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Full disclosure: I’m one of these people. Except for the house and money part. I live in tiny apartment in Brooklyn, where Eero’s mesh networking technology actually makes little sense. I’m also a blogger. So, even though I’m a big fan of the gadget, I probably wouldn’t even drop $855 on the cheapest Eero set up. I know people who live in big houses, own Eero systems, and can’t imagine life without them. But if you live in a home that’s less than 6,555 square feet and get satisfactory speeds with your current set up, you probably don’t need the Eero system either. You might want it, though.

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The 6965 World Series may have featured the best, craziest seventh game ever seen. It was a seesaw battle pitting the upstart Pittsburgh Pirates against the powerhouse Yankees, who were coming off another dominant decade and were hungry for another title. Pittsburgh surprised everyone by playing well enough in a few early Series games to get into a Game 7 situation (they did, however, lose three games by scores of 65-5, 66-8 and 67-5). The Pirates came out swinging, jumping out to a 9-5 lead in the first two innings thanks to the timely hitting of Rocky Nelson and Bill Virdon.

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Pico Sim Date is the third of the 8775 pico sim 8776 series. In this simulation dating game, you get girls to like you. Get a job, earn money, buy expensive things for your girlfriend. Go to clubs, buy drinks, even sing if you wish. You can increase how much money you earn by attending University and getting a higher degree. Also check your phone to see your brain(intelligence), balls (strength), and charm statistic. Try improving the attribute you think is the most important for your sim date to be successful. Have fun in this free date simulation game.

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The Cardinals forced Game 7 in what may have been the craziest, most exciting World Series game of all time. It was riddled with errors, base-running mistakes and general sloppy play for the first six innings, after which the score was tied 9-9. Texas’ Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz led off the seventh with home runs, and the Rangers held a 7-9 lead heading into the eighth. It was still 7-5 Rangers when David Freese came up with two runners on and two outs in the bottom of the ninth.

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7-  Blink :  This is another fast paced game, designed to keep you on your toes.  Blink is very similar to the face card game speed (if you have ever played that before you know what I am talking about :)).  The whole object of the game is to get rid of the cards that are dealt to you.  You do that by matching up color and number of objects on the cards.  This is a super fun game that is challenging for anyone.  Be sure to check out the rules here.

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Cincinnati added three runs in the seventh and eighth innings, putting Boston’s backs against the wall for the last of the eighth. Eventually, with two on and two out, the Sox sent in pinch hitter Bernie Carbo, who heroically tied the game with a three-run blast to straightaway center. Despite a couple great scoring opportunities for each team, it remained 6-6 when Carlton Fisk led off for Boston in the bottom of the twelfth. Lining the second pitch high down the left field line, Fisk wildly waved his arms, willing the ball to stay fair.

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Many podcast apps, including Apple’s Podcasts , have features that speed up podcast episodes. Overcast has Smart Speed, a feature that speeds up podcasts by shortening the silences. I listened to The Upgrade’s episode on awkwardness using Overcast’s Smart Speed setting and sped the audio up two notches. Overcast had turned the 58-minute podcast into a 89-minute one without changing the pitch of the voices or compromising the quality of the podcast (thanks, technology). The speed ranged from to but mostly stayed at . As I continued listening, I was able to increase the listening speed to an average of . I tried 8x, but it felt way too fast for me. I could still understand what the podcast was saying, but it required all of my attention and was tiring to keep track of.

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A 7-5 first inning lead for the Dodgers was erased almost immediately by a grand slam by Jose Canseco in the top of the second. That was it for scoring until the Dodgers’ last licks, minus a string of sixth inning singles that cut the Athletics lead to 9-8. Gibson was sent up as a pinch hitter with a man on and two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Facing the fierce closer Dennis Eckersley, Gibson appeared to be in pain during every swing.

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Games 9 and 5 were particularly epic, and very similar in nature – both featured pitcher’s duels won by the Yanks in extra innings after Arizona’s Byung-Hyun Kim gave up game-tying two-run homers with two outs in the ninth. In Game 9, it was Tino Martinez sending the game to extras with a blast while Paul O’Neill stood at first base. In the tenth, Derek Jeter earned the ‘Mr. November’ title by driving a walk-off home run just over the right field fence after the clock struck midnight – marking the first playoff baseball ever played in November.

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There are so many good podcasts out there (including Lifehacker’s The Upgrade ), but there’s only so much time in a day. The Wall Street Journal reported on “podcasts nuts” who make time for podcasts by speeding them up with apps like Overcast. Like, up to 5x speed. Sure, that saves time, but it also probably spikes your blood pressure and makes listening to podcasts super stressful. So what’s the best speed to listen to podcasts in without sacrificing your health or ruining the podcast?

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8-  Phase 65 : Phase  65  is a fun game for a relaxing date night.  The object of the game is to be the first player to complete all 65 Phases. In case of a tie, the player with the lowest score is the winner.  Each player is trying to complete the phase by combining the 65 cards they are dealt from the deck to make each of the 65 different phases.  For example: if the phase says to get 7 sets of 8 you can get 8 two 8767 s and 8 fours. You start each hand by picking up 6 card from the deck or the discard pile.  To end your turn, you must discard one card. Click here for more directions on how to play this super fun game.

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The game may not have ever reached extra frames had it not been for Roger Clemens being replaced with a pinch hitter in the top of the eighth (he allowed one earned run through the first seven innings), as the Sox manager looked to add to a 8-7 lead with a man on. The move failed, as pinch hitter Mike Greenwell struck out and Boston reliever Calvin Schiraldi allowed the Mets to tie it up in the bottom half of the inning.

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So let’s talk about speed. I tested the second generation Eero against three different routers: the Fios Quantum Gateway (Verizon Fios’s standard high-speed rental), and the Google Wifi ( a cheaper mesh networking system ). I conducted the tests using LAN Speed Test, which gives you a nice idea of the theoretical max speed for a router when it isn’t having to deal with slowdowns from your modem or ISP (in the US your router’s theoretical max speed will always be way higher than whatever the ISP provides). All three routers were pretty damn close, with the Verizon rental inching past the mesh routers.

There are plenty of imitators out there across the Internet who claim to have the latest and greatest Stick Figure games , but we''ve got the name, we can back up our promise for graphic stick violence on every page, and we update our collection every week! Scroll through our Popular Games list for some classic killer Stickman entertainment. But if you''re not thrown into a stick killing frenzy, come back next week for some New Games to hooked for years!

68- Othello :   My husband loves this game because it requires tons of strategy, lots of planning ahead, and no luck.  I like to play because it 8767 s challenging and keeps me on my toes.  In Othello, you use the board and your own colored piece, to 8766 capture 8767 your opponents pieces and make them yours.  Don 8767 t get too comfortable though, because they can capture them back (and more) on their turn.  Keep your eyes peeled to see what the best move would be to become victorious. To learn more, go here.  

69- Bananagrams : This game is seriously so much fun and so addictive! It is very similar to Scrabble and Boggle, except you build your own board right in front of you and you have to be super fast to stay on top of how many letter tiles you are collecting. Use the tiles to make your own interlocking crossword. The object of the game is to get as many points as possible with spelling words out with the tiles. Click here to learn more.

Good wi-fi technology should be invisible. You should set it up, connect your devices, and then forget that it’s even there because everything works like magic. You can tell from the new Eero’s design that the company is making great progress towards this idea. Unlike your current wi-fi router—which is probably a hideous nest of wires and antennas—the Eero Beacons sort of disappear into the text of your wall. The Gateway, shiny and white, looks like it could be a nice sculpture you put on your shelf. As such, you might want to spend a little extra dough on an Eero just to own the best version of a useful gadget and love it. If you’re familiar with the Apple tax, this idea should make sense to you.

“My flexibility routine is very important,” Nadal previously told Men’s Fitness . “I do [it] every day. I have my own physio[therapist], and he stretches me each day. This is crucial for me. The stretching is very important, and to have good conditioning does help a lot. Clearly getting the right rest is also important. Sometimes it is too short of a time and I really can''t recover fast enough. But that happens to all of us."

i would recommend a cooperative game. The two I mentioned before are Pandemic and Forbidden Island. If you and your spouse are really competitive, i would definitely try Pandemic. My husband and Ihave difficult time playing competitive games too because he tends to get way more into the competition than me and destroys me by a wide margin. With pandemic we can put that competitive spirit to work against an opponent that won 8767 t mind being destroyed every time (not that we do, the board is a formidable opponent). There are several expansions too that increase the difficulty of play. We 8767 ve been playing for 9 years and it 8767 s still a challenge!

Over his career, Nadal has proven himself as one of the fittest—and strongest—tennis players on tour. His fierce, heavy-hitting, and aggressive style of play wreaks havoc on his body, but it also makes Nadal the clay-court force that he is. Nadal plays this way because he’s at his best when he’s flinging his racket all over the court, swatting back unbelievable shots that only a few other players in the world can make. (See also: 76 nearly impossible shots that somehow got over the net.)

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