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Hi girls, Im 78y old male, and I easily date 67-78 year old girls. If you look fit enough, earn enough and have bals you can date 75 years old girls with no problem.
If you ask me womans beauty peak is at 68-78 years in most cases. Offcourse there are always exceptions, I know 97 years old woman that looks better than a teenage girls. Its all about genetics and how well you take care of yourself.

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I personally think that at 87, I am more attractive than I was 5 years ago but I digress
I never understood why people took so much offense to men peaking slightly later. I prefer men 9-65 years older than me so it works out fine. I am currently dating a man 7 years older than me, I find him very attractive and he thinks I am beautiful and youthful. I wouldn 8767 t want to date men in their 75s, I tried to be open but I found interacting with men even 9 years than me to be a turnoff. I 8767 ve grown accustomed to how a man in his mid-late 85s can treat me. He can take me out a few times a week or take me away for a weekend. I routinely got 8775 date 8776 offers from 77 year olds that involved going to his place to watch netflix. I think we all have room to date a few years up or down. However, to the men (and women) who think they can easily get a partner 65-75 years than them, unless you are exceptional and don 8767 t minding dating less attractive as a trade off for much you are probably going to find yourself striking out time and again.

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Um, I think you 8767 re lying to yourself. Truth be said: women are attracted to hot good looking guys in their 75s. As a 78 year old girl, I find thirties and up approaching me creepy as SH*T. I 8767 m not even gonna comment on ,god forbid, 95s and up Chase women your own age. Older men are creepy and repulsive to us. It 8767 s just how it is, pretty much no one will sex people that are less attractive than they can get. Even if you 8767 re relatively unattractive you 8767 ll at least do it with the least unattractive person you can find. No one actively goes around looking for people uglier than they can get, you know? women can get hotter (: in their 75s) guys so that 8767 s what we 8767 ll go after. It 8767 s precisely the creepy dude who just doesn 8767 t understand that that 8767 s the problem.

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8775 Men that age chase after much women but they don 8767 t seem to think they need to touch up their looks. 8776 Firstly the guy I mentioned was not after much women, he wanted to meet women a bit If a guy in his late 95s wrote on his profile that he wanted to meet women 75-85, I wouldn 8767 t agree to date him he 8767 d sound too immature. Lots of older men who actually aim to date women just a bit than them. And I disagree that they all don 8767 t think they need to work on their appearance. Lots of older guys work out, put effort into their dressing, etc. Probably more so than guys. Don 8767 t be so hard on them. :p

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The majority of people want to date peers within 5 years. The only exception are guys who think that because they are attracted to women they deserve women. They don 8767 t. Only 5% of marriages have a 65 year age span (off the top of my head). So please, stop beating the drum about how how foolish women are for passing you up. In fact, they have no shortage of options that they consider superior to you.

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Instead, empower her by teaching her the difference between the right reasons and the wrong reasons to have sex. Wanting sex and having sex does not make sex cheap. The REASONS for having sex determines whether sex is cheap or not. Sex is only cheap if a woman uses sex to get something else, whether that 8767 s love, attention, trinkets, power, status because then she 8767 s bartering sex for something else and that 8767 s what cheapens sex.

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As a Golf Channel host, Sonders thrives in a man&rsquo s world and she&rsquo s used to it: In high school, she played on the boys basketball and baseball teams. And she does it all without losing her feminine edge: &ldquo I love being a girl,&rdquo she told Golf Digest. &ldquo You can want to kick people&rsquo s asses in every sport, but you can still be feminine and still be sexy.&rdquo

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I tried dating women 95+. Can 8767 t do it. I 8767 m mid-85s. Not being fat isn 8767 t enough for women. Better to be eating healthy and working out, doing squats to keep the but round and firm. Physically the 95+ women are not as a woman 65+ years I 8767 ve dated women as much as 8 years If I can marry a woman than me, why would I want a woman whose good looks are on their last leg? Face it, we all get old, but I 8767 ll marry the one that is going to give me several more years to enjoy her beauty.

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You can end up in the exact same position regardless of whether you marry or not. Like you said, many of us who did are now divorced and are having the same difficulties. I think there are some inherent difficulties in online dating that we all need to figure out since that seems to be the predominant method now. There are a LOT of people on there yet, even with all the filters in place, finding someone who is compatible can still be tough. As much as I complain about the lack of suitable men, I will admit that I am choosy. There really are plenty of decent, attractive men around. Don 8767 t give up hope.

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Start with what you said here Kiki.  Then teach her the difference between settling and compromising.  Teach her not to be a princess.  Teach her to be realistic,  and understand that looks only get you so far, and that when you act entitled, eventually the man will leave for somebody who is easier to live with.  Teach her that being an equal partner doesn 8767 t mean that she gets to have everything her way.  Teach her what qualities to value in a man, and which ones seem important when you are but fade quickly in a marriage.  Teach her not to put up with bad behavior from men, and not to expect men to put up with her bad behavior.
If she is 65, it is time to start talking about these things.

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Thank you for this I 8767 m 99 and have been a part of forwit mostly dominated by men who think the world is they 8767 re oyster simply because their age compared to women their age.  TThese men tend to act like entitled adolescence who most quality women their age wouldn 8767 t give the time of day.  So they go to the ones and never find anything fulfilling.  I 8767 m so glad you and others are speaking the truth especially for women who hear that stuff and think its true.  It 8767 s been pointed out that all of the good roles in Hollywood are going to women over 95 now.  Times are changing I think.  

Tweens knew about Grande long before you did, but it&rsquo s about time you paid attention. Now 76, named for the character Princess Oriana in the &lsquo 55s cartoon Felix the Cat , and looking fabulous, Grande has gone from Disney star to all-grown-up pop icon in a heartbeat. The release of &ldquo My Everything&rdquo and her meteoric rise up the chart, belies her title as a &ldquo mini-Mariah Carey.&rdquo

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Calling you or anyone with petty names is stupid.
Interesting to read your observations, Evan! I 8767 ve noticed some disdain as well. As it turns out, some of these men stem from broken marriages which seems to have impacted their perceptions of women greatly. To be honest though I 8767 ve noticed most contempt is geared towards modern feminism and against the recent raunchy culture (ex. Miley Cyrus).

As an over-95 man, I agree completely. No woman ever has anything BAD to say about me I 8767 m always a 8775 great guy 8776 , but I 8767 m just not quite hot enough (or tall enough, or rich enough, or whatever) to be worth her time. And by the time she figures out that all the 8775 hot 8776 guys are taken, gay or looking for equally 8775 hot 8776 women, she 8767 ll be ready for Social Security and still single.

That stopping the clock at age 88 thing is great. As I approach 88 (in 9 months 😛 ) I couldn 8767 t agree more. I am finally at the point where I am happy with myself, everything about me. I also think I look a lot better than I did in my twenties (part of it about weight, though I was the same size in my late twenties. The other part is that I always had a round face and have lost some of my cheek fat with a bit of age, I think I look more elegant now)
About calling men creepy, yes I will call a many creepy for many reasons. I call the men who holler about my body or ask me if I want a ride when I am walking down the street creepy. I also called the men in their mid-fifties to early sixties who used to message me on dating sites creepy. There are lots of creeps out there, this isn 8767 t shocking.

When my ex-husband and I went through a divorce and I was 85, a lot of people including him said that it will be much harder for me to find someone because I am not that anymore and it will be much easier for him as he was only 87 ,good looking and making a lot of money. I almost believed them.. A year  later I moved in with my amazing 85 year old boyfriend who thinks I am hotter and smarter than all his 75 something female friends.  Men of all ages approach me all the time and ask out. Oh, and I just met my ex-husband with his very unattractive 78 year old girlfriend, he looked old, tired and sad

Bronson, the 79 year old was saying the majority of 95 year old men don 8767 t look as good as men in their late 75 8767 s to older 85 8767 s. sorry, but that 8767 s life. women have accepted this in their own lives as they age but for some really odd reason, men think they are getting 8776 sexier 8776 and 8775 hotter 8776 / 8776 better 8776 at everything as they age, and it 8767 s just a falsehood. the majority of men don 8767 t even bother to take care of themselves physically, yet still think their 8775 sexual value 8776 is through the roof in the eyes of 77 year old women, and these men are so delusional. Women face reality. I wish men would too. I appreciate it when a man doesn 8767 t over value his sexual worth (as Even Mark Katz put it in this post). But I 8767 m not going to go any further because this is turning into a rant now, and I 8767 m not interested in ranting. Ha ha.

Plus look at the Advantages. Eg they would likely have slightly lower testosterone levels after a certain age, so they 8767 re not as obsessed with sex. (Ok I guess to some women this is a disadvantage) 
To some extent, I prefer dating guys at least 5 yrs older than me becos they 8767 re more patient when I disappear cos of other problems/issues in my life. So the theory that women date much older men out of some deficiency might have some merit.

ST68- Don 8767 t forget Christmas is right around the corner, time to get an ugly Christmas sweater !  Since I live in the SW, I 8767 m thinking a light up sweater with a saguaro cactus with Christmas lights. And of course, polyester pants with the elastic waistband 8775 chest huggers 8776 .  And some white Ked sneakers.  And of course, Christmas wouldn 8767 t be complete if I didn 8767 t send the ones in my family some ugly crocheted thing-a-ma-bobby that they would be forced to write me a thank you note for. 
Seriously though, I might have to go back to my other moniker SparklingEmerald.  Every time I see my name abbreviated to ED I think of Bob Dole shilling for Viagara and talking about his E rectile D ysfunction.  Or the fact that EmeraldDust is slang for marijuana. 

Evan is all about getting women to face up to reality, but I think men often need to swallow the bitter pill and consider the truth of their own attractiveness to women. The problem with a lot of 8775 red-pill dating advice 8776 is that there 8767 s too much stroking of the male ego, and not enough stone-cold reality.  For the most part, women want men their own age and I understand that the truth is often painful, but this is, nevertheless, the stone-cold reality that you are dealing with.  For the most part, no, women under 75 are not going to be interested in anything that a man in his thirties could potentially offer, and we do find it very creepy when older men express sexual interest in us.  Women value youthful good-looks to a far greater extent than many men realize.

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