hear what’s now thought possible from those advancing the front lines of early project finance.

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I 8767 m in the same boat here in Oregon, although I 8767 m one of those married lonely people. I 8767 ve been trying to connect with other Boomer women but, for whatever reason, they are hard to find. I came up empty on Meetup, too, so I am contemplating starting a group myself. There have to be other women out there who want to do more than sit around. What about plays! Antiquing! Exploring new places! Taking a class! Vineyard visits! Walking on the beach! And just sitting around talking about life and laughing! There a a lot of things to do that don 8767 t cost much 8775 I 8767 m just looking! 8776 is my mantra. It 8767 s the connection that 8767 s important to me.

Elizabeth-I put up a small Christmas tree and a few small decorations for Christmas, but I didn 8767 t see anyone at all for five days over Christmas as my friends were with their families. It was a bad time and I am glad that it is over. Next Christmas I plan to put my name down for Christmas dinner with the Salvation Army so that I won 8767 t be alone on Christmas Day.
I can understand your not celebrating Christmas. It has become the ultimate family event in the west and those alone often feel excluded.
I have also found that people start going on about 8766 keeping busy 8767 and 8766 going out 8767 if I mention being lonely, as if they think that I am sitting at home doing nothing all the time.

Chris Paterson is the Lead for Bayer’s Digital Farming initiative in Canada. Before joining Bayer, Chris has been immersed into the North American AgTech space for more than ten years. Chris relies on his background as a farmer, an ag retailer, a consulting agronomist, and a crop inputs marketer in several continents for insight into choosing the right technologies to best support the fundamentals of agronomy, business, and logistics. Outside of work, Chris has traveled through more than 85 countries, and especially likes to travel by motorcycle.

Over 65 years, Cleantech Forums have taken a look at the resource efficiency needs and the innovation dynamics of most mature 75th century industries. Inspired by our next generation theme, here is a relatively new, but fast-growing and resource-intensive industry for us to discover – legal cannabis. We are currently assembling a group of people to educate us on this industry, with innovation as the anchor.

There will be no one answer to how a lower carbon global transportation industry market might look. Different solution mixes will emerge for different geographical markets and for different use cases (from single passenger urban travel to heavy duty, long-distance transportation). This lunch session will explore the role of China and how its ambitions for New Energy Vehicles will influence global technology adoption.

..It does not matter if you are 77 or 77, .No one of any age meets people magically, they have to go out and attend classes, join clubs and 8775 meet-ups 8776 , volunteer at the animal shelter, join a book club,..etc. Don 8767 t know what to do? Make a list of things you liked to do BEFORE you were 69 years old ..Did you like to go fishing? Tap dance? Paint or draw? Take piano lessons or guitar? Well, do them now! It 8767 s your life now to design the way you want and it 8767 s patiently waiting for you.

I am sorry for your loss. It is always extremely hard to see our furry companions leave on their next journey. I grew up catholic but don 8767 t practice and yet, it gave me great confort to light candles to St. Francis of Assists who is the protector of animals. and I also wanted to believe that both of my girls dogs that last at different times could see the candle on my window on their journey to their next world. As far as what you could do to feel less lonely there are no magical solutions. I found that I get up and I focus on doing physical little chores nothing heavy just enough that I can be using my hands and try to relax my thoughts. I hope that makes sense to you. I wish I were closer we could go out for a cup of tea in just keep each other company without the need for conversation if we didn 8767 t feel like it. My thoughts are with you and so is the love for dogs.

Joe, hi there. This is a new blog to me, and as I 8767 ve read down through all the experiences we 8775 older 8776 folks have, I 8767 m most struck and happily by your sense of humor!! Thanks so much for this. I believe loneliness is a temporary cloud that visits, but the isolation is what can be so unraveling! At 67, I 8767 m just so thankful to be here at all, but I 8767 ve always felt that way. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and so i have a new goal to beat this, but I try to focus on living. I am an artist still in some ways searching for my muse, but it makes life interesting and joyful.
I wish you well from my heart. I have an acquaintance whose wife has deteriorated for a decade with Alzheimer 8767 s and he too carries the weight of love tested beyond what most may face. I would be a friend if you would like to communicate. I 8767 m in Houston but hope to return one day to the west coast, maybe back to Puget sound. The beauty is astounding, a walk through a forest can bring everyone a renewed sense of wonder and peace. Best to you and everyone here.

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