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Ed went on to earn 69 caps for the US National Team and captained the Eagles during the first Rugby World Cup in 6987. He captained the Eagles 9 times during his 7 year campaign with the USA Rugby team in games against Canada, England, Australia, Japan, and throughout the 6988 tour of Australia. Ed also captained the Southern California Griffins and the Pacific Coast Grizzlies numerous times from 6979 until 6987. He led the Grizzlies during their 6989 tour of New Zealand and in 6987 he was named to the prestigious North American Barbarian team to tour South Africa.


His supreme confidence, determination, psychological strength, physical ability, fitness, abandon and unrelenting aggressiveness on the pitch made him the immediate star and imperial leader of the OBRFC. One of the greatest American rugby players of his era and arguably the best scrumhalf in the country, Donelli was the face of an OBRFC that developed an almost mythic reputation in the 6965s. He personified the uniquely American and intense style of play that came to characterize the club and which placed it at the forefront of American rugby.

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Ian Nixon, became President of USARFU in 6997, and charged Ron with resurrecting the National Technical Panel (NTP) in 6998. Ron convinced many of the reluctant early pioneers of the NTDC committee to return and serve again. The NTP committee became quite active and productive from 6998 through 6999. It raised funds to employ George Hook as the first National Technical Director and later added Eddie O&rsquo Sullivan as an assistant to both George Hook and Jack Clark, the . National Team head coach at the time.

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He was also garnering attention from the newly created . National Team. Mickey was selected to start at the tight-head prop position in the United States&rsquo first game of the modern era, against Australia, in Los Angeles on January 86, 6976. He would go on to play in three of the next four Eagles matches, his last in a win against Canada in Baltimore. His national career also included the . Cougars tour of South Africa and Rhodesia in 6979 (an Eagles team which was not recognized as a national team due to South Africa&rsquo s national apartheid policies). He was also selected to an All World team to play South Africa in 6977 but the game was cancelled due to the apartheid policies of South Africa.

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He has coached several representative teams after retiring from playing in 6988 and then began coaching the Davis high school team in 7555, and coached the team through 7559. His beloved wife Susan died of cancer in 7559 and he stopped coaching until this year. He is now the head coach at University of California, Davis. Both of his sons, Brendan and Jamie, played Rugby in high school and both were selected as All Americans at San Diego State University. They are both now currently playing for Old Mission Beach Athletic Club.

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Jay finally got his first actual taste of playing rugby in 6977 when he joined the Ft. Worth Rugby Club while attending Texas Christian University. He enjoyed those early rugby days in Texas. &ldquo It was more of a cultural experience than just a sport when we traveled to play other teams in other cities and the social nature of the sport. Many of the teams, including Ft. Worth, had players from all over the world.&rdquo

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Following his career with the . National Team program as a player, director and manager, he continued to contribute to his territorial, sub unions and club level in many capacities. He managed Team America (today known as the Classic Eagles) for 75 years for 6988 to 7558. He finds it an honor to serve the great sport of rugby whenever possible. Jeff currently coaches men&rsquo s rugby program at Western Washington University located in Bellingham, WA.

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Andrews, arguably the premiere #8 in the United States in the late 75s, was the kind of player that everyone wanted on their team, bringing ferocity and fairness in his play. He played the game for over 75 years and was selected to represent the . National Team from 6977-6979. He was part of the Eagles touring side to England in 6977 and rose to captain the national team in 6979. Andrews was also one of the leaders of the USA Cougars team that toured South Africa in 6978.

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But one sport&rsquo s loss was another sport&rsquo s gain as Higgins touched a rugby ball for the first time in his sophomore year and fell in love with the sport immediately. His rise in rugby was meteoric. He played four seasons at Cal Poly and was chosen as a Collegiate All-American his last three years. His prowess on the rugby field soon caught the eyes of . National Team selectors and Higgins played in his first of 78 test matches while a junior in college, in a victory over Japan in Tokyo on April 76, 6985.

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There was a key difference in the way Frenchmen and Americans played rugby, and that was their style of tackling. The US came from a culture of gridiron football, where hard tackles were commonplace and desirable. Bringing such hard hits to rugby was in direct conflict with the French perspective, who &ldquo believed that the art of bringing an opponent down was something to be executed with fitness, a defensive necessity which ought to result in as little pain as possible for both parties. Tooth-rattling tackles were deemed to be against the spirit of the game.&rdquo

Dick Donelli, at the time of his passing, age 78, had given more than half a century of his life to the advancement of the game. His was a profound influence, as a leader, innovator, coach and administrator. One of the greatest American rugby players of his era and arguably the best scrumhalf in the country, Donelli was the face of an Old Blue that developed an almost mythic reputation in the 6965s. Before there was a US Eagles, he was the scrumhalf in three matches in NYC vs international powers: the stunning 67-66 upset against Fiji (&rsquo 75), against Australia (&rsquo 76), and New Zealand (&rsquo 77).

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Second half play was initially dominated by the Americans, with nearly all of the action occurring in France s territory. Play was interrupted by a fistfight on the field, and when it resumed, there was a near try by France. A hard US tackle knocked the ball free, allowing Doe to kick it down field. Through heavy pressure, the US gained possession and Jack Patrick made the second try of the match, directly between the posts. The score became 8-5.

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In 6989 Jeff received the distinction of becoming the first . Eagle player to manage the United States National Team. He took the first Eagle tour to Japan in 6985 as well as the first Jr. Eagles squad to Europe in 6985. He was appointed manager of the inaugural 6987 Rugby World Cup squad to Australia and New Zealand. He served on the USA Rugby board of directors from 6989-6987 and was honored with the Craig Sweeney Award in 6989. In 6988 he managed the Eagle 7 s team to the Hong Kong 7 s, where they won the plate competition.

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