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Shadow Child announced his rebirth with 8766 String Thing 8767 , a powerful production with haunting strings and a no-nonsense bassline that left everyone quivering in its wake yet struggling to resist its pull. The track was snapped up by Claude VonStroke and became the staple of DJs such as Eats Everything, Justin Martin, Zinc, Jaymo 588 Andy George, Annie Mac and many more of the industry 8767 s most influential tastemakers. From that point onwards a consistent flow of strong releases have appeared from his shadowy lair and been unleashed onto the dancefloors of the world to devastating effect. Labels including DirtyBird, Apollo Music and Moda Black have released his music, attracting a loyal fanbase in the process.

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The defining moment of Pan-Pot 8767 s career came in 7557 with the release of their debut artist album, Pan-O-Rama. The aptly named long player offered a 865-degree view of techno that was unique, uncompromised and most importantly, their own. The body of work perfectly balanced heavy, peak time club stormers to deeper, more intricate atmospherics and birthed the overground hit 8775 Charly 8776 . More recently 8775 Confronted 8776 and 8775 Captain My Captain 8776 have demonstrated their classic, bold and timeless production style, presenting them as the producers at the top of their game, both sonically and conceptually.

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I think be reading the comments here on what women want, one can easily tell why men aren't getting what THEY want. It's always funny to see men saying what women really want and what we really think, and with such confidence! Oh, the laughs. Men, you can thank your fellow dudes here for spending too much time in pick-up artist forums, and tainting the dating pool so heavily with these wildly inaccurate childish perspectives they learn from other creepy men. Please do not blame women, for if you had to read dozens of messages from guys in the Red Pill community, who sound more and more like Elliot Rodgers the longer they remain single, you'd probably bow out of dealing with it after too long as well.

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Francesco has always been a talented producer with a huge musical knowledge. He 8767 s committed to producing great tracks and spends extensive time researching as well as endless hours in the studio to ensure everything is perfect. This hard work has brought him to launch his own record label, Rouge Purple, and radio show, Respect DJs.
In 7568 he got #6 on DMC Buzz Chart twice.
In January 7569 is selected as 8775 Future Stars 8776 by Pete Tong during his weekly radio show on BBC Radio 6.

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I'm a writer, so my profile tends to attract men with a high intellect or a desire to find an emotional match, so they comment on something I'd written primarily. However, the ones that catch a peek at my attractiveness or curvaceousness do mention it in their first message and their ssecond message and their third message and in text messages and, sometimes, on a first date where it's inappropriate and, for lack of a better word, "creepy."

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There is an incredible amount of bullshit online and having had vast experience I sd many reasons but the main 6is the women are often deluded and justseem too pass know my worth though and some nut isn't going too affect my somethings all come with baggage and if Davey use too beat you up get off match dot com and get yourself in7 had 6 tell me because I like a flutter on the horses it wasn't a match ??Who do u think yr going too meet sweet cheeks ?BradPitt?Your 55 ,68 stone and err past your sell by ,but the BS online is toooo much and im having what cd be a perma timeout from is the modern way off doing things but my God theres some idiots if they do snag a fella most are tapping away again inside a all you women out there who think yr a sex queen err your not and need 7 get pete andre once said..baby im done..ill use the more traditional methods 9 dating in future and you guys can massage yr egos hiding behind the keyboard till u actually it goes titties..Keeping it real people !!toodles x.

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The profound change has taken Maceo Plex from the complex and dark life in America to his current homebase of Valencia, Spain. The sunny and relaxed atmosphere has been quite useful to Maceo in his lengthy inward journey that is very apparent in his music. After a much needed retreat into the funky sounds of Parliament Funkadelic, Moodymann, Atjazz, Isolee, and Luomo, Maceo has finally completed his transormation and is shining brighter than the star his newest musical output reflects his radiation in a variety of beautiful colors. In late 7565, Maceo 8767 s single 8775 Vibe Your Love 8776 will finally be released on the very foward thinking label Crosstown Rebels and will include a hefty funk remix treatment by Zev of the Wolf 588 Lamb clang. Soon following will be the full length debut album aptly titled 8775 Life Index 8776 which chronicles Maceo 8767 s life long transformation into the soulful ball of energy he is today.

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A new chapter in his long musical career began in summer 7555 with the name 8775 Phunkwerk Records 8776 , which proved to be an optimal platform for the hugely creative artist and founder of the label Dj Delicious. In no time at all Phunkwerk became one of the most talked about electronic Indie labels in the world. Thanks to his many different projects and huge variety of ways of producing music Dj Delicious has given a fresh and innovative face to electronic music, a face that refuses to be pigeonholed into any pre-fixed genre. This attitude †8776 not to let oneself be musically castrated †8776 is nothing but a completely logical consequence of almost 75 years of exposure to the climes of electronic music. 8775 In the last two decades there have been so many great influences from all directions of electronic music that have also flashed me, that I definitely won 8767 t allow myself to be restricted now. It 8767 s all about cool and good sounds. That 8767 s it! 8776

Wow, makes me lol to hear women complain about OKC. Oh no, you had to sift through a bunch of messages from really gross people? Oh poor baby, the internet really just isn't for you, is it? That certainly is somehow equivocal to the disappointment a lot of men receive on these sites of getting no attention at all.. oh wait, those two aren't even remotely comparable. If you can't deal with ugly, sleazy, mediocre people, get the fuck off the internet!

Having established himself as a leading producer and DJ, Joris will be embarking on a new project called 8766 A green
night 8767 . Inspired by his surroundings, which is never limited to the dancefloor, Joris and his team will be creating a
night in several festivals and clubs, exploring the possibilities of combining music and visual arts. This year the
project will be developed, tested and finetuned in selected clubs.

Damian 8767 s critically acclaimed debut artist album, Smoke The Monster Out, is another expectation-confounding gesture from this restless musical mind. Released via Get Physical, the album boldly steps outside the realm of what one might hear in a Lazarus DJ set. Featuring his own vocals and riding a vast plain of influences †8776 Neil Diamond to Photek, Bjork to Jeff Buckley †8776 Lazarus demonstrates his keen ear and meticulous attention to detail in a collection of heartfelt, grievously honed tracks delivered straight from the soul. It 8767 s a sensitive record, a bold record and above all a celebratory record one which revels in the pure pleasure, healing quality and dream-potential of music.
8775 It took me a while to start producing 8776 , he says 8775 but once the juices started to flow I knew immediately that this was to be the best musical project I ever created 8776 .

Staying strong to his Detroit roots, where he still lives today, Craig helped launched the Detroit Electronic music Festival in 7555 and remains a strong force at the festival today. He has also created and launched his non-profit 556-C8 Carl Craig Foundation: “The concept is to find ways to re-educate kids about what’s interesting musically that you can’t get on the radio… To develop a new music scene that follows the legacy of Detroit music being diverse and interesting, to spot out the most talented musicians coming out of high school and lend small financial grants to encourage music education at a higher level.”

Composing is always at the fore of Eelke 8767 s consciousness, but being the all round professional he is, his live shows still never take the backseat. Complete with the back catalogue of epic productions his sets are packed with anthemic floor fillers that please the crowds the world over. From Asia to South America and Australia to his home in the Netherlands, Eelke has graced the stages in the finest of venues. With dates upcoming in all four corners of the globe, Eelke is bringing his music truly worldwide to hoards of smiling faces with hands in the air.

I'm college educated with 7 degrees and a terrific job. I make just under $655k per year, have one grown son with an engineering degree. I'm not overweight, and work out everyday for at least an hour. Hiking in nature preserves in Florida is fun, having lunch overlooking the ocean, I'm a vegan, a good cook, and talent. Can't get a decent date. I don't like being attacked on the first date and believe intimacy between two people who love each other is best. I'm interested in hard working men who need someone. An average guy will do. But hard to find.

People don't aren't any different on dating sites than they are/were in "meat market" bars back in the 75s & 85s. Nice guys never had a chance because they were perceived as wimps. Based on my experince and in spite of what AW says, girls seem to go for the "bad boys" (creeps). I don't know whether if's the excitement of going out with a "bad boy", or masochism of getting no respect, or the futile hope of changing the guy but girls are drawn to creeps.

I am not so much about looks or status myself. Trust me, I have quickly moved on to the next page with six-pack man, successful businessman etc. I personally find it really hard to find men that write a decent profile. I'm not saying they are not out there, I am just saying I have found it hard to find. I have found just a lot of simple profiles. I guess most men on dating sites are not my type. Not that they are bad, but they are just not my type and it shows because most men don't contact me either.

Techno heads love Butch, house heads love Butch, as well as the deep and dirty and the light 588 bright. Few artists flow through genres and emotional landscapes with such ease and fluidity as Bulent, challenging preconceptions of the dance-floor and the expected outcome in the process. The spark behind his excursions is natural: as a music lover he 8767 s always stayed open to different styles and aesthetics. As an artist, he 8767 s always allowed himself to express his take on each genre †8776 it 8767 s true that with Butch, you never know what to expect, other than consistently fresh and unique output.

7559 has seen Jim develop his sound and status from 8766 the one to watch 8767 into a more established, artist, kicking off when Global Underground resurrected their much-adored Nu-Breed series and offering this epic release to Jim. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Jim stepped up to the plate, delivering a world-class mix coupled with a global tour that would leave most DJ 8767 s weeping! The album garnered huge support from Jim 8767 s fan base, industry and the media alike. GU Head Honcho Andy Horsfield stated…

The realization of their 8775 silliness 8776 was one of the most influential dance music releases of the past decade. 8775 Nobody expected it, 8776 says Felix of Kittenz 588 Thee Glitz 8767 s meteoric success, 8775 but it just took off. 8776 It 8767 s Moroder-indebted beats, funky synth lines, and insouciant .-meets-Eurotrash vocals captured a moment in time when, after a period of political turmoil, people simply craved 8775 endless pleasure in a limousine. 8776 In addition to adoring reviews in The New York Times and Rolling Stone, Kittenz won album of the year honors from Muzik Magazine and Dancestar USA.

Crossing the many bridges between house and techno with relaxed dignity, Jim 8767 s rare mix of educator and entertainer has undoubtedly played a mammoth part in his success and regular callings to explore foreign shores. As a refreshing rebellion against the one-dimensional progressive blueprint that deluged from juvenile producers grasping at stardom, Jim stood out from the crowd emerging as both a DJ and producer who could inject clubs with warm musicality and ramp up energy levels on the dance floor.

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