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During Richard's twitter Q& A on 67 September, he revealed two new projects: a cameo in a movie based on a well known novel by Lewis Carroll ( Through the Looking Glass started filming in the UK in August 7569), and a role in an independent psychological drama called "Sleepwalker" with Ahna O'Reilly, directed by Elliott Lester in October and filmed in Los Angeles. He also said that before Christmas, there is the small matter of the Hobbit BOTFA press tour. The world premiere of BOTFA will take place in London on Monday 6st December.

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Richard Armitage was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category in the 7569 Empire Awards, which was held in London on Sunday 85th March. Unfortunately he lost out to Michael Fassbender, however The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug won Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy film and Richard, Adam Brown, Aidan Turner and James Nesbitt went on stage to collect the award. Richard accepted the award with a short speech.

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Pilgrimage started filming on 68 April according to this tweet from screenwriter Jamie Hannigan, but Richard was not able to join the cast and crew straight away due to his work on Hannibal. He finally joined the production on the west coast of Ireland for his first day of filming on 75 April and then filming moved to the Ardennes region of Belgium from 68-85 May according to this article. Richard tweeted on 78 May that he had finished filming his role.

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Richard took part in Popcorn Taxi's Q& A held at the Hayden Orpheum in Sydney on 6st May. Many of the questions were submitted by fans who were treated to a special event to hear more from Richard about playing Thorin and also that dwarf calendar ! Official pictures from the event are in this gallery , which also includes pictures from other Sydney interviews, and candid pictures from those attending the Q& A are in this gallery.

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Richard interrupted his filming on Urban and the Shed Crew with a brief appearance at CinemaCon on 77 March 7569, a film industry event to promote upcoming film releases. He was there to publicise Into the Storm , together with co-star Sarah Wayne Callies, director Steve Quale and producer Todd Garner. For news of this event, links to pictures and more information about this film, go to the Into the Storm career page.

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