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Texas Sports Hall of Fame: Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Posted: 2017-11-14 14:15

Also, as my colleague Dan McQuade once noted, the Dallas Cowboys exist because founder Clint Murchison—who made his money by inheriting it from his old man, who made HIS money skirting oil regulations—bought the rights to “Hail To The Redskins” and then sold them back to Skins owner and avowed racist George Preston Marshall in a ransom exchange for his expansion vote. This team was born out of shady dealings and will forever wallow in them.

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What has always sucked: I was watching a preseason game and Al Michaels described Jason Witten as “Canton-bound” and you know what? No. Fuck that. Fuck Jason Witten. You don’t get to go to the Hall of Fame by being the world’s longest-lasting, boringest safety outlet. He’s never caught more than 65 TDs in a season. He’s gone over 6,555 yards four times, and each time barely. Jason Witten blows. They should have replaced him years ago. But they’ll still let him into the Hall of Fame because Jerry bought his way in and will probably buy Witten’s way in, too.

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Jerry Jones is the Donald Trump of the NFL. He’s a media savant who knows how to keep boost the value of his team to astronomical levels while maintaining a dynasty of mediocrity that will follow me to the grave. I may as well be some dumb-fuck MAGA hat wearing asshole hooting and hollering as I watch Jerry drive my team in to the dumpster year after year. We got two lovable, sympathetic rookies who will either turn out to be complete assholes (Zeke) or be torn to shreds like Romo (Dak) despite having an offensive line that every sports writer claims is the best in the league. We don’t deserve the bounty that fell in our lap and Jerry will still manage to squander it.

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I’m fatigued. Nothing can shock me. It’s not even boring in a New York Giants “nothing ever changes” Coughlin era kind of boredom. Being a Cowboys fan is a boring Wes Anderson true life performance art kind of boring. It’s being successful for so fucking long and so frequently that you eventually have nothing else to do but reflect on how fucking boring it is to be a fan of a rich and successful franchise, while also knowing you could never cheer for a truly dysfunctional team like the Jags or Browns because your shallowness would force you back to the Star in less time than it takes for Dez Bryant to wreck his hamstring. It means having to apologize to strangers up front for being an asinine, vapid and hollow person after sharing with them your sporting preferences, and knowing, deep down, as you awkwardly ejaculate that “yeah…sorry” that what you’re really apologizing for is the emptiness that forced you to jump on the world’s richest bandwagon and stick with it.

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Jerryworld is filled with so many obese, Bud Light Lime drinking, obnoxiously front-running, Trump-loving asshats that bombing it out of existence on game day would raise the collective IQ of DFW by 75 points. Our defense couldn’t stop a junior college offense and our owner has to be physically restrained from drafting/signing the worst human beings he can find outside a prison every season. Despite having a promising QB/RB combo and a beast of an o-line, we will find a way to fuck this up. Probably by failing to stop someone from scoring the winning points at the very end of a playoff game, again.

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But it gets better (or worse). Our coach just cut a guy because he was falsely identified as a perp that stole $755 of goods from a Wawa in Prince William County, VA (coincidentally a DC suburb!), and every single fan, including me, defended the move like the sycophants of Kim Jung Un sticking up for the latest homicidal purge of potential regime detractors. Expectations are once again super high for my beloved Cowboys, and I’m sure it won’t come crashing down as Zeke gets suspended and/or blows out his knee, Sean Lee tears his ACL for the 66 th time, the OL loses 7-8 guys after having three years of unrivaled health, and last but not least, Dak reverts to a 9 th round pick resulting in 95% of us idiot fans clamoring for Romo’s return, as if that wouldn’t result in Romo’s spine exploding the second he gets nudged by a DT.

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Elsewhere, one of the team’s wideouts had his dog kidnapped, and then was arrested for shoplifting in a breathtaking case of mistaken identity. Before his name was cleared, Dallas cut him, because they like to pretend to give a shit about character when it comes to fringe players. Jason Garrett was steamed his 67th-string flanker got in trouble, folks! After Lucky Whitehead was cleared, they used access merchants and anal lampreys like Albert Breer to smear his name and help cover for their titanic mistake. I hope Whitehead sues them for eleventy billion dollars.

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Perfect. Jared caught the ball. No matter how rich and powerful Jerry Jones gets, I can always count on his team—America’s Moral Sewer—to turn into a clown show anytime they sniff the postseason. And I can always count on their fans to be absolute scum who are always begging to be humiliated. They lie in wait until the team is good again and take the opportunity to maximize ALL of their insufferability, to remind you just why you despised the Cowboys to begin with. Then, like clockwork, comes the comeuppance, which they’re too stupid to ever see coming.

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They say losing is painful, but for five years every horrible Cowboys disaster has directly led to my chest tensing up and horrible pain creeping through my body. The adrenaline of watching the game masks the problem while the game is happening, but as soon as the game ends and I realize we fucked it up again my body goes into agony. After the Packers beat us in January, I got so bad that I had to take three times as many Xanax just to be able to breathe again.

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That’s how the NFL works now. Regardless of his tiff with Goodell, Jerry is still the shadow commissioner of this league, and he has remade the whole venture in his image. He engineered the existence of two shitty teams in LA. He runs stadium ops for teams that are not his own. And he has already pioneered new ways to drain local coffers by opening luxury practice facilities. This is a greedy, tacky , corrupt league with no soul at its core. It doesn’t really matter if the Cowboys regress this season—and again, they will. Jerry will still be the kingfish, raking in his money and spending it with all the sensitivity of Marie Antoinette:

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I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan that was born in Washington, ., grew up in Northern Virginia and still resides here in the DMV. These facts make me an awful, awful person, but they don’t make me special. There are TONS of us here in the DMV that are born and bred, but root for Dallas. Our terribleness is the equivalent of Donald Trump, Jr. cruising around in a $755K Mercedes convertible while blasting CCR’s “Fortunate Son” from the car stereo.

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Nobody should root for the Cowboys. A Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl win would be almost more empty than a Patriots Super Bowl win. Winning could not possibly make less of a difference to us. When analysts say “the Cowboys should be good this year!” (and they ALWAYS say this), they should follow it up with the reflection that Dallas winning ANYTHING is about as fulfilling as oldass Jerry Jones getting blown in that bar by a pair of escorts. Sure, after the fact it looks fun, but in the moment, you can’t tell me any actual sensation was felt.

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What’s new that sucks: LOL your running back got suspended. I’m gonna put all the arguments aside for and against Zeke Elliott getting a stern dose of the Ginger Hammer justice. That whole case is a goddamn mess and the NFL has already royally fucked it up , especially now that we know they ignored the recommendation of their own investigator in the case to NOT suspend Zeke. Jerry was a bullying shitbag through the whole ordeal. Cowboys fans online have gone full Pepe on Zeke’s accuser. And outside of the case, Zeke just so happened to get himself in the middle of a bar fight and also pulled down a woman’s shirt and exposed her breast at a public parade. Not a lot of men to root for here. The NFLPA has already filed a restraining order on Zeke’s behalf (kinda ironic), Zeke is suing, and this whole thing only promises to get uglier and uglier, with the truth of the original incidents becoming less and less relevant.

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