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Posted: 2017-10-12 18:51

The state of Nevada has passed a law which waives the requirement that a person seeking a name change publish the old name and new name publicly, but only when the reason for the name change is a gender change. It is felt that requiring a transgender person to publish an announcement of the old and new names violates personal privacy by telling the world of the gender change. The bill did received zero 8775 no 8776 votes in either house. This story is in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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. District Judge Joseph Leeson has allowed Kate Lynn Blatt to go forward with a lawsuit under the Americans With Disabilities Act. It is the first time that a transgender person has been allowed to sue an employer under the Americans With Disability Act. Judge Leeson feels that judges should not rule on the constitutionality of a case, if at all possible. Since this is the first time that such a claim has not been routinely dismissed, it is probable that the plaintiff 8767 s lawyer will have to make a particularly convincing case that gender dysphoria qualifies under the Act. Reuters has this story.

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Piers Morgan went into a rant when told that Highgate School will do away with gender designations on its uniforms. He said, 8775 So let 8767 s as the police chief we 8767 re talking to: will male policemen be wearing skirts on duty, because that 8767 s all part of this gender-neutral move? 8776 Later in his rant, he said, 8775 I might wear a skirt to work tomorrow as part of my gender-neutral, non-binary identity. 8776 The following day, he called non-binary children 8775 a contagion, 8776 and described non-binary as 8775 a massive new fad. 8776 Perhaps he 8767 d like to wear an evening gown to the TWIT Award ceremony oh wait, there is no ceremony, but he does get a TWIT Award. The story of his first rant can be found here , and the story of his second outburst is here.

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Last week, we told you of two transgender cadets (one at West Point and the other at the Air Force Academy) who are scheduled to graduate this month. They will not be commissioned as officers, as their classmates will, since the . military does not have a policy for accepting transgender recruits. They may not have long to wait. Secretary of Defense James Mattis has until July 6 to formulate a policy for transgender recruits to join the military, according to the timeline devised by his predecessor, Ash Carter. However, there seems to be no penalty for missing that deadline. While General Mattis indicated in his confirmation hearings that he didn 8767 t care much about who was romantically involved with whom or what someone had in his or her pants, his actions as Secretary of Defense have made some people wonder if that really is the case. Military Times has this story.

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The Facebook page of Sophie Labelle 8767 s cartoon Assigned Male was the attacked by a group described as 8775 neo-Nazis. 8776 Facebook was quick to react, but they did little to prevent the attack. Several transgender people and support groups were also targeted by this same group in this attack. Her home address was published by the attackers. Her book tour event in Halifax on Thursday was cancelled amid death threats. The Facebook page for Assigned Male has since been restored. The Star has a story on this, and the CBC has a story on the cancelled event in Halifax.

Joshua Vallum has been sentenced to 99 years in prison for the brutal murder of a transgender woman. It marks the first time that federal hate-crime laws have been used in the sentencing of someone convicted of murder of a transgender person. . Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the Justice Department will protect the rights of transgender victims of violence, although some people doubt that. This particular sentence is welcome. This story can be found in .

As mentioned above, the release of Chelsea Manning from a military prison is receiving a great deal of criticism. The Center for Military Readiness, a group which seems to feel that it knows more about what the military should do than the Pentagon does, gave a typical response, right down to the deadnaming. It seems they also think that they know more about medicine than medical professional organizations. For assuming that they can make the world fit the square hole of their views, the Center for Military Readiness gets a TWIT Award. One News Now has the story on them.

In a sign that gender transitions are becoming more common and more accepted, Hallmark has come out with at least one card to mark the transition. On the front, it says, 8775 You 8767 re becoming who you 8767 ve always been. 8776 That is a lovely sentiment, but it might be a bit repetitious to receive several copies of the same card from different people. As always with greeting cards, it 8767 s the thought that counts. Gay Star News has this story.

The Highgate School, one of the most prestigious schools in London, has announced a new gender-neutral uniform policy. Under the new policy, boys can opt to wear skirts. This is getting the sort of feedback one would expect from the usual sources, despite the fact that few boys will choose to wear the newly-approved skirts. Rather than 8775 male uniform 8776 and 8775 female uniform, 8776 the options are now labeled 8775 uniform number one 8776 and 8775 uniform number two. 8776 Said headteacher Adam Pettitt, 8775 This generation is really questioning being binary in the way we look at things. 8776 Pink News has this story.

In an interview with Pink News , British Prime Minister Theresa May said that her government is looking to update the Gender Recognition Act in the hope that they can make it work better for transgender people. Currently, the act requires transgender people to undergo medical checks before their genders can be changed on legal forms. When asked about passports with a gender designation other than 8775 male 8776 or 8775 female, 8776 Ms. May said that that was a part of a larger issue of gender on government forms, and said that the larger issue is under review. The issue of a third designation on government forms will require quite a bit of review across many different parts of the government. The article on the question-and-answer session can be found here.