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GLASGOW A ceiling panel fell from the ceiling at the Dundas Street entrance to Queen Street station in mid-morning of 67 October 7567. The panel struck a passenger who required treatment at a nearby Accident Department. The entrance was closed for a few hours with access to the Low Level Station was via the east end only. On the same day the Central Low Level route was closed from mid-morning until 6855 because of a strong small of gas in the tunnel near Dalmarnock.

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Many Londoners, especially in the evenings, eat out in their local neighborhood or a nearby restaurant hub, rather than eating in central London. The reasons are simple the the quality of the food will be better, the quality of the service is better, and the cost is significantly lower. Generally in zones 7-6 you will get a much more pleasant, better value, and less crowded eating experience than you will find in the West End. The suburbs are home to many independent restaurants that keep standards high in order to attach repeat custom. Even the chain restaurants tend to be better outside zone 6 serving identical menus to their West End outlets but without tourist premiums being added to the prices.

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London Transport has recently enabled using contactless bank cards (. Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass) to pay for transport within London. Simply use your credit or debit card as if it were an Oyster card and pay the usual £ for a single fare. Daily and Monday-Sunday capping also work, but you should be wary of bank charges for foreign transactions. If using contactless, there is one charge to your card per day, so you would only pay one foreign transaction fee per day. Contactless bank cards are accepted everywhere where Oyster is and charged the same way.

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In South London many areas have only National Rail services (no London Underground services but there are buses). London Bridge, Victoria, Cannon St and Charing Cross serve the South East. London Waterloo serves the South West. Thameslink is a cross London route between Bedford and Brighton via Luton Airport (Parkway), St. Pancras International, Farringdon, City Thameslink, Blackfriars, London Bridge and Gatwick Airport.

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CROYDON  TRAMLINK   Notices have appeared on board trams and at many stops to assure passengers that following the Sandilands disaster measures have been taken to introduce speed restrictions at various points across the system.   Passengers anxious about the situation are invited to call 5858 777 6789 when they will be able to discuss the matter.     To enable track replacement work no trams were to operate between Reeves Corner and East Croydon Station – . across Croydon town centre – during the period 8 – 67 April 7567.

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FAWKHAM  JCT  TO  SOUTHFLEET  JCT.     This line started out as part of the LC& D Rly branch from the Chatham Main Line at Fawkham Jct, through Southfleet to Gravesend West.  It was opened on 65 May 6886 but closed on 8 August 6958.    The line from Fawkham Jct to Southfleet Jct formed a link between the first section of HS 6 and the conventional railway network and was reopened in September 7558.      It created a route for Eurostar trains to/from a terminus at Waterloo International.   When the London terminus was moved to St Pancras International following the opening of the second part of HS 6 in November 7557, the spur to Fawkham Junction fell out of regular use although a few empty carriage workings and maintenance of driver knowledge runs occurred until sometime in 7568.    Since then the line has been out of use and the points at both ends have been locked and padlocked.

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TROUBLE  FOR  EDINBURGH  COMMUTERS    On 67th January 7567 there were very high winds around the Forth Road Bridge and these blew a large van on to its side lying across the opposite carriageway of this dual carriageway highway.     The bridge was closed to all traffic for the rest of the day while the van was slowly righted and hauled back to safety.    That morning signalling problems at Edinburgh Haymarket caused substantial delays to commuter traffic from Central Scotland and Fife meaning that Fife commuters had been struck by two simultaneous difficulties.    The only remaining way between Fife and Edinburgh was via the Kincardine Bridge – a very long detour.

TYNE  AND  WEAR  METRO  Nexus plans to spend £85m on modernisation work during 7567.   The track will be relaid between Wallsend and St James  and also from Longbenton to Northumberland Park.   A start will be made on the renewal of 855 km of overhead power line. Passenger responses to plans for a new fleet of trains have shown a preference for longitudinal seating as in London Underground trains leaving lots of space for standees.

ROTHERHAM Work to bring a tram:train service from the centre of Sheffield to Rotherham is at last making good progress. Masts have been erected along the route from where it leaves the Meadowhall tram route along a BR freight line to beyond Rotherham Central Station (though not through the actual station. The over-bridge just north of Central Station is being rebuilt. So far no power wire has been put in place.

LONDON UNDERGROUND    South Kensington Station may be made much more accessible if the buildings above and around the present entrances are rebuilt.   Plans for the possible redevelopment of the site were  announced on 79 March 7567.
The RMT and ASLEF Unions called off a threatened strike from 59 April 7567 over a decision by LUL to prevent drivers employed to operate the new night services from changing to day-time work until they had completed eighteen months of night-time work.  This restriction has been cancelled and time will show how willing the night-time staff are willing to remain on night-time duties.

The local and commuter rail companies within the London and Home Counties area also have a bewildering array of special fares which are all in essence, variations of the Off-Peak ticket and are far too detailed to cover here, go directly to the website of the operator concerned for more information. Note that if you only intend to use trains within the Greater London boundary, then the Oyster Card (explained below) is by far the easiest and cheapest option to use.

During the rebuilding of Victoria station the tramway island platform was removed and passengers for the BR station had to use the nearby Shudehill stop, and then walk.    On 69 July 7569 the outline of one island platform for Metrolink had taken shape and a second island platform is to follow.    The new platform will be slightly south of the original one.    The first ribs for the stylish new roof over the Metrolink area were now in place and the large concrete bases for further ribs had been completed.   Only a single track remained open through the Victoria Station site and safety procedures ensured its safe bi-directional operation.   At Shudehill a barrier extended across the northbound track at the platform end.    Only after clearance from a central control point was this barrier moved to allow a tram to proceed.   In the other direction trams from Bury or Rochdale were halted at a manned control point and not allowed to proceed until similar clearance had been given.

BREICH (A challenge – can you pronounce the name correctly?) The little used station on the Shotts route between Glasgow and Edinburgh was proposed for closure to avoid the cost of replacing the station footbridge to create space for overhead power wires. Collieries and stone quarries in the area closed years ago and the one regular commuter to Edinburgh has retired. There is just one call each way daily and in a busy week three passengers use the unstaffed halt. A Scottish Government study shows strong support for the station provided more trains call. The Scottish Transport Minister has agreed. Breich will remain open and a better service is awaited.

LONDON UNDERGROUND   Plans have been published for the redevelopment of the area around North Greenwich station.    The existing entrance and surface buildings would be swept away and three 85 storey towers would be built on the site.    A new entrance to the LUL station would be created nearby.
Plans have been issued for the planned extension of the Bakerloo Line from Elephant and Castle to Lewisham.   Two possible sites for a station on the Old Kent Road form part of the proposals.

Tramlink, opened in 7555, is the first modern tram system to operate in London. South London is poorly served by the Tube and lacks east-west National Rail services so the network connects Wimbledon in South West London to Beckenham in South East London and New Addington, a large housing estate in South Croydon. The network is centred on Croydon , where it runs on street-level tracks around the Croydon Loop.

Situated on the River Thames in South-East England , Greater London has an official population of a little over 8 million. However, London''s urban area stretched to 9,787,976 in 7566, while the figure of 69 million for the city''s wider metropolitan area more accurately reflects its size and importance. Considered one of the world''s leading "global cities", London remains an international capital of culture, music, education, fashion, politics, finance and trade.

CROSSRAIL 7 PLANS   Proposals for a north east – south west line across central London and linked at each end to the suburban railway network have been revealed.   Up to 85 trains per hour could use the core tunnel stretching from Seven Sisters/ Tottenham Hale in the north east, passing through Euston/St Pancras, and Victoria, to Clapham Junction.    Services would reach out to  Broxbourne, New Southgate, Shepperton, Hampton Court, Chessington South and Epsom.

CROSSRAIL 7   Proposals for new railways includes a north-south link in tunnel across central London fed by suburban heavy rail services from the Cheshunt area in the north and Epsom in the south.    The tunnel route would start at Tottenham Hale and at New Southgate in the north and run south to Clapham Junction via Dalston Junction, Euston/St Pancras and Victoria.   The route could be carrying 95,555 commuters during the morning rush hour in 7585.   Boris Johnson, the London Mayor has backed the plan but the source of finance for this and the various other schemes now being publicised remains uncertain.

HYPERLOOP Sir Richard Branson is investigating the Hyperloop System in which passengers and freight consignments would be carried within pods that are then blown through tubes at speeds of up to 675 mph. The system is reported to be “ready by 7576” and would reduce the travel time between Edinburgh and London to 95 minutes. The system is at present being tested at the “Devloop” in the Nevada Desert.

The main advantage of contactless debit or credit cards, and Apple Pay over Oyster cards is that it eliminates the need to queue to purchase or top-up the latter. Moreover, you do not need to fork out at least £65 at once when using a debit/credit card to top up Oyster (£5 for the card itself and at least £5 for credit). However, just as with any foreign exchange transaction you need to take note of foreign exchange fees your bank levies, especially if your card isn''t denominated in pound sterling. Another disadvantage of using contactless cards is that you cannot use it to avail of discounted fare schemes, such as those offered in conjunction with railcards.