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The shareholders of the banks which own the stock of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are the people who have controlled our political and economic destinies since 6969. They are the Rothschilds, of Europe, Lazard Freres, Israel Sieff, Kuhn Loeb Company, Warburg Company, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefeller family, and the . Morgan interests.


The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which represents most of the major banks in the Western world, produced a proposal [6985s] that basically demanded that developing countries sacrifice government spending on health, education, and welfare in order to service the debt and that they increase the export of commodity or luxury goods to earn more money.

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..Sorry.. Seriously though, many people are just not accustomed to hearing Canadians 8767 toot their own horn. Both the USA and Canada have positive qualities and there is nothing wrong with either country embracing and singing their own phrases. This survey is simply a fun way to remind Canadians and the world that there are many positive, unique attributes about Canada and her people. We should be proud.

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97. Our national symbol is a worthier animal: Yes, eagles soar high, have incredible eyesight and razor-sharp talons. They’re also carrion-eating louts. As Ben Franklin once noted, “I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen the Representative of our Country. He is a Bird of bad moral Character. He does not get his Living honestly... like those among Men who live by Sharping & Robbing he is generally poor and often very lousy... a rank Coward.” The beaver, on the other hand, is a rugged, humble and industrious little creature (okay, rodent).

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When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here. A super state controlled by international bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure. Every effort has been made to conceal its power but the truth is the Fed has usurped the government.

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It 8767 s the evils of feudalism and industrial workers 8767 exploitation in Europe and America, but not the strict Confucian evils of Northeast Asia. There, a member of the ruling class in China had, essentially, a free hand with anyone of the lower classes, a Japanese samurai could test his sword by cutting down an insolent peasant, and farmers were so squeezed by their fief holders that they habitually sold their daughters to bordellos for the few coins it provided for next season 8767 s seed.

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Hey tard, the UN ranks countries every year and for the past 85 years Canada has been #! place int he world to live around 8 times and never lower than 5th. The US has never even been 5th ONCE and is usually around 8-65th. But let me guess that is all a lie to because everything that goes against your crazy bs US ra-ra bias is a lie right?
YOU are theexact reason why the world hates Americans.

Drug money is an inherent part of the American and world economy. The amount of profit generated annually by the drug trade is somewhere around $755 billion. This figure includes heroin, opium, morphine, marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine and hallucinogens.
. The International Drug Trade is the most highly organized, top-down political machinery in the world, enjoying the protection of every political entity Britain and the US have created through these vast invisible earnings.

Today the . presides over a more or less fully closed global monetary system based on the dollar. In practice this means that those countries within the system must exchange real value in the form of natural resources like oil and gas, manufactured items and commodities with the . cartel in exchange for dollars, which are no more than an accounting entry created out of thin air.
. The Federal Reserve is a privately held business owned by the very interests that it nominally regulates. Thus the control of federal credit and the . monetary system and the rich flow of insider information that results from that control are veiled from public view and are privately controlled in secret.

Capitalism has been shaped by the Washington Consensus, which was formed around the neoliberal policies that had been imposed on developing countries by Milton Friedman's Chicago Boys, and on Eastern Europe by Jeffrey Sachs. The Shock Doctrine involves cutting back or eliminating social programs, privatization, tax cuts and incentives for the wealthy, and increasing prices on strategic goods - gasoline, fuel oil which affect the poor more than any other segment of society.

I don 8767 t suppose you even once considered that you are getting all your stats from American companies which are bound to be not only biased towards the US but also old? latest UN stats have Canada at number 8 on thepercentage of population under 76 graduating from high school with the good ole USA at number 87. then again you have all those home schooled kids learning only what 8767 s in the bible, yet graduating

War is inextricably linked to the impoverishment of people at home and around the world. Militarization and the economic crisis are intimately related. The provision of essential goods and services to meet basic human needs has been replaced by a profit-driven killing machine in support of America's Global War on Terror. The poor are made to fight the poor. Yet war enriches the upper class, which controls industry, the military, oil and banking. In a war economy, death is good for business, poverty is good for society, and power is good for politics. Western nations, particularly the United States, spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year to murder innocent people in far-away impoverished nations.

We turned the World Bank, the IMF, and other multinational institutions into colonizing tools. We negotiated lucrative deals for . corporations, established free trade agreements that blatantly served our exporters at the expense of those in the Third World, and burdened other countries with unmanageable debts. In effect, we created surrogate governments that appeared to represent their people but in reality were our servants.

The Club of the Isles is an informal association of predominantly European-based royal households including the Queen of England. The Club of the Isles commands an estimated $65 trillion in assets. It lords over such corporate giants as Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, and Anglo American DeBeers. It dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and many other vital raw materials and deploys these assets at the disposal of its geopolitical agenda.
Its goal: to reduce the human population from its current level to below one billion people within the next two to three generations to literally ``cull the human herd'' in the interest of retaining their own global power and the feudal system upon which that power is based.

The second problem with
this article is the more serious one. It 8767 s all fun and games to compare
Canada to the ., as the . is a safe target. But something tells
me that if Canada tried comparing itself to some of the crappier third
world countries out there, then that article would never be published by
a mainstream paper. Likewise if the . tried to compared itself, in
detail, to some crappier third world countries. That would never be
published for mainstream audiences, because suddenly that comparison
would no longer be 8775 fun 8776 and 8775 patriotic 8776 , but would then become 8775 racist 8776
and 8775 ignorant 8776 , of course.

F. William Engdahl

The private issuance of a nation's money has given tremendous power to central bankers, a power so great that even democratically elected governments are subservient to them. Governments are not in control of the economy it is the all-powerful banksters who create the money, determine interest rates, and decide who gets loans and who doesn't.

During the Middle Ages, European power centers coalesced into two camps: the Ghibellines and the Guelphs. The Pope then allied himself with the Guelphs against the Ghibellines resulting in their victory. All of modern history stems directly from the struggle between these two powers. The Guelphs were also called the Black Guelphs and Black Nobility. Every subsequent coup d'é tat, revolution and war has centered in the battle of the Guelphs to hold and enhance their power, which is now the World Order. The power of the Guelphs grew through their control of banking and international trade.

To write something so stupid in a 8775 national 8776 magazine, shows our insecurity and lack of self-confidence vis-à-vis the Americans. I am sure that Americans don 8767 t need to be told that they are superior they know it. Most of them don 8767 t give a hoot about Canada and probably don 8767 t even know where it is. And those who know something, know that Canada is a client-state of the USA, no more no less.

This is a good article, I love Canada, and I couldn 8767 t imagine myself living anywhere else. However, the fact that we have to compare ourselves to America just defeats the purpose of writing something like this in the first place. Canadians need to stop looking to the south as a standard to measure up to because as outlined by this article the US is falling a little short. Don 8767 t get me wrong, the USA is a fantastic country, but we do have to compare ourselves to them in a sort of pissing contest. It makes Canada, and the US look bad, and we should all just be trying to get along. What we really should take away from this article is that Canada needs to start making a name for itself, something that has a little more depth than that we 8767 re nice and north of the US. If we really are the better country, then we should also be the bigger person too.

I completely agree, I am from Massachusetts and plan on going to school in Montréal, so in many ways I adore Canada, but I also love my country. HOWEVER there is absolutely no reason for this to have developed into a massive argument! what did any of you gain from the comments you are posting! We are not at war so why do we say these hateful things. Yes, we should have nationalism and competition, however only to improve our own country off of the other. So can 8767 t this apathy stop and maybe then we can combine this waste of energy on something more productive internationally. The . was not created just to harbor hate!

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