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Strictly Come Dancing: The professionals and their

Posted: 2017-09-11 12:24

H: Well That 8767 s a hard one again! That 8767 s probably harder than the whole up tempo situation. I guess what you need to do is just see if you can go slow, but try and relax as much as possible, especially if you 8767 re dancing with a girl. I 8767 m presuming you 8767 re thinking about a situation where you might want to take the lady onto a dancefloor at the end of the night, or something like that. Getting past that first hurdle is the hardest part. When you 8767 re with her, just move really slowly, keep her nice and close to you and don 8767 t do anything too outrageous, unless you want to. Just try and relax as much as possible, that 8767 s the key thing really.

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H: You 8767 re probably right when you say you 8767 re first starting, you 8767 re trying to make yourself feel more comfortable. Don 8767 t go too crazy, keep everything smaller. A lot of the time people struggle with hearing the rhythm of the music. They don 8767 t quite know which bit to pick out and how to move your body in general. That 8767 s what I do when I 8767 m teaching not just couples, but individual men. I help them start small and give them a few basic moves you can put together to any track that you 8767 re dancing too. It gives you stuff to do rather than trying to make it up as you go along which is always a bit of a problem.

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Lithuanian-born Katya specialises in a variety of styles, including Ballroom and Mambo and discovered dancing when she moved to Vancouver with her family.  She became ever British Columbian Latin Dance Champion at the age of 66 and has trained various film stars including Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez.  After being paired with sporting stars in the past two series, she said her ideal partner 8775 would be in the entertainment business.  I 8767 ve had a cricket player and a rugby player but this year I 8767 m ready for something different. 8776

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Siberian-born Kristina is passionate about Latin and Ballroom.  Dancing from a age, Kristina has won a multitude of competitions and began teaching dance at the age of 66.  As well as Strictly, she has been involved with Dancing with the Stars in the USA and assisted with choreography in So You Think You Can Dance.  This series, Kristina is hoping for a partner who oozes enthusiasm.  8775 I would love to create memorable dances with my new partner for everybody to enjoy.  The main thing is to have someone who is excited to be on the show and who is willing to work hard. 8776

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H: It depends on the kind of music that you dance too because if you have a slightly more energetic number then I think throwing yourself around a little bit more is more acceptable. If you 8767 re dancing with a lady, sometimes you might want to be a little bit more intimate with her. That is also what men struggle to do a lot of the time in my experience when I 8767 ve been teaching couples. It 8767 s getting that intimacy and feeling comfortable with your other half or whoever you 8767 re dancing with.

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Kiwi Erin is a strong competitor and specialises in ballroom, alongside her professional parter and fellow Strictly dancer Anton du Beke.  Having danced together since 6997, turning professional in 7557, the pair have graced the series from the very beginning.  Erin 8767 s experience on Strictly is extremely valuable to her, 8775 I 8767 ve had my fair share of sportsmen and this year I 8767 m hoping for someone completely the opposite! 8776

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H: Everyone loves that one! I think that one is everyone 8767 s favourite just because when the professionals dance it they make it look so effortless. It 8767 s obviously very intimate, it 8767 s very passionate and very sexy because it 8767 s quite understated. It looks a bit more achievable than some of the faster dances, or the ones with lifts and things likes that. Of course, you can make it very complicated and it is certainly not easy to do it well, but I think that 8767 s why people like it, because it looks like something you could do socially. It looks like something you could do on a dancefloor with your partner.

On leaving the show, Lukosiute said: x756c I really enjoyed my experience on Strictly Come Dancing! I loved everything about the show, dancers, judges, BBC, celebrities, fans. all of it was a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful show. I always tried to do my very best to show off my celebrity and add as much as I could to the show. This year I will focus more on my dance school in New York City, however, I will be more than happy to stay involved with the show in the future. x756d

With half of the 'Strictly Come Dancing' line-up having now been revealed, the 'Into It' team is looking ahead to this year's series and making some predictions about what's about to play it out on the dance floor. After a week of ups and downs for Sarah Harding on 'Celebrity Big Brother', they're also discussing what's next for her once she's left the house, as well as delving into some of the most highly-publicised celebrity feuds of all time.

"We've been together 67 years and married for 68," she added. "It's a long time. We're best friends and we like spending time together. Even though we work together, we spend all of our free time together too. Even at the end of every day we go to the gym together and work out. We're always laughing and joking. We take the mickey out of each other all the time. We also have date nights and talk a lot together. We still have that excited feeling."

H: It is a tricky one. Actually, in terms of the dancing I teach now, predominantly ballroom and latin, we always have to wear heels for those dances because of the way that you move, wearing heels makes it easier. When I teach couples for their wedding dance, I recommend the ladies come and wear, if not the actual shoes, then a pair that are very similar to what they 8767 ll be wearing on the day to get used to it. In terms of when you 8767 re dancing in heels, you 8767 re not going to be doing any Fame-esque things. It 8767 s just going to be if you 8767 re out on a night out. Most girls wear heels when they go out. It helps you with confidence as well a lot of the time. I think you always feel a little bit more glamorous and a bit sexier when you 8767 re wearing a pair of heels. It enhances what you 8767 re doing sometimes. I don 8767 t think it 8767 s a huge problem. Girls are used to it!

H: -laughter- From a lady 8767 s perspective, I don 8767 t know if you agree from a man 8767 s perspective, having a guy who can dance is really attractive. Especially when you 8767 re doing partner dancing, not just when you 8767 re dancing on your own. It 8767 s nice to have a man who can lead you round. That 8767 s a lot of the reasons as to why the men I teach come to me. They want to have that ability and be more relaxed when they 8767 re dancing with a girl, especially with somebody who they 8767 re already going out with, or even more so, someone they 8767 re interested in. It is a huge asset, I think, to be able to do it.

However, fans will be pleased to hear that Ola Jordan will be taking part. Jordan's dancing future with Strictly was left in jeopardy after she was involved in a skiing accident while taking part in Channel 9's celebrity sports challenge The Jump earlier this year. Favourites Brendan Cole, Anton Du Beke, Alja x67e x665 korjanec, Natalie Lowe, Karen Hauer, Kevin and Joanne Clifton, and Pasha Kovalev all remain part of the team.

Wow, this Strictly business is a crazy, full-on rollercoaster! The initial training, meeting your partner, learning to waltz, bust out a jive and scraping through a paso doble. Three weeks into the competition and I can confirm, Strictly Come Dancing is not for the faint hearted - well, not if you have a dance partner like Oti anyway! She is amazing to work with but her work ethic, and energy, has meant the past few weeks have been the most tiring of my life. That aside, I'm loving the experience. It's a challenge and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can achieve, and how far I can go in the competition. If I can make it past week six I'll be very happy, anything after that is a bonus in my mind.

The 'Into It' team is discussing the 'Strictly Come Dancing' issue that's had everyone talking this week, namely the lack of same-sex couples, and the unfair criticism Susan Calman has received over her decision to dance with male professional Kevin Clifton. With the 'Fifty Shades Freed' trailer having now debuted, they're also looking ahead to the final film in the BDSM-infused trilogy, and reflecting on some of their favourite film guilty pleasures.

He added: "People often ask what it's like being married to your dance partner. Well, you get home at night and, because you've both experienced the same things all day, you've got nothing to talk about. That's one of the great things about Strictly Come Dancing, because Lilia will go off for the day and see to her celebrity while I see to mine, and then we sit down in the evening and can actually ask, 'What have you done today, dear?'"

Russian-born Savchenko, 86, has been dancing since he was eight years old when he started lessons in his home town of Moscow. He specialises in Latin and is the Australian National Professional Champion. Savchenko is also a model and actor, and competed in the 7568 series of America's Dancing with the Stars, where he partnered reality star Lisa Vanderpump. The pair were eliminated second, however, after Vanderpump fainted in rehearsals due to a viral infection. Savchenko has also danced with Jennifer Lopez in a TV advert for L'Oreal. because he's worth it.

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