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It’s increasingly difficult to do anything on your phone nowadays without sharing your geolocation information. Certain Snapchat filters, Facebook status updates, Instagrams, and even text messages are all potentially tied to geolocation data. It’s relatively simple for app developers to build in geolocation functionality—and many services require users to opt-in to sharing location data. But now the state of Illinois wants ensure that all companies extracting geolocation data from individuals must provide an opt-in, or else they’ll have to pay up.

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She takes interest in law and justice, has studied Alternian law thoroughly, and holds a particular fascination for orchestrating the demise of the wicked , although that might not be why she caused John''s death. The incident might have simply been a vain effort from her point of view, because in a conversation with Davesprite , she states that she knew John wouldn''t die, as she could see him alive in the future from her timeline application in Trollian, and given that she felt guilty about the way John trusted her trolling, this is most likely the case. She also has more lighthearted interests like dragons, or collecting plushies and scales to put on her walls. She has a habit of using chalks to draw on walls for use in her live-action roleplays, and later also uses them to communicate with the exiled Black Queen. Her favorite color appears to be red, saying that it is so decadent and the most delicious color , probably contributing to her attraction to Karkat and to Dave, the two Knights.

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Gita: Ha! True. I will say that this game does seem way more about men being attracted to and dating men than other visual novels about gay men that I’ve played. This isn’t the kind of game that turns into a hyper violent anime halfway through, and the issues of masculinity that get discussed in Mat’s route are actually about things men who are fathers would worry about. Men have a harder time making new friends later in life, and Mat actually talks to you about how hard it is for him to get to know people. On the other hand, the game is more resistant about talking about the actual reality of being an out queer man than I’d like. No one ever says what their sexuality is, as far as I know right now. On the mythological third hand, it’s kind of nice to just play a nice game set in a fantasy-land where men can just be gay and it’s fine.

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When Terezi gets her copy of Sgrub Gamzee is the first one of her friends she asks to play with her, although she says this is only so she can make a pun on how his name sounds like game. She seems to be fairly fond of him, finding him amusing to talk to and mess with though she also states that she understands why Karkat hates him so much. While hunting Vriska after finding Tavros''s corpse, Terezi comes across some of Gamzee''s blood and adds " poor sweet Gamzee " to Vriska''s list of murder charges. She seems legitimately upset at the possibility of his death, questioning why Vriska would ever hurt someone so ''innocent''. However, after learning that Gamzee had murdered two of their friends she develops a hatred for him.

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In this update , Terezi''s says, " N8V8R N8V8R N8V8R T8LL [JOHN] 6 S96D TH6S BUT FOR 9 DORK, H8''S. ", and doesn''t finish her sentence. This heavily suggests that she has feelings of some sort for him, possibly mirroring John having (according to Karkat) a caliginous crush on Terezi as shown here . She confirms her black feelings for John here . She spends the latter half of A6A6I5 shit-talking with him as Rose and Roxy observe, but laments that she doesn''t know how to say that she is grateful for him saving Vriska.

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Illinois has a reputation of passing strict data privacy legislation. The state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act prohibits tech companies from using biometric identifiers—like face scans and fingerprints—without consent. Their Right To Know Act—which passed in May, but was put on hold—requires companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google to disclose what data has been collected from consumers and shared with third parties.

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Riley: Yeah, the dad-iness of it is interesting. Unlike you, I was a little turned off by that—to me it feels like being a gay single dad is set up as being something magical or rare or funny, when of course gay dads exist in the real world. In the game itself the dad stuff feels kind of forced to me so far, but I think that’s the tone the game is going for. It is interesting, as you said in your writeup, to have a game grapple with fatherhood. I’m not a parent and don’t plan to ever be one, and this game isn’t about the realities of fatherhood, but it is a sort of underexplored topic, so I can appreciate that.

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Riley: I don’t know, it kind of made me think, “Well, they got the misogyny in the game community right!” I guess that’s where I struggle with the game—the way I want to approach it as, say, a piece of queer media, but it isn’t meant to be read through that lens, which in itself feels a bit troubling. Like in the beginning, you can choose whether you Amanda’s other parent was a mother or father. I chose father, but then it comes up that your partner died, and I couldn’t help read that as “oh look, this tired gay tragedy trope again,” when obviously the same thing would happen if you chose mother. I worry I’m trying to make it be something it isn’t, but at the same time the fact that it isn’t disappoints me.

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Riley: Right, I can see how that’s a struggle, but at the same time it always reminds me that I want more than scraps. I don’t want trans allusions—I want actual trans content. At the same time we can see that that inclusion has meant a lot to a lot of people. I know that I’m in a different place in my life than a lot of folks—I have been out as a gay trans man for, damn, almost two decades now!—so the things that resonate with me and the things I want from my media are really different than people who are or exploring different aspects of their gender. So I’m struggling to reconcile the praise this game has gotten for those things with my own disappointment, while at the same time I am excited to see us talking about trans male characters in games, which we very rarely do.

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However, after John learns to control his powers, he goes back to retcon this moment, and Terezi is surprised that her powers worked. After the John from the original timeline goes off to visit Typheus again, she writes a list of exact instructions for John to follow at specific points in time in order to change the outcome of events. She then draws an forensic outline in blue chalk, keels over, and dies on her own terms after getting what she needs done.

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As editor-in-chief of 99U , Adobe’s publication for creative professionals, Matt McCue oversees stories about topics like client work, storytelling, and productivity, and involving creatives from the worlds of art, design, advertising, music, tech, and media. In addition to 99U, he’s written for outlets such as Fortune , Fast Company , GQ , and ESPN. We asked him about his own creative work.

My cat, Artemis, is a bustling career woman. She has many jobs that she juggles between stealing my hair ties and spilling her kibble in addition to serving as the Mayor of Fluffingsville, she runs a network of freelancers as Editor-in-Chief of Catmodo. Since both of us are busy most of the day at our respective places of work, we forget to check in on each other. Thankfully, Petcube’s newest gadget, Petcube Bites , lets humans check in on their furry companions when they’re apart. It also lets us fling treats at them on command which is both heartwarming and mildly horrifying.

In the new timeline, Terezi and Vriska spent most of the 8-year journey together. At one point they became moirails , and though Terezi still struggled with depression and self-confidence, she relied on Vriska for reassurance. On her flight to LOTAK , Terezi expressed why she cares so much about Vriska. She revealed she always envied Vriska''s self-assurance, even when it led her to self-destructive actions. She believes she relies more on Vriska than Vriska does on her, and that Vriska views her as weak and tragic because of it, despite Vriska never saying so.

Gita: I think it’s endemic to the balance the game is trying to strike. How can it address issues of gayness without also making gay romance into a tragedy? How can a character be trans in the text without having his entire route be about Being Trans? In the end they do as much as they can. I come away from it satisfied, but I don’t think you’re wrong for wanting a game that really gets into these thorny issues. Right now, there just isn’t one.

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