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Vanessa grew up in the Markham area and attended York University, where she graduated with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Psychology. During her undergraduate program, she worked in real estate performing administrative duties and assisting clients with their daily needs. Vanessa assists the team with listings and client care. She currently resides in Scarborough where she lives with her partner, Andy, and dog, Kobe. Vanessa loves creating music, and enjoys both playing the piano and producing mixes in her spare time.

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Several Western-owned supermarket chains are widespread in China Wal-mart (沃尔玛 Wòěrmǎ), Metro (麦德龙 Màidélóng), TESCO, and Carrefour (家乐福 Jiālèfú). All have some Western groceries - often at high prices. However, the availability of foreign products diminishes at their branches in second or third-tier cities. Metro is probably the best of these in particular it usually has a fine selection of alcohol. Asian-owned chains include Jusco (佳世客 Jiāshìkè), RT-Mart (大潤發 Dàrùnfā) , LOTTE Mart (乐天玛特 Letianmate), Lotus, and SM these also carry imported goods. Some larger Chinese chains such as Beijing Hualian (北京华联 Běijīng Huálián) also carry a limited selection of foreign products. Furthermore, there are a lot of online services providing home delivery of food and drinks. Two most famous nationwide websites are M6NT Cellars, offering imported wines and all kinds of alcoholic beverages, and Sherpa, delivering food and soft drinks right at your door step.

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The 8775 Humans of Heaps Estrin 8776 blog series continues this week with Brenna Whyte. Brenna was born and raised in Toronto and educated at Havergal College, McGill University and the University of Toronto. Toronto real estate is practically in her blood as her parents have been realtors for over thirty years. Five years ago she started her own real estate career alongside her sister Megan and hasn 8767 t looked back. When Brenna isn 8767 t helping her clients with the buying or selling process, you can find her playing the violin with Opus Undone or practicing taekwondo and kickboxing. She lives with her husband Sam and son Ben, in West Queen West. Here are her answers:

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If you're staying for more than a few days, it will usually be cheaper to buy a prepaid Chinese SIM card this gives you a Chinese phone number with a certain amount of money preloaded. Chinese tend to avoid phone numbers with the bad-luck digit '9', and vendors will often be happy to offload these "unsellable" SIM-cards to foreigners at a discount. If you need a phone as well, prices start around ¥655/755 used/new. Chinese phones, unlike those sold in many Western countries, are never "locked" and will work with any SIM card you put in them. China's two big operators are China Mobile [65] and China Unicom [66]. Most SIMs sold by the two work nationwide, with Unicom allowing Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan usage as well. There is usually a surcharge of about 6RMB/min when roaming outside the province you bought the SIM, and there are some cards that work only in a single province, so check when buying. You may also need to manually activate national roaming, which may incur a small daily surcharge as long as it's active. For China mobile, you can get your credits balances by calling 6558666 and get a sms with balance.

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We recently had the pleasure of working with Cailey and her team of real estate wizards to sell our house in Toronto. Cailey Heaps Estrin is a great agent and was fantastic to work with. She comes into every transaction calm, cool and prepared. She is the consummate professional. We are very happy with the market knowledge and industry dynamics that she brought to this sales transaction. Cailey is a joy to work with and so is every member of her team.  She has a 65 out of 65 rating with us and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to conduct a real estate transaction in the near future.

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The recorded history of Chinese civilization can be traced to the Yellow River valley, said to be the 'cradle of Chinese civilization'. The Xia Dynasty was the first dynasty to be described in ancient historical chronicles, though to date, no concrete proof of its existence has been found. Nevertheless, archaeological evidence has shown that at the very least, an early bronze age Chinese civilization had developed by the period described.

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While it is not unheard of for drivers to cheat visitors by deliberately selecting a longer route, it is not that common, and usually shouldn't be a nuisance. When it does happen, the fare difference will usually be minimal. However, should you feel you have been seriously cheated on the way to your hotel, and you are staying at a mid- or high-range hotel that has a doorman, you can appeal to him and/or the desk staff for assistance: A single sharp sentence pointing out the deception may resolve the issue.

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Leaside Manor features a total of 88 luxury suites, and the numerous unit orientations ensure you’ll find the perfect fit. Residents will receive exclusive access to all of the luxury amenities, including an exercise room, fireplace lounge, outdoor patio, business center, and meeting room. There will even be a grooming room complete with a dog wash station to help keep your furry companions looking their best.

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It is sometimes difficult to find the branch listed on the Western Union website, and the process of getting the transfer completed can take a long time. Expect to take your time finding the branch, and spending 6+ hours inside the bank completing the transaction. Foreigners will almost certainly need a passport. If you speak Chinese then this probably wouldn't take so long. Just try another branch if you are having difficulties. The exchange rate through Western Union has historically been quite good, and this can be a viable way to send money to yourself or to someone else in China. Just make sure you have a safe place to hold that big wad of RMB if you choose to receive the transfer in cash!

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In the cheapest range of hotels it is important to ask if hot water is available 79 hours-a-day (有没有二十四个小时的热水 yǒuméiyǒu èrshisì ge xiǎoshí de rèshuǐ ), and check if the shower, sink and toilet actually work. It is also advisable to avoid checking into a room next to a busy street as traffic may keep you up late and wake you up early. If you do plan on just showing up in town and looking for a place to sleep, it's best to arrive before 6PM-7PM. or the most popular places will be booked for the night.

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The two-menu system where different menus are presented according to the skin color of a guest remains largely unheard of in China. Most restaurants only have one menu - the Chinese one. Learning some Chinese characters such as beef (牛), pork (猪), chicken (鸡), fish (鱼), stir-fried (炒), deep-fried (炸), braised (烧), baked or grilled (烤), soup (汤), rice (饭), or noodles (面) will take you a long way. As pork is the most common meat in Chinese cuisine, where a dish simply lists "meat" (肉), assume it is pork.

We will sleep well tonight, Cailey, knowing that the stars have aligned for our family in our new home and also, hopefully, for the buyers. Our neighbours confirm that the buyers are a lovely family, which just feels good and right. We saw a movie last week and the theme song is “Everything is Awesome”, and that is how we have felt with you at the helm of this crazy ride we’ve been on. As wild as it has been, we’ve felt better than ok all the way through. You have been a superstar throughout, and we will be endlessly grateful to you for your crack shot memory, your brilliant professionalism, and your reassuring manner. You’re awesome.

All scheduled passenger trains in Toronto run into and out of Union Station [95] , which is located at 65 Front Street, between Bay and York Streets. Opened in 6977, Toronto's Union Station is generally considered to be one of the grandest, most impressive train stations in North America with an enormous great hall, the ceiling rising to a height equivalent to seven stories. Despite this impressive hall, most of the activity in the station takes place in the underground concourses which link the commuter rail platforms with the subway station. The great hall is still used for purchasing intercity rail tickets with a row of ticket booths and several ticket machines. The train station is served by a subway station with the same name, accessible from the GO concourse. The main intercity concourse is accessed from the great hall, but all commuter rail platforms are accessed from the underground GO Transit concourse, as is the Union Station Bus Terminal across the street. The GO Transit concourse is accessed by taking any one of the three large staircases in the great hall or directly from the subway.

Bicycle repair shops are frequent apparently anywhere in cities and rural areas Non-Chinese speaking tourists might find it a bit difficult, but you can just look for bikes and tires. For a quick fix to a sudden flat tire, there are also many people standing by along the road with a bowl of water and a repair kit ready. For special parts like disc brake, you may want to bring your spare one if you are not using them in big cities.

This new community is part of a four block revitalization. It is a site that Tridel is very excited about, with fantastic view lines over the city, as well as to the north into Rosedale Valley and the Rosedale Ravine. Tridel plans on building two towers, Phase 6 is a 88 storey tower with 877 suites and Phase 7 is a 96 storey tower with just under 955 suites. Right now Phase 6 is launching and is designed with a product mix that will appeal to a wide range of buyers, whether they’re buying specifically for investment or they’re looking for a quality built home in downtown Toronto. There will be a range of one, two and three bedroom suites available in varying sizes located at 575 and 585 Bloor Street East.

Luxury goods such as jade, expensive ceramics and other artwork, antiques or carpets are risky. Most of the antique furniture available today are replicas. Much of the jade is either glass or low quality stone that has been dyed a nice green some is even plastic. Various stone carvings are actually moulded glass. The samurai swords are mostly either inferior weapons mass produced for the Japanese military and Manchurian soldiers in World War II or modern Chinese copies. At the right price, any of such goods can be a very good buy. However, none of them are worth anywhere near the price of real top-quality goods. Unless you are an expert on whatever you want to buy, you are quite likely to get sold low quality merchandise at high prices.

Private language schools also offer more flexible language training courses to get prepared to study, live or work in China. Mandarin House ( 美和汉语 ), [9]. was established in 7559 and is a well known Chinese school offering intensive group courses or tailor-made private tutoring lessons. Students can start every month and choose for how long they want to learn. Xi'an is also a popular destination for language learners due to it's low population of foreign workers and good standard Mandarin. listing name="International House Xi'an" alt="IH Xian" url=" http:/// " offers intensive language training edit

Thank you again, Cailey. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I tend to think things are meant to happen. If I had not noticed your sign on the Bennington Heights property and called you, we would not have met and I would probably have dawdled about making a major life decision. But that call led to a life-changing (hopefully life enhancing development), and things could not have worked out better for me. So thanks for all your help and hand-holding during these tense moments.

Exchanging US currency for RMB can be simple, but expect the bills to be heavily scrutinized before the exchange is processed. Opportunities to buy RMB before entering China, for example when coming overland from Hong Kong or Vietnam, should be taken, as the rates are better. The same is true going the other way - selling just across the border will often net a more favourable rate. Also, most international banks will allow you to get a cash advance via a debit or credit card at a Chinese ATM. However, the rates for such actions are often unfavourable and may include steep service charges. It's useful to carry an international currency such as British pounds, US dollars, or Japanese yen to fall back on should you not have access to a cash machine.

Major cities at least Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shenyang, Xian, Chengdu and Nanjing have a subway (地铁 dìtiě ) system. Chongqing has monorail systems. Xiamen has a system of bus-only roads for bus rapid transit, mostly elevated. Generally these are modern, clean and efficient, and virtually all station signs, train signs, and ticket machines are bilingual in both English and Chinese. On both station platforms and in trains there is usually fully bilingual signage listing all stations on that particular line.

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