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Date: 2017-07-05 18:23.

I whole heartily agree with you. American women by far are probably the worst wives and lovers on earth. Being in the military I got chances to travel to places. By far women overseas are far more beautiful and they don 8767 t play games like the women do in the US. I 8767 m serious with a woman from Asia now and will get married to her by the end of this year. But I knew since a teenager I would never be with an American woman

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Sounds like you 8767 re really embracing the best of both cultures, that 8767 s fabulous. When it comes to marriage it seems you might be better off marrying an American Muslim. Kuwait is really an easy country to adapt to, and if she 8767 s Muslim then it won 8767 t be such a shock for her to live there. She might even welcome the more Islamic lifestyle. If you marry a Kuwaiti, chances are she would be expected to stay in Kuwait to be near her family. And she would probably prefer that too. But if you plan to live in Kuwait then it wouldn 8767 t be a problem.

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It 8767 s very common for women to refrain from posting their photos on social media in Kuwait and even more common for husbands NOT to post photos of their wives. It 8767 s a respect/self respect kinda thing among much of the culture. Yet more recently Kuwaitis are embracing open mindedness and freedom of expression. Especially via social media. Women are regularly posting photos of themselves and men are even happily posing in photos with their wives. It 8767 s refreshing and so nice to see.

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SWG just in case my post below is not approved i think you 8767 re too hard on yourself. you 8767 re older sure. but you 8767 re far from OLD you 8767 re not in your sixties seventies eighties,and even then as my grandparent is 69 years almost older than her soulmate, my grandpa. so enjoy your life now, and you are going to meet the right older or guy. Just has to be the right 6 for you. His loss. Not that.

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I had a great time reading most of these posts my personal favorites being the ones that took the original piece a bit too seriously- c 8767 mon we really get that pissed off about penis size jokes still? This is the internet penis size joke capital of well everything. But one theme came up a couple of times and every time that it did, I felt that cringe in the pit of my stomach that tells me that the rants went from crude/offensive-but-funny to just plain offensive in the comments.

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His age could create a problem when applying for the visa but there 8767 s no harm in giving it a shot. I can see why you wouldn 8767 t want to leave your small children and I can 8767 t blame you. However, depending upon how often you 8767 re physically away from them now (work, nights out, etc) maybe you need a short break and could ask a family member to help out? Of course if you decided to meet him abroad I would absolutely recommend you do so in a SAFE and PUBLIC place hotel coffee shop, etc. I wouldn 8767 t suggest you attempt to visit Iraq so it really would require him getting a visa.

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That 8767 s another lovely story and touching situation. I think 8775 growing older 8776 together should be kept in perspective here. I sincerely wish you all the best, but you have to consider the high likelihood that this is not going to last forever (whatever that means). Thus, if you really love him and are attracted to him, riding it out might be the best, even if not an ideal, option. You should also understand where he is coming from. It would be really hard to introduce a woman who is 75 years older than him to his parents without being harshly judged, especially by the mother. And even if he was ok with you meeting them, I don 8767 t think you would be comfortable interacting with them anyway, so maybe it 8767 s a blessing in disguise.

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I dont know what stories they told i never knew women had a problem with uncut dudes. I 8767 m not circumcised and well i wish you could ask all my ex gf 8767 s. Some cant even tell cuz when my weiner is up you cant even tell. i also am sure that i am super sensitive more than a cut dude. Ive have never ever ever let anyone down or take long to erect. Even drunk it gets so sensitive even air blown on my head feels super great i know this for a fact. So i dont know why all these fears. But i guess its natural to have different preferences i will never ever go to bed with a woman who doesnt shave down there either.. that grosses me out and it kinda makes me sick so i understand different tastes. She has to shave everytime before we have sex. Thats my rule so if you prefer uncut guys thats your choice but trust me i am so confident that any woman to go to ned with me i can bet all i got that she will have a few orgasms cuz i can go for at least an hour and a half if she wants it. My record is 9 hours with my ex. So dont ever generalise or take other opinions as rules. Sex is awesome enjoy it..

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At work, button-down shirts and slacks and for the first six months here I wore a tie as well, just to emphasize that I wasn 8767 t interested in conformity. It 8767 s a little more expensive for me because I am short but while I 8767 m very fit, all the sports/activities I do have given me thick neck and thighs, and most 8775 business 8776 clothing is not cut with that combination in mind, so slim/athletic fit is a must, which drastically limits the suppliers. Particularly for non-iron stuff, which is just so much more convenient.

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I am an American woman been dating an Arabic man for a year and a half and have found much of what you have said is very true. He ask for my phone but refuses to let me see his. He leaves for days and no return although we do not live together. But also will not allow me to call him , if I do he never answers unless he has asked me to call him. Intimacy is all about him he expects it all but other than intercourse I get nothing, no passion holding me when he has released its over. Never wants to talk about 8766 us 8767 it 8767 s always his work religion or friends. I don 8767 t understand why I put up with this. I know what to do but can 8767 t make that move.

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First let me start by saying you can 8767 t change her. And the fact you want to try is an indication she 8767 s really not the woman you 8767 re in love with. Trying to change someone or imposing rules and regulations on them isn 8767 t a sign of love, it 8767 s evidence of a very insecure person who doesn 8767 t love themselves. First and foremost you need to focus on who you are and what you 8767 re really seeking in a wife. It sounds to me like you prefer a wife who has limited, or no social media/blog interaction at all. And that 8767 s perfectly fine. But you have to find a woman who is that way because she chooses to be, not because you want her to be.

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Women love compliments they deem as sincere and genuine.  Know the typical Italian behavior towards women?  How they usually go overboard complimenting every woman by calling them “bella donna, beautiful, etc”?  Well, that stuff works very well because non-American women usually respond very warmly to compliments.  Of course, you must fine a fine line between being too stoic and too complimenting, and recalibrate that line for every woman you meet.

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It 8767 s because of their culture. South Asia 8767 s cultures produce the most beta men of anywhere on the planet after East Asia. brown men are conditioned from birth to study hard to get into a good college and then get a prestigious white collar job (preferably Doctor or Engineer) with which they can fund a mortgage and buy a Mercedes with their well educated wife of the same religious background as them. Rosca from the Roosh V Forum nailed it when he said about my own parents that 8775 they 8767 re trying to make you beta 8776 .  Brown parents purposely try to produce beta sons and they are quite good at doing it.

Many years ago when I went on one of my first dates with an American girl (most of my conquests in US were South American and Eastern European), I behaved the same exact way as I used to with other girls: I opened doors, let her go in first, got the check — except this time my date couldn’t help by blabbing out, “are you going to keep doing this all night?” as if her state of femininity was somehow threatened by my “condescending” behavior.

Curly hair if maintained well and conditioned can be attractive on anyone. So what 8767 s the big deal about bone straight hair I wonder folks when not all whites have bone straight hair either so why should people with naturally curly and kinky hair be pressured to wear straight hair. I personally don 8767 t mind smooth textured hair at times but I look more healthy and with curly type hair. All hair should be cleaned and nourished and styled to fit one 8767 s face. Straight hair that 8767 s flat and oily doesn 8767 t look great either. Straight hair needs less oils to look groomed and curly, kinky and coarse hair needs moisture to look it 8767 s best. It 8767 s more are main fence than texture.

We both live in the US. I met him one day and that night he came to my home. First he said he did not bring a dowry. He said he would give it to me if I 8767 d like, it was up to me. First of all I don 8767 t even know his real name.
I 8767 ve only seen him that one night and he said something about three months, which I am very confused. He said in his culture he can have more then one wife. I would never marry him and I don 8767 t feel like we are dating. He also said before we touched there was something we were to say to one another but since I didn 8767 t know his language he would say my part. He never told me what was said, only that it was very romantic. He said I could not call or text him. I only know where he works. He said I could tell people about him, but what is there to tell?
Then he asked if I wanted to touch him or he touch me. I leaned in for a kiss. He only stayed for about 85 minutes and I haven 8767 t heard from him since.
I guess I can not talk to him because of his wife.

We 8767 ll, I 8767 m currently getting the 8775 silent treatment 8776 from my Kuwaiti guy. Even up until the day prior to home leaving to see his brother and friends in Cali, he was generous, sweet, loving and affecrionate. He kept in touch for the first few days and then the night before last he tells me that we need to talk about us when he arrives home. Now, let me add that I believe he thought I 8767 d sit home and mope around about him being gone. I 8767 ve been to ATL, I 8767 ve not sat still and he sees the photos and videos that I 8767 m posting to social media. So, I start to freak out and bit and ask him to please just speak about it now, not wanting to live in fear the next 9 days til he arrives home. He continues to control the situation and reassures me it 8767 s not about breaking up. He specifically says 8775 it 8767 s good for both of us 8776 , which could mean ANYTHING really.

I didn 8767 t call RPQ ignorant or racist, his posts are coherent and there 8767 s clearly though. But Even intelligent men make mistakes and even well intentioned men can say something racist. Clearly your mind is made up on this subject and I 8767 ve said what I need to say. I spend my time around very materialistic people, none of them are Chinese, the Chinese people I know are ethical, humble, non-materialistic. They work very hard, know the value of money and appreciate it.

I 8767 m glad to see this article. Last month my told everyone that they were changing the dress code to be more professional with a start date of July 6st. Today I walked into the office waering office attire and my natural hair up in a porfessional bun. I was quickly told by operations that I too wold have to adhere to the dress code. I looked at her and stated that I was dressed professional today. I then asked by professional do you mean that my hair needs to be relaxed. She stated yes that is exactly what I mean. So aparently if I do not have my hair relaxed by July 6st I 8767 m not allowed to go to work.

And lastly, America has such a narrow mind about Blackness and being Biracial. In the United Kingdom, you have like 9 options for what type of Black you are, and another 9 options for what type of Black/White mix you are. It 8767 s definitely food-for-thought, as being mixed Black and something else is ever increasing, and yet, people are fighting for their lives to either claim mixed people as Black or to only let them be White.

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