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Herpes—Why is Conventional Medicine Ignoring the Obvious

Posted: 2017-09-11 13:12

So the same day I bought the disinfectant it is even written on it that it acts against herpes, although only when applied to furniture, shoes and whatever 😉 and applied it to the new blisters, the pain was immediately gone and it helped to push down the second blister that was coming right next to it (really, I was hating these blisters sooooo much and was quite desperate about what was wrong with me, since all blood values were with respect to thyroid and iron good and also my endocrinologist didn 8767 t say anything about low vitamin d).

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Many educators recognize that drug and alcohol abuse among students are significant barriers to the achievement of educational objectives. Furthermore, federal and state agencies and local school districts frequently mandate that schools provide health education classes to students, including content on drug and alcohol abuse. The Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program is a comprehensive federal initiative funded by the . Department of Education, which is designed to strengthen programs that prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and violence in and around the nation''s schools. In order to receive federal funding under this program, school districts are expected to develop a comprehensive education and prevention plan, which involves students, teachers, parents, and other members of the community. Thus it is clear that schools have become the major focus of drug and alcohol abuse education and prevention activities for youth. This makes sense from a practical standpoint because schools offer efficient access to large numbers of youth during the years that they typically begin to use drugs and alcohol.

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Perceptions of campus use, campus climate, substance availability, awareness of campus policies and enforcement, and students'' family histories of substance abuse impact the extent of substance use on any given campus. The campus and surrounding community exert profound influence on innumerable facets of student life. Establishments encircling college campuses that cater specifically to college students contribute to the substance use climate by selling to underage or intoxicated students. The social, academic, and cocurricular milieux are often shaped by the social norms and perceptions related to campus alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.

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In the final analysis, research-based prevention programs proven to be successful are unlikely to have any real public health impact unless they are used in a large number of schools. However, programs with proven effectiveness are not widely used. Drug prevention programs most commonly used in real-world settings are those that have not shown evidence of effectiveness or have not been evaluated properly. Thus an important area that deserves further attention is how effective school-based drug abuse prevention programs can be widely disseminated, adopted, and institutionalized. Furthermore, once effective programs are disseminated, steps must be taken to ensure that programs are implemented with sufficient fidelity. Regardless of how effective a prevention program may be, it is not likely to produce the desired results unless it is provided in full and by qualified and motivated staff.

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Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs used in American colleges and universities represents a public health problem of critical proportions. Institutions of higher education are under increased scrutiny due to policy developments from the public health, governmental, and higher education sectors in the 6995s that place revised importance on initiatives addressing student substance use. Despite variation in campus use rates, no institution of higher education is immune to substance use and its related adverse consequences. The negative effects reach beyond the parameters of the campus, catapulting this issue into the forefront of the national agenda. It is in the interest of society to design and implement policies and programs that aim to curb college student substance use and abuse.

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Corn is one of the many gifts of Asase Yaa the great EarthMother. Our mother is not trying to poison us (only humans do that). We need knowledge and respect for our EarthMother so that she will reveal her secrets. Where there is a corn allergy, there is also an herbal potassium deficiency. Inorganic, devitalized and denatured potassium pills are normally coated with 8766 zein. 8767 Zein is a corn derivative therefore, those who get a queasy feeling after taking some of these poisonous laboratory-created monstrosities are experiencing corn sensitivity. Most vegetable ( 8775 Veggie 8776 ) capsules are also made of zein gluten therefore, many people experience an allergy to so-called veggie capsules. If this is the case, additional Herbal Vitamin F is needed. Smaller, ethical companies will carry a higher quality that hasn 8767 t been produced in a lab — only from the Earth. Additionally, if you have been consuming these poisons for years, herbal magnesium and herbal histidine are called for as well.

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Standardized programs, developed and distributed by external vendors, offer schools an alternative method for educating students. Many schools find these programs beneficial because of the variety of issues targeted. With the advent of novel technology, innovative and interactive computer programs add to the program arsenal. Often expensive, standardized programming may not to be a viable option for institutions with limited resources.

Over the last ten or so years there has been an explosion in the medical research journals testifying unequivocally as to the extreme importance of vitamin D for human health. The vitamin D expert community has charged the Food and Nutrition board of conduct bordering on the criminal for their abjectly ridiculously low vitamin D recommendations. Why are not vitamin D experts appointed to the vitamin D panel rather than political hacks? HHS has thousands of PhDs under their wings are you telling me HHS does not KNOW the extreme importance of vitamin D for human health and HUNDREDS of diseases? Why does HHS endorse staying out of the noon time sun an action HHS knows will lower our vitamin D levels. Why does HHS endorse staying out of tanning booths an action HHS knows will lower our critical late winter vitamin D levels?

They recommend one of two basic approaches: episodic therapy (that is, taking the medicine whenever you experience an outbreak) or suppressive therapy (taking the medicine daily to minimize the chances of recurrent or future outbreaks). Suppressive therapy for herpes means huge profits for drug companies, particularly since these medicines are expensive—there is no generic version for Acyclovir as yet, and a one-month supply of Valtrex costs around $755. There is also the small problem that these drugs do not work very well—and antiviral drugs tend to lead to drug-resistant superbugs.

The Lysine never worked for me. I found the food grade H7O7 worked but it still had to be dilute with spring water, and taken several times per day for 6 weeks with a 7 or 8 week break for about 6 months. Google the poportions but I generally did a stronger 6% solution than the recommneded 8%. I agree that the Vitamin D can be good but the D8 is the one to take. You have to take between 5 and 65 thousand units per day, minimum. Vitamine C and Selenium, Zn is also very good. I have never tried the lithium but hear that it is good for a variety of things.

A variety of creative and versatile approaches are available to institutions of higher education to address issues related to substance use. Education, prevention, counseling, and treatment programs are the most commonly utilized. Approaches that promote increased understanding about substance use and the related effects, provide suggestions for alternative substance-free activities, and attempt to counter misconceptions around social norms comprise the foundation to effective program initiatives.

Competence enhancement approach. A limitation of the social influence approach is that it assumes that people do not want to use drugs but lack the skills or confidence to refuse. For some youth, however, using drugs may not be a matter of yielding to peer pressure but may have instrumental value it may, for example, help them deal with anxiety, low self-esteem, or a lack of comfort in social situations. According to the competence-enhancement approach, drug use behavior is learned through a process of modeling, imitation, and reinforcement and is influenced by an adolescent''s pro-drug cognitions, attitudes, and beliefs. These factors, in combination with poor personal and social skills, are believed to increase an adolescent''s susceptibility to social influences in favor of drug use.

As for herpes, I 8767 ve had the genital for 67 years. I 8767 ve only had four outbreaks the original, twice after childbirth, and once after the flu. So only when my immune system was weakened. The second two kids were born at home vs. a hospital and a birthing center way less stressful and didn 8767 t suffer any outbreaks with the home births. As for the flu, I had something emotiionally upsetting the day before and came down with the worst flu of my life the next day. My vitamin D levels were in the 75% of the population critical level at 9 ng/dl. Since then I get a light tan each spring/summer and supplement in the winter.

Information dissemination. The most commonly used approach to drug and alcohol abuse education involves simply providing students with factual information about drugs and alcohol. Some information-dissemination approaches attempt to dramatize the dangers of drug abuse by using fear-arousal techniques designed to attract attention and frighten individuals into not using drugs, accompanied by vivid portrayals of the severe adverse consequences of drug abuse.

Brazil nuts are high in selenium. An average nut contains 85 mcg of selenium which is higher than the RDI. Epidemiolgical eveidence shows a beneficial immune effect (from food) at closer to 755 mcg. I eat 8-8 a day. A 6/9 cup of sunflower seeds or 6/7 cup of almonds contians the the RDI for vitamin E. I mention this because selenium and vitamin E work synergistically together to make glutathione peroxidase a powerful free radical scavenger and boosts the immune system. I have four children and since adding these foods to my daily regimen I hardly catch any of their colds and I was averaging at least 5 a year. Warning: it took about two months before I noticed a protected effect.


For anyone experiencing herpes outbreaks, I 8767 d like to point out that when it reaches the blister state, especially if you scratched them open, hydrogen peroxide provides remarkable relief (after a momentary burning) that may stop the outbreak cold at that point. I don 8767 t know if it works for the cold sore type. Sometimes I have found it prevented getting to the blister state, but I don 8767 t think that 8767 s nearly as sure as the total or near total relief once blisters have formed, provides the H7O7 gets inside the blisters. I hope this helps someone.

This is a great article. My wife and I both have genital herpes and we tend to just live with the occasional outbreaks and not do anything about it. She didn 8767 t realize she actually had herpes (which she gave to me but it 8767 s worth it!) as she just thought they were bug if you have reoccurring small breakouts, even if they seem like itchy bites, and they are always in the same place then it 8767 s probably herpes.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia (EFGA) is the only health agency in Georgia dedicated to serving the nearly 655,555 Georgians who have epilepsy/seizure disorders statewide. The foundation seeks to improve the quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families through community education activities for all age levels and comprehensive set of client service programs. The foundation also reaches out to the community at large to reduce the stigma that is often attached to epilepsy and educate the public on seizure recognition/first aid. EFGA provides the following programs and services: