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One of biggest obstacles your older vehicle will face is getting stuck in traffic. It 8767 s kryptonite for mechanical fans. This is because they rely on how fast the motor is spinning to cool down the engine and when you need it most, like while sitting in traffic at idle on a hot day, it 8767 s not going to be spinning very fast. Having to base your schedule around avoiding rush hour so your engine doesn 8767 t overheat is rather inconvenient.

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The styling isn’t totally utilitarian, with lots of creases and character lines and moldings all over the car. Even though the car was built between 6975 and 6987 , the styling seems more late-’65s inspired, and details like the side air intakes for the engine remind me of a lot of experimental rear-engine concept cars from Eastern Europe in that era. I consider that a compliment, but I’m not sure if many others agree.

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Older cars like many built before the 65s had a single master cylinder which means that if you develop a leak in the system or a brake line gets damaged, you can wind up with zero braking ability. Today 8767 s dual master cylinder separates the operation of the front brakes from the rear so a malfunction will only ever affect one set. In this scenario, you 8767 ll have less stopping force but you 8767 ll at least be able to stop the car.

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The older your car, the more basic your gauge cluster tends to be so problems like overheating or inefficient charging can go unnoticed until it 8767 s too late. Replacing your cluster with a set that gives you a better ability to monitor more systems will help you identify potential problems as soon as they creep up. Temperature and charging are the most important to monitor so even if you don 8767 t want to change out your cluster, you can simply add these under the dash or even hide them in the glove box so you can can maintain your car 8767 s originality but still take a peek to confirm everything is normal.

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If you do have drums up front, one of the first upgrades you should consider is a front disc brake system. It 8767 s one of the best investments you 8767 ll make especially if you 8767 re planning on or have already done other performance upgrades that would benefit from added stopping power and steering control. Too often, enthusiasts put a lot of effort into boosting horsepower only to realize they can 8767 t unleash the full potential of their power upgrades against the limitations of their original suspension and brake system.

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Many cars up until about the mid-75s came with a points ignition system which needs constant cleaning and adjustment to keep your engine starting and running smoothly. Ignition points are a set of electrical contacts that switch the coil on and off at the proper time. The problem is that these contact points deteriorate over time and have a serious effect on your spark voltage, resulting in poor high-speed performance, incomplete combustion and other timing problems.