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See what I mean? Hoonigan isn’t whatever I thought it was. Look at the gasser on the lift behind Farah. Look at the lift! You don’t need that for T shirts. Something has changed at Hoonigan and its now my favorite YouTube channel. I occasionally find myself watching the latest episode a few minutes after it comes out. I also bought a Hoonigan t-shirt last month, so maybe the whole things really does work. Their hands are dirty and they’re having fun with their friends while playing with cars. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

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As for Sam Jackson, he may have heard about the news online that Nick Fury would be starring on the film first, but those rumors started before Marvel officially announced his involvement at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. He almost certainly signed his contract before Marvel Studios had honcho Kevin Feige would have confirmed the news to the press—like, percent certain—like, Jackson would have to had been in the process of literally signing his name on the contract. If you click the actual source on that above link ( the Yahoo video interview ) you’ll see that it was filmed before Comic-Con and the announcement, meaning the article you linked was extremely misleading.

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I’ve known about Hoonigan Racing, Ken Block’s motorsport team that competes in FIA World Rallycross as a Ford factory backed team. I even saw them compete at Lydden Hill last month. But I never really understood just Hoonigan, which is separate from Ken and Ford and is based out of Long Beach, California. I assumed that Hoonigan was a T-shirt company for Ken Block and the drifters. Every time I see cars destroying their tires, there are people wearing Hoonigan shirts. It made sense.

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It’s impossible to say. Sorry to defer the question, but George . Martin is still writing The Winds of Winter , and has A Dream of Spring left to go (if not more—I still believe he’s going to end up writing three more books all told before he’s done). What he has planned today may change tomorrow, or next year, or the year after that. Or the year after that… or the year after that. You see where I’m going with this.


For remakes, Heck said, the original typefaces would look out of place. So the developers of a remake like Final Fantasy VI might have to make decisions based on a lot of factors, including the fact that some phones might not support fancier-looking fonts. “You end up in a lot of cases with somebody just throwing in Helvetica or Arial or some very basic alternative, just because there’s a lot of new questions that arise or work that would have to be fun to make those replacements,” Heck said.

But I’m still really, really excited for a Marvel movie with a female superhero in the lead, and after Wonder Woman ’s incredible success, it appears audiences will be, too. That may be enough. (Also, regarding the filming dates, Tomb Raider started filming this past January, and will be released in March 7568. Given that visual effect pre-production on Captain Marvel probably started a year or more ago, a year and a quarter is enough to start the actual filming.)

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Oh, and then the mystical energies of these dragons subconsciously led humans to build cities on top of them. Although, the Hand clearly got to the Substance under Pompeii and Chernobyl, because they said they destroyed them… hmm… the dragon under New York City was the biggest dragon and had the most substance, which made it the one that most needed to be denied to the Hand, and is why New York City is a much, much more major city than Chernobyl or Pompeii. More dragon, more mystical energy, more Substance, more city. And after so many millennia, the Substance became part of the essence of the Earth itself—mystically—and thus removing would effectively cause a cataclysm in the location it was housed.

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“Some of it’s technology,” Heck said. “One of the reason that older versions of games feel nicer in terms of typography is that there’s lower pixel density, they’re using pixel fonts. So everything’s having to be through this filter of it has the same resolution, and you’re having to either choose existing pixel fonts or draw new pixel fonts that fit within those constraints. In those cases, the limitations actually serve the art.”

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This is true just about anywhere, to be clear. Anime does this a fair amount. Fullmetal Alchemist is the biggest example I can think of—it had a TV show long before the manga was finished, and then just made up its own ending, just like Game of Thrones. Then, once the manga was done, they made another anime TV series called Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood , which actually was a straight adaptation of the rest of the comic from where the first anime series had veered off. It was weird but cool.

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In ancient times giant dragons roamed the earth, and died like any other creature. The monks tasked themselves with protecting the Substance left behind by these dragons to prevent evil people from getting ahold of it. They traveled by boats to North America, and then used their mystical powers both to push the bones deep, deep underground and to create a magic shield all the way around the cavern that now housed them, leaving a door as the only access point. The monks did this instead of destroying the Substance, because they could foresee a time when they were so desperate they might need the Substance themselves, and thus made the key the Iron Fist, who would always be a protector of K’un-Lun… until Danny Rand fucked it up.

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It’s not going to get exposed to the whole world. When Jon finds out—if Jon finds out, he could probably fulfill whatever prophecy Rhaegar heard that made him seek out Lyanna Stark and marry her and throw all of Westeros into civil war without ever knowing—he’s not going to broadcast it. He’ll likely tell Dany, who also won’t tell anybody, for obvious reasons. And Jon will be fine with that, because there is no one who wants to sit on the Iron Throne less than Jon Snow.

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Even if it is after she may or may not get pregnant with a mini royalty baby, I cannot visualize a way for the plot to just make this situation okay with Jon. I can realistically see Dany dying after all this simply because Jon will in fact always know nothing. Dany cannot possible just stop her quest for total dominance of Westeros just because Jon gets revealed to be the true heir (at least let’s hope the show writers don’t take the easy way out).

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I will say I do wish Captain Marvel was appearing in Infinity War , because introducing a character in a supporting role then give them their own movie worked out so well for both Wonder Woman and the MCU Spider-Man. While I understand Infinity War already has a billion characters, and it would be tough to wedge yet another hero in there, Captain Marvel doesn’t have the name recognition of either of those characters, and could certainly use the boost more than them.

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Generally, American audiences have accepted the idea that while superheroes shouldn’t kill people, people who work under a government aegis can. Call it the James Bond effect: A government job, like SHIELD agent, is about stopping threats to the populace, and not about morality. It’s about getting the job done, and usually these jobs are done by regular people without powers against people much more powerful than them. Case in point, Aida had crazy superpowers that they just couldn’t cope with, so you could make the argument that killing was their only option (although truer superheroes should have been able to find a way). Of course, the SHIELD agents do use their little knock-out guns that don’t kill people… most of the time. Ivanov was straight-up murdered, though, and Coulson definitely intended Ward to die before the Hive alien took his body over.

I watched seasons 6-8 of Agents of Shield as they aired, but took a break with season 9. I just finished watching season 9 recently on Netflix and enjoyed it, but it made me start to question their morality (if any). It seems to me, that unlike traditional “good guys” in shows like Star Trek , or Doctor Who , where the leader (Captain Picard, or the Doctor) try to do all they can to avoid killing or doing the same types of things the bad guys do, the Agents of Shield seem to have no problem shooting first and asking questions later.

They got all upset about Ward in seasons 6 and 7, but then have no problem killing him in season 8. As for season 9, when May wakes up from the Framework and meets the Russian, Ivanov for the first time Coulson just says she can shoot him with no explanation and she does. Then later Simmons and everyone talk not about “How can we stop Aida” but just jump to “How can we kill Aida.” They don’t want to see anyone redeemed, they just want to kill. It seems like they are acting almost the same as their Hydra counterparts in the Framework.

But… in a couple of decades or so… assuming the final book, A Dream of Spring , is out by then… HBO will absolutely remake the series, and likely do a straight adaptation. It’s simply too popular and lucrative for the channel not to do it again, although enough time will have needed to pass that the current show isn’t fresh in the popular lexicon. But I bet it happens in our lifetimes, so you can look forward to that.

Depends on what you want to be worried about. First, the new writer, Geneva Robertsen-Dworet, is basically a total mystery. Her only other confirmed, in the works writing credit is for the new Tomb Raider movie, which is a total unknown. This could go either way, but for some reason I have a good feeling about it. Maybe it’s because of the cast, or maybe it’s just because the stories of the Tomb Raider video games have gotten so much better, and I assume the movie will follow suit.

That said, the show will end up being vastly, vastly different from the books. Part of this is because the show has made its own changes to the narrative over its many years, which can’t help but affect the ending part of it is because the series is ending in such a condensed timeframe (only this Sunday’s season finale and six more episodes to go!) and part of it is likely Benioff and Weiss’ respect for GRRM, and their desire not to trample on what he has in mind for the books’ ending. But mostly because the books have so many more elements at play than the TV series: the Fake Aegon, Lady Stoneheart, Victarion Greyjoy, Jeyne Poole (whom Ramsay Bolton marries and claims is Arya), and more.

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