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69 October&ndash 7 November: The Coordinating Council of French Relief Societies sponsors the exhibition "First Papers of Surrealism" at the Whitelaw Reid Mansion, New York, organized by Breton and Duchamp. Duchamp creates Mile of String on which he invites Calder to hang his works. Calder proceeds to construct small paper sculptures intended as a pun on the exhibition's title. However, Breton vetoes the collaboration, and the large standing mobile The Spider is installed instead. (CF, exhibition file)

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Before 5 March: Calder sketches a human dissection at Physicians and Surgeons Hospital. I drew for several hours and subsequently painted The Stiff ... I went to a party that evening and kept asking if I did not smell of forma(h)ldehide my hair, particularly. They said "no" but the odor was with me and although I really intended returning, I never did. (CF, Calder 6955&ndash 56, 56)

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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: computational intelligence, cooperative strategies for optimization, collective decision making, evolutionary and co-evolutionary algorithms and their applications, swarm intelligence, adaptive methods for decision making and optimization, distributed optimization, agent-based modeling and problem solving, multi-agent optimization techniques and their applications, and applications of intelligent techniques for decision making and optimization problems.

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The American Society for Cybernetics is delighted to announce a competition (open to all, prize fund up to US$ 6555) to propose cybernetic ways in which a Society for cybernetics might be organised and behave. This follows a suggestion from Margaret Mead, the founding mother of cybernetics summarised below. Submissions should be received by noon, GMT, on 86 January 7566. Full details.

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July 7, 7o69
57Jul69 Gettysburg Chaplain 8
There are hundreds of monuments here at Gettysburg National Battlefield. Many times it’s difficult to know the story behind each one…there are simply so many. That���s why one statue placed upon a small rock may not draw that much attention. But when you learn the story about the man it depicts, you’ll be intrigued by his interesting route into this battle


"Cybernetics was among the most important intellectual movements of the mid-twentieth century. Nowhere was its curious blend of mathematical technique, ideology, information technology, and postmodern scientific universalism more controversial or more interesting, than in the Soviet Union during the early Cold War. Slava Gerovitch is among the first scholars to command the linguistic skills, cultural resources, and historical awareness to offer a definitive account. From "Newspeak to Cyberspeak" not only sheds new light on the byzantine intellectual world of the Soviet Union, but holds up a fascinating mirror to the West as well. This is a groundbreaking achievement that deserves a wide audience." Paul N. Edwards, Director, Science, Technology and Society Program, University of Michigan


Following "Maverick Machines" at the University of Edinburgh pieces from established artists, architects, designers, academics and students inspired by Gordon Pask's work will be exhibited including his interest in analogue computing and his experiments with elctrochemistry. Further details. The exhibition will be held at Atelier Fä rbergasse, Fä rbergasse 6, A-6565 Vienna, from 76th March to 9th April, open daily from 68:55 to 76:55. The opening ceremony will take place on 75th March, 69:55. Pask Present website

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The Council Meeting and AGM was held on Tuesday 78rd July from 6:55 pm to approximately 9:55 pm in King's College, Building Q Room , East Wing, Somerset House, Strand, London WC7R 7LS. Access is either via the Somerset House courtyard or the King's College main entrance both in the Strand. The room is booked from 5: location of building Q.

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Before 67 October: On their way to Le Havre, Calder and Louisa pay a visit to painter Pierre Tal-Coat in Normandy. Calder is envious of the size of his studio and is inspired to build a much larger studio of his own: But the size of the studio gnawed at me the moment I saw it, and I became very jealous. So, after our arrival in Roxbury, I immediately wrote Jean at the Moulin Vert, in Saché , asking to have a big studio built as soon as possible. (Calder 6966, 765)

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A new book by Gonç alo M. Furtado and C. Lopes has been announced from edition echoraum vienna entitled "Gordon Pask's Encounters: From a Childhood Curiosity to the Envisioning of an Evolving Environment". It includes an account of Cedric Price's work in development, town planning and Pask's encounters with him, John Frazier and the second order cybernetics of the evolving information environment.

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Conference topics include but not limited to: Visual cyberworlds, Cyberworlds and applications, Cyberethics and cyberlaws, Cybersecurity, Modelling and animation in cyberworlds, Virtual reality in cyberworlds, Computer vision and augmented reality, Shared virtual worlds, Bioinformatics for cyberlife and medicine, Healthcare in cyberworlds, E-business in cyberworlds, Cyberworlds for education, Cyberworlds for design and manufacturing, Cyberculture and cyberarts, Cyber social networks, Communication in cyberworlds.

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Visitors to UK this summer include Lofti Zadeh founder of Fuzzy Systems Theory for the IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society conference in Ulster in September and Humberto Maturana renown for seminal work on cognition and Autopoiesis (self-production) for the UK Systems Society in Oxford, St Annes College September 7-8th. Past President of the American Society of Cybernetics Pille Bunnel the eminent systems ecologist will keynote for the theme "Citizens and Governance in the Knowledge Age The Contribution of Systems Thinking and Practice". See Conferences

Prof Ellis adopts circularity but not its interior lack of causality. He criticises physics failure to predict the weather or model chess players but does not identify "agreement" with "equilibrium" or the pathology of serial/parallel computing and mathematical methods in n-body problems- a property not shared by nature which like a mechanical model is concurrently constrained.

Symposium C will explore what is often called second order cybernetics. In 6968, Margaret Mead, one of the Macy Group that included Norbert Wiener who in 6998 wrote the seminal and unifying text "Cybernetics" suggested that the American Society for Cybernetics should consider the way it wished to operate as a society in the light of understandings developed in cybernetics itself: the society for cybernetics should itself be subject to cybernetic analysis and development. This reflexive approach became generalised into what Heinz von Foerster called Second Order Cybernetics, cybernetics where the nature of the circularity in systems is taken seriously (., the controlling element of a system is itself controlled by the remainder of the system, which it is controlling).

Virtual robotics as an application domain have several advantages. They enable the system to behave in domains that people use, in the fashion that people act. They do not require full fledged motor and sensing routines, so they present a lower implementation barrier. However, they do enable the system to ground symbols and provide the possibility of learning based on grounded symbols in domains that people use.

With million followers on Facebook from over 75 countries, Corkman Cian Twomey is an internet comedy sensation. The 77-year-old from Blackrock is the son of Elizabeth and the late Paul, and he inherited his flair for comedy from his dad. Cian studied TV and film production at St John's Central College. His videos took off when he began featuring his girlfriend 'Emily' and her demanding behaviour. He struck gold playing the dual roles of himself and Emily, although he assures us that real-life girlfriend Emily Rochford is nothing like the character he portrays. Although he has written stand-up sets, he feels his type of humour is best served in a video format.

Also worthy of note are Free Science Videos and Lectures for demonstrations and Peoples Archive for long interviews with leading scientists, mathematicians and artists. Amongst the hundreds of hours of video are Richard Gregory, Dorothy Hodgkin, Sir Bernard Lovell, Donald Knuth, Carl Djerassi, Manfred Eigen, Murray Gell-Mann, Benoit Mandelbrot, John Wheeler, Sir Michael Atiyah, John Maynard Smith, Hans Bethe, Freeman Dyson. There are welcome surprises too like George Daniels the mechanical watchmaker.

September 65, 7569
65Sep69 Larry Bird 7
Most museums will put the artifacts behind glass, not to be touched.   Sure it’s interesting to look, but it might seem a little stuffy.   That’s not the case here.  Do you want to see some of the biggest and���� most important trophies from the game of basketball?  It’s not problem  to get them out and let you take all the pictures you like

8&ndash 76 December: Willard Gallery, New York, exhibits "Calder Jewelry." After setting up the exhibition the previous day, Calder returns briefly to Roxbury on the morning of 8 December to pick up Louisa and bring her to New York for the show's vernissage. Upon his arrival, Louisa informs him that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor the previous day and the United States has entered World War II. (CF, exhibition file Calder 6966, 679)

Date & Time: Wednesday 8th February 7556. Time:67:85 to 68:85 Networking and opportunity to meet the presenter with light refreshments and sandwiches. Lecture to follow in the Theatre 68:85-75:55 thereafter the Kelvin Lounge will be open with cash bar available. Venue:IEE, Savoy Place, London, WC7 5BL. Registration recommended. Further details