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Atumultuous divorce from husband Stephen

Posted: 2017-10-12 19:41

What im about to say really wouldnt get to any woman in her shoes far as bein a celebrity but us normal ppl see this all the time. Its still good men left out there and im one but because im broke women look past what i can really give and that is 8775 ALL OF ME 8776 . I bet if i had the chance to date her or any other woman who truely can love a man at his lowest i could never do her wrong. Im a true believer of God and his works and when u love u r doing it in his name for God is love. #Waiting9MyQueen

Andrea Kelly To Divorce Husband After 2 Months Married

You never needed money? House? Car? School? You paid in full all of that from your pocket? It doesn 8767 t matter, I 8767 ve already made my point about the hypocrisy of holding men to gender roles that many commenters are doing. If my comments were false, then you ladies could easily blast those comments all day, and point out how false they are. But since my comments were truth and in your face, they were censored (removed). Have at it. A man is a loser if he needs money or ask for it.

S. Carolina Mom, 36, Shoots Sweet Son, 9, & Daughter, 5

That 8767 s what you are attracting, lol. A ton of women will beg the differ, but that 8767 s your world and opinion and you are certainly entitled to that. Like I told Shawndrea, it sounds like you my have been bittn once or more by ppl like this. You come off like you 8767 re scorned when you generalize like that. But at end of day, you have to live in your world as you see ut and entitled to your opinion. Live well, be safe and healthy.

Jim Carrey sued for wrongful death by estranged husband of

I don 8767 t believe for a minute that she did not know he was with her for money, if that is true. She just thought she would be able to walk around with him and make people believe that she is so fantastic that she caught him for reasons other than money. Even broke women check out men these days, so you know if she did not check him out, her family or lawyers did. That is probably why she married him so fast, because she wanted to be married to him by the time someone told her about him. Once it was revealed, she could play dumb, but already be married. The problem occurred when his sides went public, now she don 8767 t want to look stupid. As for him, he should be exposed if he is treating women that way.

Mel B tells of alleged abuse by estranged husband Stephen

If that is the case he needs to date women on his level and/or obtaining job skills as well as education to secure higher paying jobs. What William doesn 8767 t need to do is sashay up in a successful woman face with nothing but excuses and apologies to offer her for him not being the man who can afford to date and marry a successful woman. Women prefer men with stability, ability to provide for himself and future children. Women date men for love not to increase their financial burdens.

Christina El Moussa Files for Divorce From Estranged

Devastating new details have been released in the a heartbreaking murder-suicide where a scorned wife killed her two children and her husband 8767 s alleged new girlfriend in an elaborate revenge plot to make the rest of his life filled with unbearable pain. Pickens County Chief Deputy Creed Hashe told the media on July 79 about the unthinkable acts made by Jessica Edens , 86,. He said she went on her killing spree to 8775 create everlasting consequences 8776 for her estranged husband Benjamin Edens , after a recent Family Court hearing over their five-year-old daughter Harper left her 8775 distraught. 8776

Estranged Husband Kills Wife''s Boyfriend, Shoots Self: PD

No need to get so worked up. Each person sees things differently. You and I do not have that kind of money and we don 8767 t live the kind of life they live, so what is inappropriate for you or me, could easily be acceptable. There are open marriages and if both party agree, then what you think of appropriate is irrelevant. So, to end this argument , we can agree to disagree. Also, I wonder if it is not a publicity stunt. How are ratings going?

Janet Jackson''s Estranged Husband Wissam Al Mana

He 8767 s obviously a very spoiled and immature man looking for women to take care of him, thinking he can get away with it because of his looks. Why didn 8767 t he ask his parents or a good male friend, probably because he doesn 8767 t have any. He 8767 s a mess. The only thing worse than a superficial man is a lazy superficial man. He needs to get a job. At least Drea is taking the necessary steps to make changes but how could she not see through this guy.

Jana Kramer Spends 4th Of July Weekend With Estranged

Phaedra is the worst example. She two picked a loser based on how he looks. I must say. Phaedra had to know. In fact Apollo had served time before for the same crime he had committed before. So Phaedra was well aware of this. Not only that. She said she knew and she still became pregnant as soon as he got out of jail. Then she tried to lie and make it look like she was not ready to deliver her baby when she was. Phaedra is just as much a con artist as Apollo. She just has not been exposed yet. But the truth always come 8767 s out. SHE IS JUST FAKE. SHE LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING. Not only that she met Apollo on the highway. While driving with her mother. Her mother warned her but she did not listen. Any smart person knows. That if you are driving and some random guy that is yelling on the highway at you. Trying to get to know you. Well he has done this before. Beauty Fades. Dumb is Forever.

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Is that what you got out of my reply, me maybe taking women for a ride, lol? Wow, but like I said, its your opinion and comprehension of what you see and read. Some ppl will never take the accountability of their actions and blame others. This situation with drea is a prime example. I 8767 m willing to bet that she herself, would think twice before marrying someone that quickly. No you can 8767 t stop a lie, but you can see the signs if you slow down and take a deep breath. Not blaming the victim here,,but you sounded like you encountered nothing but jobless parasitic men in your life. I simply pointed out, that if you seem to encounter ppl like this, it maybe what you 8767 re attracting or attracted to. Don 8767 t know if its you or ppl you know are attracting these men, but if you or whom ever you 8767 re talking are going through this, you may want to look in the mirror and ask yourself why I 8767 m I encountering these situations. But you got out of it that I 8767 m generalizing,,if thats a word, lol. Also that I 8767 m probably a gold digger myself, lmao. But if that 8767 s what you got from it, then I can 8767 t help you with that.

Spice Girl Mel B takes out restraining order against

If she were a strong woman. She would have never up and married this stranger to quickly. Did she not learn from R Kelly. No one never knew he was married. Drea girl. You have to learn to take time and heal for yourself. You don 8767 t want to bring strange men in your home around your children and then they are gone. Emotional and mental damage they will have. Be Encourage and do the right thing. Love You First then you will attract the right Godly man.

Kerry Katona''s estranged husband George Kay suffers a

Which is odd, because some of the most powerful men in history neither had a job, nor 8775 things 8776 . The men who died in WWII and stood on the front lines had only heart. They didn 8767 t work a 9-5, nor have houses, or 956k plans. By society 8767 s standards, they weren 8767 t men. What 8767 s even odder is, not even the standards, but the judgement by people who haven 8767 t anything.

If Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin are back together, she isn&rsquo t saying anything yet. Just last month, she sent out a nice message for him for Father&rsquo s Day. She talked about how their little girl is what is perfect between them. This note made it sound like they were not back together. It would be great if they could work out their issues. Jana hasn&rsquo t started dating anyone else since their split that she has admitted to.

All of your posts are blaming the victim. I agree accountability needs to be taken and it starts with males like Drea 8767 s husband assuming sole responsible for providing for himself instead of preying on women. I simply pointed out parasitic males exist within black families so women don 8767 t have to be romantically involved with users to encounter shiftless men who only desire to live off women. When its all said and done you are focused on maligning black women while excusing and denying accountability for black males who are detriments to our community.

Of course, Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin had their daughter Jolie with them and were spending time with her. She went to her Snapchat and shared that Mike was their entertainment since they didn&rsquo t have the television for the weekend. She hashtagged it #SofiatheFirst, so it sounds like Mike was singing Disney to them. Of course, it is great if Mike and Jana can get along for their daughter Jolie. She also posted a picture of Jolie not smiling at all and said, &ldquo not impressed.&rdquo It sounds like Jana and Mike were having a good time together for the 9th of July weekend. She didn&rsquo t give any details about where they were or what is going on with them.

doesn 8767 t mean it would have come to that and since they 8767 re married it 8767 s not about waiting for him to do worse. you have to address it, work on it, and certainly leave if you don 8767 t believe it can be fixed. tho i do believe that some things aren 8767 t worth working out, this certainly doesn 8767 t sound like it qualifies. again, it sounds like the money thing was 6 of several things, the others of which were likely worse. just hard to believe she was with him this long and had no clue what was up good luck to her tho. i 8767 ve always liked her.

Greenville Online reports that Jessica Edens , 86, wrote to her estranged husband, Ben Edens: 8775 To Ben, you have caused me more pain than I’ve ever been in in my life. You have caused my children pain. I hate you. I hope you rot one day for what you have done to me and my kids. You can no longer hurt us. We are at peace. I hope you live with pain and shame and guilt for the rest of your life.”

LMAO! Then get yourself together, get un-broke and you will have something tangible that the mortgage company, electric company and cable company will accept as payment cause nary one of them accept 8775 ALL OF ME 8776 as payment! Also 8775 woe is me 8776 is unattractive, especially on a man. Most women like an ambitious go-getter type of man who can handle business (and not just in the sack)! He can work at the post office, trash company or in construction, but what he cannot do is be a sad-case whining about being 8775 a good man 8776 whose broke and low :-(

My name is Jackie Ryan from USA. I am here to let you know that what people say about getting back their ex may seem impossible, but with what you believe, nothing is impossible. I made a promise to Dr. Dele and to myself that when he restores my marriage, I would testify and tell the world hoping that I would someday be able to bring some kind of help for a hurting wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend who would have been going through what I once was.

Ben Edens asked the officer whether he could use the text messages as part of his ongoing family court dispute with Jessica Edens. When officers arrived at Jessica’s home, they found the two children watching a movie and eating popcorn. However, Jessica told police that she was going “expose” her estranged husband and “the girl he was having an affair with for the last year,” authorities told WSPA.

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