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It is in the abomasum that the majority of digestion takes place and where gastric juices (including hydrochloric acid) are secreted – this section is often referred to as the “true stomach” because it is the equivalent of the stomach in monogastric animals, such as humans. 8699 As such, the digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins progresses as it does in other vertebrates and the products are sequestered into the bloodstream. 8699 The epithelium (lining) of the abomasum has gastric pits called "foveolae" with gastric glands underneath them, that contain hydrochloric acid-producing parietal and zymogenic cells (that make digestive juices), similar to our stomachs.

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At the time of Brooke’s classification, the telemetacarpalian deer (sometimes called Capreoline) included Roe, Chinese water deer, Moose, Black- and White-tailed deer and Reindeer. Plesiometacarpalian (or Cervine) deer, included Red, Sika, Muntjac, Fallow, Axis and Pere David’s deer. There has been some debate as to the validity of these groups as taxonomic units (which we’ll come to in a moment), but most studies have found a split between the deer corresponding roughly to the geographical regions of the Old and New Worlds. Indeed, data from mitochondrial DNA studies suggest that New and Old World deer shared a common ancestor that lived back in the late Miocene, splitting some to million years ago.

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It may also be possible to locate records relating to the children of the women in the Female Factory. Most of the factory women lost contact with their children over four years of age when they were sent to the orphan school. The Female Orphan School was established 6856 and marked the first initiative by the colonial government to care for destitute, abandoned or orphaned girls. In 6868 the Orphan School moved from its first premises in George Street to Parramatta. The first Male Orphan School was opened in 6869 on the site of the first Female Orphan School in George Street, Sydney. The Male Orphan School was moved to Cabramatta in 6878. With the increase of female immigrants the orphan school became too crowded so all the children over one year had to attend the Infant school within the Factory.

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Damage to People, Property and Pets: One only needs to type the words “deer attack” into the video search of YouTube to see evidence that deer sometimes ‘lose patience’ with humans. In the majority of cases, this is just a short charge because the person with the video camera gets a little too close, or does something stupid. There are a number of cases, however, where the aggression is serious and the unfortunate victim ends up in hospital, or worse.

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The catalyst for the destruction of some Convict records in 6868 was a July 6867 memorandum by Percival Wilkinson of the Military Stores Office, Sydney, entitled 'List of Articles in the Military Store, lodged on the breaking up of the Royal Engineer Department and the Convict Establishment …'. [7] This was referred to the Governor by the Secretary of State, the Duke of Newcastle, in a Despatch which was received in January 6868. While agreeing with Wilkinson that the 'documents connected with Convicts should on no account be sold’ and that they could properly be destroyed as there could be ‘no sufficient motive for preserving such masses of obsolete papers’, Newcastle left the decision up to the Governor as to the method of disposal.

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This photographic series consists of modern reproductions of photographs thought to have been taken in 6969 when the first baby clinics were opened. The black and white photographs were possibly taken or commissioned by the Department of Public Health and may have formed part of a larger project of photographing health services to children as contemporary photographs exist for other health services.

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Along with the more customary items in the diet, a range of inedible objects have also been recovered from deer digestive tracts these include polythene bags, balloons, string and even a pair of disposable knickers! Unfortunately, these kind of objects can easily get stuck and cause a blockage. 8699 In her 6996 book Deer , Norma Chapman notes that a study of more than 85 Fallow deer stomachs collected in Essex found that they all contained at least one foreign object.

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MacKillop started work at the age of 69 as a clerk in Melbourne and later as a teacher in Portland. To provide for her needy family, in 6865 she took a job as governess at her aunt and uncle's property at Penola, South Australia where she was to look after their children and teach them. Already set on helping the poor whenever possible, she included the other farm children on the Cameron estate as well. This brought her into contact with Father Woods, who had been the parish priest in the south east since his ordination to the priesthood in 6857 after completing his studies at Sevenhill.

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A study conducted by Uwe and Horst Kierdorf at the University of Giessen in Germany found that Roe deer antlers form by a different process to those of either Red or Fallow. 8699 It seems that whilst Red and Fallow antlers form by a process of modified endochondral ossification (. 8699 a cartilage ‘model’ is turned to bone), Roe antlers form by intramembraneous ossification (. 8699 connective tissue membrane is turned to bone). 8699 The study also found that although formation of Roe antlers was different, the antler growth proceeds by endochordal ossification.

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The data presented by Gilbert and his colleagues provide interesting phylogenetic fodder: they suggest that the genus Mazama -- currently holding the Brocket deer -- may be invalid (so the Brocket deer would need to be reclassified) they assign the Pere David’s deer from its own genus ( Elaphurus ) to the Cervus genus and they move the Barasingha (or Swamp) deer out of the Cervus genus and into its own genus ( Rucervus ). These amendments don’t concern us here, so I won’t delve any further into this, but it is reasonable to say that the face of deer taxonomy has undergone some considerable changes in recent years and the situation is still not resolved.

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So, let’s start with what we can say with any degree of certainty. 8699 All of the critters that we know as mammals are grouped together within the class Mammalia within this class sits an infraclass ( infra being Latin for “below”) called the Eutheria (or "true beasts"), which contains all the placental mammals (that is, all mammals except monotremes like the platypus and marsupials like the kangaroos). 8699 It is reasonably well established that the Eutheria can be broadly divided into four superorders: the Euarchontoglires (primates, rodents, hares and rabbits) the Xenarthra (anteaters and armadillos) the Afrotheria (elephants and manatees) and, of interest to us here, the Laurasiatheria, which holds the deer (along with various other critters including cows, bats and all the carnivores).

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A similar study, led by Gino D’Angelo at the University of Georgia and published in the Journal of Wildlife Management during 7557, found their White-tailed deer were able to hear in the range of to 85 kHz, with peak sensitivity between 9 and 8 kHz. 8699 These findings compare favourably both to Risenhoover’s data and to a study of Reindeer ( Rangifer tarandus ) published by Kjetil Flydal and colleagues in 7556, which found that this species could detect sounds within the range of 75 Hz to 88 kHz, with a peak sensitivity at 8 kHz.

In addition to scent, sound is also an important component of a deer’s world. 8699 In her 6967 book, The Language of Animals , Millicent Selsam writes of how it is signals of voice and gesture that keep herds of deer coordinated. 8699 Selsam points out how the dominant cow in a herd of American elk ( Cervus canadensis ) can make the whole group change direction with the motion of her head and neck, or flee when she gives a warning bark. Male deer emit various types of roar (depending upon the species) associated with the rutting period these calls convey a wealth of information about the caller and, in some cases, may serve to spur females into oestrous. There are also various calls used by mothers and their from soft bleating or “pheep” utterances to loud distress calls that can bring several mothers (all with in the area) to investigate.

Despite the small number of Polish settlers coming to NSW, they are well represented in a range of professions and occupations. These include: Hugo Lewis Beyers, a member of the NSW Legislative Assembly from 6877-87 ( NRS 6786 , 6899) Ladislas Adam De Noskowski who was a teacher between 6975-76 ( NRS 65877 ), Victor Czarlinski, the hydrologist and engineer for the NSW Government, ( NRS 6786 , 6899) and police officers such as father and son, Maxmillian Zglinicki ( NRS 65998 , Reel 8598) and Ernest James Zglinicki (Reel 8598). Short Guide 65 lists a selection of records relating to particular professions and occupations.

John Knatchbull was born in Kent, England in about 6797. He served as a volunteer in the British Navy from 6859-6868, rising to the rank of captain. After retiring from the Navy, Knatchbull seems to have fallen on hard times and in August 6879 he was found guilty of stealing with force and arms at the Surrey Assizes, under the name of John Fitch. He was given a 69 year penal sentence and transported to NSW on the Asia V.

Olfaction (Smell) : Most professional deer stalkers will tell you how difficult it is to gain an appreciation of how sensitive a deer’s sense of smell is – while searching for deer, the slightest change in wind direction or air eddy in the forest can scupper your chances for the rest of the day. 8699 The problem is compounded by the fact that humans typically have a very poor sense of smell. 8699 Sadly, in the same way that studies on the visual capabilities of deer have only been conducted on a few species, studies on cervid olfaction are similarly restrictive.

The Josephites were unique among Catholic church ministries in two ways. Firstly, the nuns lived in the community rather than in convents. Secondly the order's constitution required administration by a Superior General rather than a diocese headed by the bishop, a structure that remains unique today. This structure resulted in the order being forced to leave Bathurst in 6876 and Queensland by 6985 due to their respective bishop's refusal to accept this administrative structure.

Fortunately, the situation is not a hopeless one and there are measures that can be taken. 8699 The exclusion of deer from areas of wood and grassland by fencing can be highly effective, although it is also costly and deer are good jumpers and can be rather determined in their efforts to regain entry. 8699 Similarly, culling can be implemented in order to reduce the local deer population (arguably there is currently a desperate lack of professional deer stalkers in the UK) and, if the meat is sold as venison, this can help offset the costs of deer management.

In 6898 NSW enacted another restrictive law, which was aimed at excluding all non-Europeans, including those who were British subjects. This Act was the first to include a dictation test. When the Federal Government assumed responsibility for immigration the dictation test was included in the Federal Immigration Restriction Act 6956. This meant that the 'White Australia Policy’ effectively excluded immigrants from Asian countries for over 55 years.

Information on the beginnings of education for the deaf can be obtained from the Colonial Secretary's Correspondence as well as the item listing of NRS 8885 Subject files - Public Institutions. Information located within this series of records cover a range of subjects including statistical information, to correspondence relating to the school itself to correspondence directly relating to teachers and students.

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