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I 8767 m 68 and I 8767 ve never been on a date or had a bf. For the first time a few days ago, my best friend and I went to a club. We were dancing and ended up dancing with these two guy friends for like four hours. We exchanged numbers, had been dancing close (nothing aggressive or really sexual) and they walked us to our car. We texted them for like two more hours after we got home and then went to bed. The next day I am texting the boy I was dancing with and we 8767 re talking about electronics and boring things like that. :/ I keep asking him questions to find out some stuff that 8767 s a bit more personal, like favourites. He responds and everything, but often the convo just dies until I get bored and decide to text him a new question. My mom says boys will ask you questions if they are interested. So I 8767 m a little down he 8767 s not asked me anything.

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To Kama: I understand your worries. From the way you phrased this, you could be in college or have recently graduated. And what you should do kind of depends on where he is as well. If him working all the time and being constantly too busy to spend time with you/text back is something that is just a result of his jobs, that 8767 s not really okay. You need quality time together. However, if these jobs are to put himself through school, it is likely a temporary thing. I say if possible, try to meet with him in person and discuss your concerns. If he ridicules or gets angry with you for being upset and missing him, or acts as if his work is significantly more important than you or your needs, I say just let him go. It 8767 s not going to be worth it in the long run to date a guy who values his job above you.

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Great advice if you want to learn how to get the wrong guy to chase you. But why would you want someone who goes MIA or who disappears or who is innatentive. Yes, he 8767 ll see you as a challenge, because deep down women aren 8767 t into men who do these things and men feel it, become insecure and see it as a challenge to get her to be 8775 into them 8776 . Until it isnt a challenge. I 8767 m bored with these types of men.

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The best way to develop presence is to  be  present. OK, before you click the back button in disgust, hear me out. Most of us rarely  give our full focus to somebody. We inevitably find our focus divided among the million little things that occupy our attention. But when we feel like someone is giving us their  full, undivided attention it 8767 s amazing. They make us feel  special. One of the reasons why Tom Cruise is so ridiculously charismatic is because he can make  anyone feel like they 8767 re the most fascinating person in the world. Simply connecting with them strong (but not intimidating) eye contact, open and relaxed body language, and  actively listening instead of waiting for your turn to talk is absurdly powerful. When you can build presence, women won 8767 t remember you as that short man at the party. They 8767 ll remember you as that incredibly charming guy who made them feel like he got them in a way nobody else did.

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Eric, Can you please give me ur insight on this, My question is very similar to Marcia 8767 s. I met this great guy, he used to be very attentive and would always text/call me, Recently that stopped. Sometimes one or two weeks pass without me hearing from him, and when i do he says he is doing good and is trying to settle down and get stuff done (he just moved into a new apartment) I dont text him as often, because when I do, he dosent text back and if he does it makes me feel like he only did so because i texted him first. We have not seen each other or hung out in almost 8 months. He said we would be able to spend more time together and that things would get better as soon as he got settled in his apartment, however i havent seen anything get better or any effort on his side. It also seems like he has withdrawn. So does that mean he still likes me? should I be patient and wait for him, or should I take it as he dosent want to talk to me? please please HELP!!!!

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Dear Gina: I have no idea if you will ever read this or if you even know this guy anymore, but I 8767 m hoping this advice will help someone. This is a 69 year old kid. He probably doesn 8767 t really know what he wants for himself and his life yet. But the fact that he values his video games over talking to you should tell you something about his maturity level. If there are any twenty-something women reading this who are dating/sleeping with men, and you 8767 re having problems like this, I 8767 d just let it go before you develop an ulcer practically having to babysit your boyfriend. Give him time to become more mature. Then you might be able to pursue it again. And for women 78 and up who do not have a boyfriend/FWB please do not get one!

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You are right: Technology is not what 8767 s preventing men from answering your texts
Doesn 8767 t matter if you think it 8767 s 8775 easy 8776 for another person to text you back. Doesn 8767 t matter if you think the other person 8775 should 8776 text you back. People are going to do as people do, and I *promise* you that if you want to be angry about what people do you 8767 ll find an infinite number of reasons why people make you angry
you could accept people as they are, stop choosing anger and blame as your response and choose to be happy, forgiving of people and appreciate the infinite reasons why men and women in the world are great.
Happiness in anywhere in your life is your choice and your responsibility.

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So will he ever text me? Because I secretly do want to hear from him again??? Why does he do this? is he fooling me? Please help, my heart is broken again. I been hurting for almost 9 year becouse of this guy this is a long long long story that is very condense. He is kind of a jerk, obivosly a player since he left to find a sex buddy. I feel like he doesn 8767 t care, yet I still do. He says I am a great friend and that he has love for me, but why alway do this?

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Im confused my friend n I were texting each other non did said once that he likes me how serious he was idk. Not to long ago he invited me to go with him n we did go out n it was nice. After that he started to not text back like how he use to. A day n a half passed n he texted back (ok maybe he needed space, not a problem I understand) I didnt mentioned anything bout y he didnt text back when I texted him I ignored that. We texted each other again but for me something was not feeling right. We went out again like three days ago n everything was ok as it textes after that but then he didnt texted back again its gonna be 8 days now n he hasnt texted back n I havent texted him either since that day should I text him n see whats going on? Should I ask him if everything is ok eventhough we are only friends? Or should I just ignore this again n wait until he textes back? Im confused!!! Help!!!!

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I think anyone who decides who to date simply based on the other person s height is missing out! I m only 5 8 and my sweetie is my height (maybe 6 taller) and I couldn t care less. He still gives the best hugs and it s nice to be able to kiss him without standing on my toes and getting leg cramps (laugh it up, it happens to the best of us!). Personality is more important than height or looks. That s just my opinion 🙂

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Theres this guy that has always been very quiet and SUCKS at texting back. He also rarely reaches out to me, I 8767 m constantly planning our hang outs but he seems excited when I do. He claims it 8767 s cuz he 8767 s shy and a part of me thinks it 8767 s but then I remember how shy he rlly does seem a lot of times when we chill or when we first met. He treats me really nice, compliments me soo much, buys me stuff, holds doors for me but he gives a million excuses as to why he doesn 8767 t wanna be boyfriend/girlfriend. I hate to admit it, but we started sleeping together too but I wonder if hes just lying about everything and he 8767 s just not interested in me. I bet you guys are gonna say he 8767 s just using me for sex but we hangout without doing that too, he kisses me and stays tellin me how pretty I am.. ???

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The thing I have noticed is that there is a very common short guy attitude which is the polar opposite of the pre-rejection slump DNL describes. Of the guys I have gone a little nuts for, all of the short ones (dataset is five guys 5 7 or under) had this THING. They were all super passionate about at least one thing (guitar, architecture, travel and music, whatever), they all had very loud senses of humor and were ready to tease or bullshit anyone, and they all had a LOT of opinions they were ready to argue. In my experience it seems like a fair number of guys shorter than their peers instinctively compensate by developing super forceful, colorful personalities, and by the time they get out into the world they re like walking explosions of fascinating. It seems to me that often this flashy personality has some edges like, dudes, this guy has caught shit his whole life, he is poised to mow you down with caustic wit but that s not necessarily a bad thing. Do no harm but take no shit, etc.

I think it can also be useful as a tool to get yourself doing things that you wouldn t otherwise do. If you pretend you re confident, and that gets you talking to people, doing public speaking, dancing in public or whatever else lack of confidence has kept you from doing, that can be valuable in itself. Even if the confidence was fake, the things you do while pretending are real.

I m totally there with you, and I understand it completely. That why? you re talking about has been a huge part of my life, and I ve wrestled with it. When people like me, it s this baffling puzzle to me, and I wind up in this ball of anxiety, thinking that any day they ll see the ugliness they hadn t noticed before, and they ll realize they should have hated me all along.

I nearly fainted when I saw that.. I didn 8767 t message for like hours because everyone told me to forget it and move on but deep down I wanted to know what happen.. 
so I messaged and said 8775 oh why would someone call me regarding You! so do you want me to pretend I don 8767 t know you at all or that I don 8767 t know what I do know about you.. why do I get this feeling you want to tell me something but your not able too 8776

Hi guys, I met this guy about 9 months ago on a dating site, we have always messaged each other now and then. We have been honest with each other in the respect we have only been talking to a couple of people and have made it very clear we really like each other. We met for the first time a week ago and messaging has stayed the same. He did make it clear if he doesn 8767 t message it 8767 s not because he 8767 s not interested it 8767 s his hours at work and his little boy and I understand this as I have kids and run a business. But I can 8767 t help when he doesn 8767 t message for a day or so that he 8767 s not interested. Some times I will message and he replies and some times it 8767 s days? It doesn 8767 t take long to reply to a message if you really like someone. Am I looking to into this or is he really not interested? When I met him he came across he was very interested as he was throwing lovely comments at me and was very nervous. He is much than me he 8767 s 79 and I 8767 m 95 is it an age thing? I worry to say some thing because I don 8767 t want him to think I 8767 m needy or put him off. What to do???? I really like him help!

I guess I 8767 m making myself crazy, but I just don 8767 t understand why he came on so strong and then just suddenly seemed to cut me out of his life? Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I 8767 m one of those lost people who has a great boyfriend, but I 8767 m in a place where I just don 8767 t feel in love anymore, and now my head is wrapped around this other guy. 🙁

Just to add, from a female perspective one of the biggest turn-offs when receiving responses online is bad spelling, poor grammar and the use of text speech delete, delete and delete! Evan, you also make a great point at the end 8775 Stop blaming Match or women or your city for your failures and learn to market yourself more effectively 8776 It 8767 s so easy to blame others for your lack of success rather than reflect and look at the 8766 common denominator 8767 in the situation which is yourself and work at improving that to get a better and different result.

Hi I have a similar sitch. I met this guy and we agreed to have an nsa/fwb time, and it ended up hot and passionate and with us cuddling and talking and just kissing for hours. And then it happened again a couple days later. We nevr mentioned getting anymore serious or anything. He kept kissing me and saying he liked me so much and yadda yadda. Then he left that morning and I 8767 ve never heard back from him. He lives down the street and I have to pass his house daily when i leave so its hard not to think of him. You just cant fake that kind of connection. My guy friend mentioned that since this guy met and married his ex wife within 6 months, that mabye he gets attached quick and got scared. But I 8767 d rather him just reject me then leave me in the dark like this. Its only been like 9-5 days. I just find it odd and rude. and It hurts just not knowing. Any ideas?

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for about five months now, Im 65 and he is 66. We used to talk 79/7, both calling and texting, He lives with his mom ussaly, but when he moved to go live with his dad, which is 8 hours away. He doesn 8767 t text me that much. I understand because he says he is working. For the next two weeks he moved back to the town he used to live in ( I live in that town too) but he doesn 8767 t text me much anymore, I mean I 8767 ll get a couple text threw the day, but no real talking, He ussaly text me at midnight or sometime around in the really early morning ( like 6-8 AM) and im never awake at that time. Im really worried and i just dont know what to do, I mean I know he wouldnt be cheating on me, he isnt that kind of guy.. idk what to do. help!

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