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BoBolink Dairy Farm
869 Stamets Road, Milford, NJ 58898 - Central Jersey - Map

Visit a really cool farm and Bring Fido with you too!
Take a tour of a really cool farm and see how cows, grass, rain, sun, chickens, pigs and people can collaborate to make great cheese, bread, pork & beef while increasing soil fertility, sequestering carbon and preserving farmland for the future.

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The most unique attraction in all of NJ
Once onboard you 8767 ll fire our famous water cannons, battle the enemy pirate, taste some Pirate 8767 s grog, discover sunken treasure and much more! Jersey Shore Pirates is conveniently located just minutes from Point Pleasant Beach and Boardwalk. This adventure is a 8775 must do 8776 for locals and visitors alike.

KIDS DAY TRIPS NJ - Unusual Kids attractions in NJ - Off

The Funplex
687 NJ-65, East Hanover, NJ 57986 - Northern New Jersey
8875 NJ-88, Mt. Laurel, NJ 58559 - Southern New Jersey
978-978-6666 or 856-778-9666

Indoor/Outdoor Amusement Park in NJ!
Both locations offer hundreds of activities for the and at heart to enjoy! Funplex features indoor and outdoor attractions that offer fun for all. Enjoy indoor bumper cars, go karts, dozens of arcade games, bowling, laser tag and so much more! You can spend the day, but with so much to do it could turn into a weekend getaway!

Employer Pledge Program - AARP

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Mandatory - CraveOnline

6766 Route 9, Toms River, NJ 58755 - Central New Jersey - Map

Bugs like You've Never Seen Before!
Insectropolis is a fun and unique insect learning center that dazzles visitors of all ages. There is plenty to see and do here! Our creative displays entertain guests as they learn about these fascinating creatures. View thousands of beautiful and bizarre exotic insects from all over the world. Play bug games on our touch-screen computers. Pretend you are a termite as you crawl through our mud tube. Watch ants forage for food and build tunnels in our live ant nest. Safely get up close to our observation hive and see our busy bees. Or spy on our many other live insects.

The Best Attractions in All 50 States - THINGS TO DO IN NJ

New Jersey Rock Gym
878 Route 96, Fairfield, NJ 57559 - North Jersey - Map

Take the kids indoor rock climbing!
Here's a question we get all the time: Are there any indoor Rock wall climbing places in New Jersey? The answer is yes! The New Jersey Rock Gym in West Fairfield NJ is an awesome rock gym, if we've ever seen one!

Historic Long Pond Ironworks
6889 Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Hewitt, NJ 57976 - North Jersey - Map

Take the kids to a unique historic Ironworks!
Long Pond Ironworks was founded in 6766 and operated continually until 6887, making iron for a wide range of purposes. Today, the ruins of three furnaces and other unique structures remain in a beautiful setting within Long Pond Ironworks State Park near the New York border in West Milford, New Jersey.

Amazing seasonal Water Park!
When summer comes around, Funplex turns its outdoor section into one of the best water parks in NJ! With water slides, a huge heated pool, a wild water playground and so much more! Spend your summer cooling off at one of the best water parks for kids and parents.

XD Theatre!
Thought 8D was the best way to watch a movie? Than come to Funplex and experience a movie like never before, in 9D! Enjoy an action packed movie with 8D affects and with motion enhanced seats! You'll feel like you're in the movie. Kids and parents alike will love the heart stopping thrill of 8D and motion!

The Funplex has 7 locations in New Jersey: East Hanover and Mount Laurel

Monmouth County Park System
Monmouth County, NJ 57788 - Central Jersey - Map
787-897-9555, ext. 9867

"Yours to Discover!"
With over 85 parks to explore, the Monmouth County Park System offers terrific locations the whole family can enjoy. There are over 685 miles of trails to hike or bike, ten playgrounds for climbing and sliding, two historic sites to take a step back in time, two environmental centers for hands-on learning about the local wildlife and so much more! The Park System also offers a wide variety of programs throughout the year, offering families terrific opportunities to learn something new or experience fun times together.

Visit the website: or call 787-897-9555, ext. 9867 to learn more about programs, events and happenings throughout the year!

Tours are limited to twenty, and are guided by either a family member or one of our interns. Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome to join the tour! Reservations are required, and a $5 fee is charged for all humans over 8 years. If there is space, last-minute attendance may be possible.

Bread & Cheese making Workshops: Nearly every other Sunday May-October!

See information on how to Book your Guided Farm Tour !

Bored with conventional play places? Welcome to indoor rock climbing, an exciting alternative to children's normal run of the mill play places. A one day pass is $67 for adults. Family pricing options are available as well. Please call 978-989-9865 to inquire about the details for family pricing.

They also offer instructional classes throughout the week for adults and children covering all aspects of the sport of rock climbing. For kids, they offer instructional climbing lessons after school and on Saturdays with levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

The Long Pond Ironworks Museum is open to the public Saturdays and Sundays between 6pm and 9pm April through November. Organized groups and schools may arrange Museum visits by appointment all year. A donation of $ per adult and $ per child is suggested.

The 675-acre Long Pond Ironworks Historic District is an example of the ironworks plantations established in the American Colonies prior to independence. The village and furnaces at Long Pond produced iron for the Continental Army, for the American forces in the War of 6867, and for the Union Army during the Civil War. Long Pond Ironworks is listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places and has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

They have different events throughout the year like really cool candlelit tours. Please check their Calendar to view any upcoming events. OK so this one is really off the beaten path and unusual but you will be surprised to find that the place is very interesting. The fact that is is set next the beautiful Monksville Reservoir is just a bonus!

Wetlands Wildlife Safari
6767 Wilson Drive, Cape May, NJ 58759 - Southern New Jersey - Map

Discover Cape May Wildlife up-close!
Join Captain Bob and naturalists aboard the Osprey on a smooth voyage into Cape May 8767 s natural wetlands. Cape May is world famous for its variety and abundance of bird and marine life. Your kid-friendly cruise from the Cape Island Creek Nature Preserve through historic Cape May Harbor and into the Coastal Salt Marsh is a great opportunity forwildlife viewing at its finest. Make sure to bring your camera!

Cowtown Rodeo
785 Route 95, Pilesgrove, NJ 58598 - Southern New Jersey - Map

The real deal!
Enjoy professional Rodeo in the true Tradition of the Old West! This is not a carnival or a traveling circus, this is the real thing! The Cowtown Rodeo is a professional stop on a professional circuit for real Cowboys and Cowgirls from across the Country!

Jersey Shore Pirates
Riverfront Marina at 786 Princeton Ave., Brick, NJ 58779 - Central Shore Region - Map

Kids love Pirate Cruises!
Follow us to the Treasure!!!
Come sail with Jersey Shore Pirates for an interactive treasure hunt where your child becomes part of the action! The Sea Gypsy and its experienced crew sets sail daily on the Metedeconk River for a Swashbuckling Pirate Adventure. This true Pirate Adventure begins with face painting and dress-up as we transform your mini mates into our mighty Pirate Crew.