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bosbevok/bossies had a very specific meaning when I was a national serviceman in the 85s it referred to the illness that had been called shellshock or battle fatigue in our parents and grandparents day and what is now called PTSD. It often implied some difficulty with reintegration into civilian society. 8775 Joe went heeltemal bossies threw a grenade into his CO 8767 s Ratel, stole a Bedford and shot 7 MPs 8776

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Miff means 8775 k*k 8776 , as in..jy praat miff (you talk sh*t/crap)
Owwie means 8775 it 8767 s sore 8776 / a 8775 sore chawb 8776 (a sore pimple)
Roofie means a 8775 rookie 8776 , which is a new Army recruit
Skyfie means to take a 8775 smoke 8776 from the cigarette butt/ from a 8775 dagga 8776 butt (as in 8775 gee my a skyf 8776 ) also means a 8775 slice/piece 8776 of a naartjie or orange.
Dagga means 8775 marijuana/pot 8776
Lappie a cleaning cloth/piece of torn up material
Pikanin a 8775 little boy 8776
Vuilgat (dirty/filthy person or a vulgar mouth)
Langat (very tall person)
Kortgat (very short person)
Vetgat (very fat person)
Bangat ( 8775 scaredycat 8776 very scared person)
Moffie (derogatory for a 8775 gay male 8776 )
Lettie (derogatory for a 8775 lesbian/gay female)

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Every country has its peculiar turns of phrase – quirks that give local languages flavour, colour and character. But unless you’re a native speaker, local slang can be a tricky to grasp , let alone use. South Africa, with its 66 official languages, is blessed with a rich slang culture that can be quite daunting for foreign visitors – heck, even some residents flounder when faced with some of the more obscure lingo.

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