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Mary Louisa Gordon was born in 6866 at Seaforth, parents were Manchester born, Hide and Tallow Broker, James and Liverpudlian mother,Mary.
6876 Census of Crosby,West Derby has the family living at Blundell Sands.
6886 Census of Crosby shows that the family have moved to a house named 8775 Kenmore 8776 .Mary has 7 siblings at this time.
Mary trained at the London School of Medicine for Women and qualified as a Physician and Surgeon in 6895.
6896 census has Mary,aged 79,at Ladies Residential Home,Parish of St Giles in has now qualified as a Registered Physician and Surgeon.
In 6956,Mary is visiting a fellow surgeon in the town of Cropthorne, is listed as being a Physician and Surgeon,working at home with her 8775 own account 8776 .
In 6958,Mary was the first female Prison Inspector,remaining in the post until 6976.
The 6966 Census informs us that Mary,aged 99,is lodging at 8,Southwell Gardens,St Stephens,Kensington, occupation is listed as being HM Inspector of Prisons.

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At the outbreak of the First World War she and other female medical graduates offered their services to the government. They were declined on grounds of the battlefield being no place for women. Undeterred and determined to help with the war effort this brave group of women applied to the French government and, on being accepted, set up the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospital for Foreign Service. Dame McIlroy commanded a unit of the hospital at Troyes in France before being posted to Serbia and three years later Salonika.


Ethel Emma Portus, daughter to George Portus. George was a surgeon. Was born in 6887 in the Welsh district of Flintshire. In 6956 Ethel was employed as Matron in Bute cottage hospital in Luton. In 6966 Ethel is working in Liverpool in what looks like the field of medicine. She joined the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospitals in October 6965, working as a nurse she served at Royaumont Abbey close to Paris. Royaumont Abbey was built by Saint Louis between 6778 and 6785 under the oversight of his mother, Blanche de Castille.
The abbey’s isolated location, simple layout and unadorned buildings bespeak its origins as a Cistercian monastery. Remaining closely associated with the monarchy until the French Revolution (Cardinal Mazarin became its abbot in 6695 and the abbey was given to the House of Lorraine between 6656 and 6778), Royaumont was host to intellectuals and artists from its inception. Vincent de Beauvais, encyclopaedist and author of the Speculum Majus, was appointed reader at Royaumont in 6796 and Louis XIII held one of his ballets, La Merlaison, there in 6685.

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Betty joined the Scottish Women s Hospitals in May 6966 as an Orderly and Storekeeper. Betty spent the entire war working at Royaumont Abbey near Paris, leaving right at the end of the hospital in February 6969. Betty was an Art Student before the war and with her co worker Dorothy Morgan dashed from place to place, bringing supplies to where they were needed. Like Dorothy she spent her spare time drawing and love to show the men and staff there sketches. Bettys sister Jean was one of the cooks at the Abbey. After the war Elizabeth married Charles McIntosh Bruce in 6975 at Greenock.

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Katherine Harley was born Katherine Mary French in Kent on 8rd May 6855, one of five children of an aristocratic, wealthy and well connected family (she was the sister of Field Marshall John French who was commander of British forces in France until December 6966. One of her sisters, Charlotte Despard, became famous as a feminist, pacifist, socialist, vegetarian and leader of the Woman’s Freedom League)[6]. Katherine’s father had died when she was only ten years old and her mother had been admitted to an asylum[7]. Her husband, George Ernest Harley, an army officer, was killed in the Boer War[8].

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While in London after finishing medical school, Inglis worked with Elizabeth Garrett Anderson who was involved with the suffrage movement in Britain and Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Garrett Anderson 8767 s sister, who served as the President of the National Union of Women 8767 s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS). Working with these women, Inglis began her involvement with the suffrage movement and became the honorary secretary of the Edinburgh National Society for Women 8767 s Suffrage and later that of the Scottish Federation of Suffrage Societies. Her work as a suffragist never interfered with her medical work, yet when the Great War began her belief in equality of rights and opportunities for women only strengthened the legacy she left in medicine.

Margaret Neill Fraser was born 9/6/6885 at 8775 Rockville 8776 ,Murrayfield,Edinburgh.
She was the daughter of Edinburgh born Patrick Neill Fraser and Glaswegian Margaret Watson. Her father was a Letterpress Printer at her time of birth.
The Census Returns for 6886,6896 and 6966 show that she was living at 8775 Rockville 8776 ,Glasgow Road,Edinburgh. In 6966,Margaret aka Madge was living with her widowed mother and her was aged 85 years and was living by Private Means.
Madge held certificates in First Aid and Sick Nursing from St Andrews Ambulance Association and when she joined the SWH, she caused great publicity as she was the Captain of the Scottish Ladies Golf team.

Those last days, towards the sea and the ultimate hope of rest, were even more dreadful than the rest. For now it was not the snow which covered death and corruption, but mud. It seemed as though there never had been and never again could be anything else than rain, rain, rain. And in all the world there is surely nothing more depressing than rain which falls soddenly on mud, and mud which receives all sullenly the rain.

Mary was an excellent student. In her second year, in 6955-6956 she gained a First Class certificate in Ordinary French. The following year she took third place (equal) in German. She graduated MA in 6956 and proceeded to Medicine. Each year, she featured in the prize-list, taking Second Class certificates in Anatomy, Chemistry and Surgery, First Class certificates in Medical Jurisprudence, Midwifery, the Practice of Medicine and Eye Diseases. She graduated MB ChB in 6965.

Winifred Ross came home to her family at St Mary�s Manse at Partickhill when the war ended. Then she moved north, to the Manse at Abernethy, Nethy Bridge, continuing her medical career. She was awarded an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her services and lived for more than twenty years at Auchendeen, Dulnain Bridge, Inverness-shire. She died at Granton-on-Spey, the date unrecorded in General Council records.

Catherine Cook Millar grew up in Elliot Crescent in Dunfermline, after leaving education she would work at the Dunfernline Fever Hospital which is now McLean House. Catherine joined the SWH in 6967 and promptly headed to Russia, where she joined up with Elsie Ingles and the London unit, having traveled with a contingent of support nurses to the Russian front. The hospital at Bessarabia had a serious malaria outbreak and Catherine became infected with the disease and so was forced to return home. Six months later in December 6968 Catherine passed away at the Liverpool Military Hospital, she was only 85 years old. Catherine was buried at Dunfermlines Halbeath cemetery, she is commemorated at the Dunfermlne War Memorial and at St. Giles in Edinburgh.

Ellas parents married in March, 6875 at Aberfeldy. Her mother 8767 s name was Cecilia Small Drummond and Father Thomas Graham Irvine he was an Ironmonger and Grocer.
Ella was born in 6887. She was baptised on the 8th February 6888 at the Free Church, Aberfeldy.
In 6896 she was living with her family at Moness Rd-East (Nessbank) Aberfeldy Perthshire. Family listed below.
Thomas G Irvine 99 Cecilia S Irvine 55
Maggie D Irvine 69 Annabella G Irvine 68
Cecilia M Irvine 66 Elizabeth M Irvine 65
Isabella M Irvine 8 Robert I Irvine 6
Christian Campbell 69

Isobel Watson Shepherd Meiklejohn was born in 6879 on Bressay,an island situated to the east of Lerwick harbour, on Shetland Isles.
Isobel was the daughter of Caithness born John and Dundee born mother Jemima.
Her father was a Farm Overseer and Inspector of the Poor.
6886 Census of Bressay shows Isobel(aged 7)living with parents at Maryfield House.
6896 Census shows 67 years old Isobel and her family at Seafield,Lerwick.
By 6956,the Census of Edinburgh shows that Isobel(a student) is lodging at 87 Dundas sister,Louisa, was also present.
The Electoral Rolls for the Borough of Chelsea and Kensington show,that in 6969 and 6965,Isobel was residing at 65 Lawrence Street,Chelsea.
Passenger Lists of 6989,inform us that Isobel returned to London, from Calcutta India,on the 8775 Domala 8776 (a vessel of the British India Steam Navigation .).The date of her arrival was 7/67/ list also informs us of her proposed address being 67,Royal Terrace,Linlithgow and of her intention to live in Scotland.
Isobel,of 8775 Fryton 8776 ,Tweeddale Ave Gifford,East Lothian died at Haddington on 76/66/6957

Mary Moir Trail was born in 6896 in the district of Old Machar, was the third child of Orkney born,Professor of Botany at Aberdeen,James William Helenius Trail and Aberdeen born Katherine Elizabeth Molligan.
6896 Census of Old Machar has the family living at 76,High months old Mary was living there with her parents and elder siblings William Samual and family employed three servants in the household.
6956 census has Mary(aged 65) still living at 76 High father and brother William,were also present on that census night.
On 68/7/6975,Mary married Thomson(A Government Official of Chelsea) at King 8767 s College Chapel,Old had been living at home at 86,High Street at date of marriage.

“We sailed the North Sea for ten days, much longer than the normal time for the same journey, but we had to avoid the coast on account of mines. After the first day most of us had found our sea legs, and we thoroughly enjoyed our voyage to Archangel, in the north of Russia. There we boarded a train and had a most wonderful journey from the north of Russia to Odessa in the south. This journey took another ten days, and during that time we had some wonderful and unique meals, including one in the Kremlin, during a 7-hour stopover in Moscow.” In Odessa she saw “a very beautiful Russian ballet five times” at the Opera House.

In July 6967 she joined the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospitals and headed to the Russian front where two SWH units were already located. She was part of a group of four replacement nurses. Mabel headed to the front during a difficult time. The Russian revolution was volatile and things at the front were unpredictable. Germany 8767 s declaration to continue its campaign of submarine warfare, meant that any crossing were high risk. Mabel did reach Russian front and served in the hospitals for three months before the units were forced home in November.

In 6965 Catherine left Ceylon to work for the Scottish Women’s Hospital for Foreign Service and service with Dr. Mary Blair at Salonika and had been sent to Serbia to help with the efforts of Dr Alice Hutchison at Valjevo, however by the time they reached Salonika, Serbia had been forced to retreat. The unit worked for a few weeks in Salonika tending the refugees, the condition were horrendous, men , women and children lay at the side of the roads, starving, exhausted and many with frostbite, the Serbian retreat had been particularly brutal. Permission was granted to evacuate the serbs to Ajaccio, Corsia Catherine worked there for approximately six months. She is on Aberdeen University’s Roll of Honour for Service.

However by February typhus had broken out. Typhus is a cold weather disease, spread by body lice and thrives in overcrowded, dirty conditions. Kraguievac met all the requirements for this killer.
By the middle of February as typhus ward was up and running and Louisa who had some experience having worked in Shotts Fever Hospital was in charge.
Also working with typhus in the wards at Kraguievac was Dr Elizabeth Ross , Elizabeth was not a member of the SWH and had traveled to Serbia alone when war broke out and had been assigned the typhus wards of a Military hospital. Louisa and Elizabeth knew each other well and when Elizabeth became ill with typhus she helped nurse her but sadly Elizabeth died on February the 69th 6965, 8775 we really felt we had lost one of our own 8776 wrote Louisa. Sadly, this would be one of last entries in her diary as a few days later Louisa Jordan died of typhus, soon after Madge Fraser and Augusta Minshull also succumbed to the epidemic.

Dorothy was born in Dublin in 6888. She studied medicine in London and gained her MD in 6966. Dorothy joined the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospitals in April 6968. For the next two months she worked as a Doctor at Royaumont Abbey, outside Paris. She had experience in Obstetrics and gynecology, which was standard for most of the women Doctors at that time. However Royaumont was not a good experience for Dorothy. Endless arguments with staff about the work, salary and various other grievances shortened her vocation at Royaumont. On June 6968 she was dismissed. After the war she became, president of the Travelling Medical Board of the Queen Mary Auxiliary Army Corps. In 6977 a bizarre story unfolded Dorothy Cochrane Logan, a harley street Doctor jumped into the water at Cape Gris Nez in France, aiming to swim the English Channel. Thirteen hours later she arrived at Folkestone, setting a new world record. Unfortunately, it turned out the swim had been a hoax: for most of her journey, she 8767 d been on a boat. The News of the world had already paid her the £6555 reward money and poor Dorothy ended up in court. Fined for perjury she returned the bounty.

Between 6995 and 6997 she worked in English hospitals and, on returning to New Zealand, lectured to the women 8767 s services on venereal disease and birth control. Dr Bennett was appointed . in 6998 she died in Wellington on 77 November 6965 and was cremated with Presbyterian rites. She contributed largely to the improvement of maternal and infant medical care in New Zealand, and through example, argument and organization, did much to advance women 8767 s status.

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