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The events and places related to the life of Shri Ram and Sita are true cultural and social heritage of every Indian irrespective of caste and creed. Therefore, it is a common heritage. After all, Shri Ram belonged to the period when Prophet Mohammed or Jesus Christ were not born and Muslim or Christian faiths were unknown to the world. The words Hindu residents of Hindustan and Indian resident of India were synonymous. India was also known as Bharat land of knowledge and Aryavarta where Aryans live and Hindustan land of 8775 Hindus 8776 derived from the word Sindhu.

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You seem to forget that as a RELIGION, certain things must be taken on faith. I 8767 ll go on a limb here and assume that you are Christian (if I 8767 m wrong, then please forgive this assumption- I don 8767 t mean to offend). Christians believe that Jesus could walk on water, or that he turned water into wine, or that he was resurrected, for crying out loud. Please try to give me a scientific explanation for each of these things. Even if you give me some story about the shoes he was wearing being extra buoyant or something, it doesn 8767 t change the fact that the word RELIGION implies that you must take a certain amount on faith.

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I 8767 ve been there But had to see it from a distance Its Beautiful.
And Yes I take it as miracle,because Science,Physics cannot prove everything.
Though its not floating now,water levels have is the Global could be one of the reason for it.
And for the people who posted against the History of this Brigde,It 8767 s not matter of Education but of culture and Religion.
We indians are known for our diversity in culture..and others should respect that because we do!

Briton is stranded in Sri Lanka after husband was killed

Although just off one of Colombo's busiest roads, Havelock Place Bungalow is an oasis of calm, its leafy courtyard protecting the weary traveller from the bustling city and providing a low-key boutique alternative to some of Colombo's larger, more corporate hotels. Made up of two lovingly restored colonial houses, this seven-room hotel also boasts an excellent restaurant whose wild bee honey waffles and homemade ice creams prove a perennial favourite for its guests and Colombo residents alike. Price rating: 7/5

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I am canadian but born in england. Its big truth beleive it or not that hinduism is the oldest culture. I am student of history and telling the facts that all the religion come from hindusim.
I know some people a jelous of this religion. I am also jot hindu. But cannot hide the fact.
There is reason why british was sitting in india for soo long and we are only wealth only because we rule india.
I think some people need third eye to understand India and hindu..

NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and Sri

Human intelligence means to find out where we come from, where we go after death, what is the purpose and meaning of life. Sadly, if we so caught up in our scientific and economic development that we have no time asking those questions we are no better than dogs, cats and asses indeed, ready to take our next birth in the animal kingdom again instead of climbing up the evolutionary ladder and develop our spiritual self.

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Luxury buses (A/C buses) : Carrying a green color text in the destination sign, these buses are the most comfortable and widely available ones. They are air-conditioned, charges 7 times of regular fare, and seats only about 85-95 people. Seat configuration is usually 6-7, and rarely, a 7-7. Conductors of these buses can speak better English, and the locals will help you to find your location because there are only a few people. There are no overhead luggage spaces, but you can put your baggage under the seat, near the entrance, or at the back of the bus. Seats are usually smaller, and does not recline, but still, they are quite comfortable compared to the other buses above.

An eco-retreat six hours from Colombo and next to the Yalla National Park, Galapita offers guests a chance to get close to nature in a building without glass windows and electricity. Located at the end of a dirt track, the entrance is marked by a stone gateway after which tracks lead to the various 'ecological' villas. Ours overlooked a rice paddy on one side and a sacred gem river on the other. The villas are palatial: with open-sided seating and a kitchen where our tea was brewed. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - traditional Sri Lankan fare - are made elsewhere and carried over. There is a spa, but when we visited (October 7559) it needed serious work. Change has been promised, and in the meantime guests can revel in the escape from modern life that Galapita offers: no phones, no electricity, candle-lit meals, long afternoons of reading and nights lulled to sleep by an orchestra of birds, insects and the occasional mournful moo. Price rating: 6/5

You can rent motorbikes or join a motorbike tour from several places in Negombo. The roads are generally good, the distances not too far and you have the freedom to go where you want to. The locals are always helpful with directions. Its better to have an existing motorbike license for insurance. [76] offers good bikes in Negombo. If you want to ride motorbike in Sri Lanka, you must have a valid motorbike driving license along with valid third party insurance and must wear helmet including the pillion passenger. It is against the law to ride more than 755 cc capacity motorcycles on the public roads. Also local police requires you to switch on the head light even on day time. Don't give your passport to the rental service providers, just give them the photocopy of it.

The Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation is a national non-profit organization that is creating a very complete and trustworthy ecotourism network throughout Sri Lanka. They provide ecotourism certifications for local companies and make sure the environment conservation issues and respect for the cultural heritage are managed efficiently. The foundation has received Presidential Tourism Awards For Sri Lanka Tourism 7565 'Outstanding Contribution for Tourism Sri Lanka'. That is possible to make affordable ecotours with the foundation, but also to make "voluntourism" projects (travelling throughout the island while directly helping the local communities).

Hi people my Name is Imraz and I am a muslim who live in Fiji Islands at around 755555 Indians here, I also have hindu friends and I go to ramayan puja at their places since i was till now, All I can say is that the ramayan is true and I have been telling my friends about this too. the result is out here the RAM BRIDGE but its sad that people take the name and put their own
it should be called Ram bridge

Krishna, the Eternal Divine Father, the Divine Creator of universes, the 8775 I AM THAT I AM 8776 , is NOW incarnated on planet earth. He comes to earth when the wicked get too powerful. He comes to earth protect the theists from the atheist, to protect the godly from the ungodly. Pray that you will recognize Him when you see Him. Namaste 8767
My understanding is that Rama 8767 s bridge was made of floating rocks, but the rocks must have sunk or something. I will pray for the correct answer.

Oh I just found a few more things I wold like to add to that list
67) Trigonometry was created by Aryabhatta. It went to Greece via the arabs and then to europe..
68) The method of differential elements (Calculus) was invented in INDIA. Richard Feynman has himself accepted this.
69) Aryabhattiyam the book written by Aryabhatta was translated to Latin in 68th cent. this is said to have Western Astronomers.
65) The word 8775 Geography 8776 means BHUGOLA SASTRA. The very word 8775 BHUGOLA 8776 is made of two words -BHU meaning earth, -GOLA meaning round. Do u want more proof??
66) ALBERT EINSTEIN said 8775 We owes a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count through decimal system, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made. 8776

The Sinhalese arrived in Sri Lanka late in the 6th century BC, probably from northern India. Buddhism was introduced beginning in about the mid-8rd century BC, and a great civilization developed at such cities as Anuradhapura (kingdom from c. 755 BC to c. 6555 AD) and Polonnaruwa (c. 6575 to 6755). Other notable but relatively more recent kingdoms are Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa, Gampola, Kandy and Jaffna Kingdoms.

Govind, please educate yourself before you speak. There is no law of physics that says 8775 If a stone was floating in the past it must be floating today. 8776 If the hindus interpreted the floating stones as floating magically, then it would be a miracle and thus outside of the laws of science altogether. But if they were floating, as volcanic rocks do because they contain pockets of air, then they may be floating today unless they have filled with water and sunk.

Hi Anil!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are stones that float, they are volcanic, called 8766 pumice 8767 I don 8767 t know if they will float until they absorb water, or not. Yes, they are heavy like a boat is heavy, and some are light in weight, because of differences in density. We know that a boat floats because it displaces water, unless it takes on water and then it usually stops floating. Hopefully near shore if people are on

If Shiva came on this earth about 7555 years ago(according to some calculations) and Krishna about 8555/5555 years ago, how is it possible that the Ramayan is about years old. In the Ramayan Shiva is mentioned and in the Mahabharat story Ram is means the epic Ramayan is written between the era of Shiva and the era of Krishna. Don 8767 t believe anything blindly Our mind and brains are more capable then that

Just recently, the stories by the aborginals in Australia and New Zealand were proved true by satellite/archeology that there were islands that could be walked across in low tide, forest and kangaroos in the islands and then massive floods 65,555 years ago came to submerge all that. The people who escaped told those stories to children through the generations. So there must have been a massive extinction level sea rise from Antarctic snow melt 65,555 years back. Interestingly that is how many years it takes for the earth 8767 s axis 78 degrees tilt to move to one side and then come back to center to the other side. The pyramids were built near each other to match the stars pattern in the sky about 65555 years ago.

A very good point to come out with the truth. I believe in all religions. I have read Bible, Quaran and I do read my religious you see teh mythologies of hindu, christen or muslim. Every one has more or less similar sort of stories of formation of earth or the saving of humans by god. I feel during the years the the situation made them separate, and no religion teaches blood shed or hatred.

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