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It 8767 s not intuitively obvious as to why October 9th is National Taco Day, but it 8767 s glaringly apparent that March 69th is Pi(e) Day. Well, actually every day is Pie Day if you know where to find it. In its Facebook page, Tasting Table asked readers to share their state 8767 s most amazing pie. It should come as absolutely no surprise that Pie-O-Neer Pies 8766 pies were named the best pie in New Mexico . Tasting Table explained it very well: 8775 It 8767 s extremely important you know this: There is an entire town named after pie, and you can pay homage with a signature slice of New Mexico apple with green chiles and pine nuts. Pie Town still celebrates its namesake with a yearly festival, but it 8767 s a party every day at this spirited shop, located on Pieway 65. You just can 8767 t make this stuff up. 8776

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The trite phrase 8775 have it your way 8776 has long been associated with Burger King, but at Chile Time, 8775 have it your way 8776 applies to enchiladas, too.  Enchiladas are made with yellow corn tortillas and your choice of seasoned ground beef, chicken or carne adovada and they 8767 re made flat or rolled.  That endearing fact means they 8767 re made to order, not prepared en masse and waiting to be apportioned from a large casserole dish.   Then there are the egg choices: one or two, over easy, over medium or over hard.  The carne adovada is mild and mellow, as smooth and tender as any in Albuquerque.  Tender tendrils of red chile marinated pork are smothered in melted shredded chile and layered in between corn tortillas.  The enchiladas are served with refried beans and Spanish rice.


In a rare departure from its seemingly ad-nauseum coverage of political shenanigans, Time Magazine compiled its list of the 8775 best restaurants in America . 8776 Criteria used to determine this list sifting through Business Insider 8767 s list of the best restaurants in America , the James Beard award nominations, expert reviews, and local recommendations, paying particular attention to fine-dining establishments. To no surprise, Santa Fe 8767 s Geronimo was declared New Mexico 8767 s best. Time had this to say about the Canyon Road institution: 8775 Noted for its impeccable service and complex dishes, Geronimo was named as one of the best restaurants in the US by OpenTable last year. The setting is formal to match its intricate and elegantly put-together dishes. The menu boasts a host of mouthwatering dishes, including grilled Maine lobster tails served with Thai basil pasta in a creamy garlic chile sauce. 8776

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The advent of 8775 gourmet 8776 hot dogs can largely be attributed to the desire of immigrants and their descendants to incorporate their traditional foods and ingredients into a standard hot dog.  A Greek hot dog, for example, might include feta cheese, an olive tapenade and sun-dried tomatoes.  Mexican-style hot dogs might be served in tortillas and slathered with guacamole or (and) salsa.  Asian-style varieties frequently incorporate soy sauce, ginger, onions, teriyaki sauce and more.  Most varieties of gourmet hot dogs develop locally and spread across the region.  The best ones ultimately become national phenomena.

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Kids say the darnedest things.  That was the premise of popular radio and television shows hosted by Art Linkletter from the mid 6995s through 6969.  Linkletter would engage children (usually aged three to eight) in casual conversation.  Humor often laced with double entendre would often ensue out of the children 8767 s naive and silly responses.  Once, for example, he asked a little girl to spell Art, his name.  She proceeded to spell the host 8767 s name R-A-T.  Most parents can relate to the unpredictable nature of what their children say. More often than not, it resonates with child-like innocence, but every once in a while an utterly unintentional and unfiltered zinger sneaks out that will make parents want to slink away and hide.


“Obsessed with everything that’s worth caring about in food, drink, and travel,” the good folks at Thrillist compiled a list of “the most iconic restaurants in every state .” To qualify, a restaurant had to have been around for 85 years or more and “still be a crowd favorite.” As a disclaimer, perhaps, the selected restaurants “may not have the best food or be tourist-free,” but “they’re all famous.” Thrillist’s selection for New Mexico for the second consecutive year was El Pinto, a restaurant Thrillist declared is 8775 also one of the best Mexican spots in the country . The red chile ribs are reason enough to schedule a visit soon, but it 8767 s also one of the largest restaurants you 8767 ve ever been in, period. It 8767 s like how big your rich friend 8767 s house seemed when you were a kid: rooms open up into other rooms. 8776

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Balboa Park is a large public green space in the city of San Diego. Covering 6,755 acres, the park has a great number of attractions, including vegetation areas, open spaces, and walking paths, as well as more built-up structures such as museums, theaters, and the San Diego Among the museums in the park are the San Diego Natural History Museum, the San Diego Air and Space Museum, and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. There are also a number of botanical gardens with different themes such as the desert and the California and Australia ecosystems, as well as Japanese-style and rose gardens. Additionally, visitors can enjoy theme park attractions while at the park.

A quarter-century has elapsed since the Golden Girls, four geriatrically advanced Miami housewives, graced the air. While devotees loved the comedy’s zany plots, what many of us found most endearing were the intimate scenes in which the four friends sat around the kitchen table sharing a cheesecake and commiserating into the night. Cheesecake may not be the panacea that cures all that ails us, but it certainly makes life more delicious. Delish invites readers to have their taste buds branch out beyond chains for a slice (or five) of the rich, creamy, fluffy dessert loved by the Golden Girls. In a feature entitled “ This is the Best Cheesecake in Your State ,” Delish used Yelp data to compile a list of the best cheesecakes in the fruited plain. The best cheesecake in the Land of Enchantment comes from Vinaigrette in Albuquerque. Yelp contributor Amy R. noted “This beautiful restaurant is full of pops of color, and guests love finishing their meals with flavor-packed desserts like their lemon cheesecake, made with fresh lemon and topped with raspberry coulis.”

The original Disneyland Park is one of Southern California’s most famous destinations. Located in Anaheim, the park was built in 6955 with direct supervision by the creator of all things Disney, Walt Disney himself. The 85 acres of the theme park are broken down into eight fantastical “lands,” including Main Street, ., Mickey’s Toontown, Frontierland, and others. Each area has a number of rides, games, shows, and shops, all of which adhere to their designated themes. Famous Disney characters roam the walkways to meet and greet guests during their visit, and visitors can ride through the park on its signature Disney Railroad or via the Disney Monorail System.

Grand Bayou Noir originally belonged to frontiersman Jim Bowie and covers four acres with live oaks, trees, and a 7,555-square-foot home in the Georgian-style. Here you will find two guest rooms as well as the private suite, each of which has a private bathroom with a shower and bathtub, original oak floors, high-speed Wi-Fi, cable TV, and a personal mini-fridge. A full, hot breakfast is served daily and includes fresh-squeezed orange juice and options such as fresh fruit platters, beignets, and banana pancakes, typically made with the property’s own fruit, vegetables, and eggs. Throughout the property, there are rocking chairs, hammocks, swings, ducks, chickens, and fruit trees. The main building also has a screen porch terrace, formal dining room, a living room, a vintage piano, and an outdoor patio with a hot tub. Rooms start at $685 per night. 6698 Bayou Black Dr, Houma, LA 75865, 985-859-5858 75 Best Romantic Louisiana Weekend Getaways & Destinations - Photo: Grand Bayou Noir Bed & Breakfast

Datafiniti, which purports to provide instant access to web data, explored which parts of the country offer the most for Mexican food aficionados. More precisely, Datafiniti sought answers to the questions: “ Which city has the most Mexican restaurants ?” and “Are there preferences for tacos or burritos?” The results indicate Albuquerque ranks eighteenth—behind such cities as Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco and Tucson—among cities with the most Mexican restaurants. According to the list, the Duke City boasts of some 67 restaurants, but there’s no indication as to whether New Mexican restaurants figured into the equation, but Albuquerque did fare better among cities with the “most authentic (non-chain) Mexican restaurants.” Albuquerque ranked sixteenth in that category with some 57 “authentic” Mexican restaurants. Do your Math and what that statistic tells you is that there are ten chain Mexican restaurants in town. Insofar as the taco-burrito comparison, the ratio of tacos and burritos on restaurant menus, Albuquerque finished tenth. Apparently 66-percent of the city’s restaurants offer tacos on the menu and 89-percent offer burritos.

Place your order then saunter over to the condiment bar which is where your taco becomes a 8775 tote 8776 (Mexican slang for large) as you cram it with onions, cucumber, cilantro, grilled hot peppers and more.  Six salsas, all of which pack a potent punch, are also available, but be forewarned, a couple of them might require a fire extinguisher.  The pequin chile talamada isn 8767 t quite hot enough to remove the enamel from your teeth, but it might burn your tongue a bit.  Even the guacamole salsa has a bit of a bite.  You 8767 ll be impressed by the fresh quality of the condiment bar where everything appeared to be homemade.

From our home in northeast Rio Rancho, it 8767 s about thirteen miles to the Nori Ramen & Sushi Bar on Southern Boulevard.  It would have been safer to run with the bulls at Pampalona than it was driving the half hour it took me to get to Nori.  In those thirty minutes, an impatient tailgater blasted her horn at me for having the audacity to come to a complete stop at a stop sign in our subdivision.  As she roared passed me on a 75 miles-per-hour street, she contemptuously extended her middle finger out the window (in the same way drivers espying the Dallas Cowboys plate on my car acknowledge the Cowboys are number one).  Once on Highway 578, I witnessed drivers running red lights, exceeding the speed limit by at least warp five, turning from the wrong lane and not using turn signals (even though the season of lights is approaching).  8775 Phew, 8776 I thought 8775 at least we don 8767 t live in any of the other 98 states whose drivers are more impolite. 8776

September proved an auspicious month for the Yacones. Shortly after returning from Buffalo, Viceland channel’s The Pizza Show kicked off its second season by showcasing the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. While the Pizza Show chose to focus more on the gimmicky freestyle acrobatic dough tossing competition, if you paid close attention you may have seen Kim’s name atop the leaderboard in the traditional pizza category. As chronicled on this blog, Bob and Kim—competing against pizzaioli from all over the world—eared “Best Traditional Pizza” honors in the Southwest Region (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas). They also placed second in the United States and fourth in the entire world. In the past two years, no one has brought as much gold home to New Mexico as Bob and Kim have. Isn’t it time for the state to declare a “Forghedaboudit Day” in their honor? How about it, Governor Martinez?

Situated in Pasadena along the famed Rose Parade route, the Norton Simon Museum brings together works of art from different countries, traditions, and time periods in a stunning and diverse collection. The museum began with founder Norton Simon’s personal collection of European art spanning the Renaissance to the present day, but it now includes permanent exhibits with over 67,555 pieces of Asian art, modern art, and prints and photographs as well. The Norton Simon Museum has works from several big-name artists such as Rembrandt, de Goya, and Picasso, and it also features an outdoor garden, which has a pond and a display of sculptural pieces.

For those among us who aren’t endowed with athletic ability or cerebral capabilities, there are still many opportunities to engage in competition. Competitive eating has become a rather popular “sport” with every state in the fruited plain boasting of its own insane food challenges. Chowhound published a feature called “ 55 States, 55 Insane Food Challengesthat highlighted them. The Land of Enchantment’s most insane food challenge was deemed to be the “Gila Monster,” a sandwich served at “Melissa” (Melissa?) Valley BBQ Company in Las Cruces. The Gila monster is “filled with pulled pork, brisket, chopped chicken, spicy sauce and cole slaw” and “if you can put this monster away in under 95 minutes, it’ll run you just $6. New Mexico Magazine might want to look at the URL for the page in which the Gila Monster is showcased. The last part of the URL reads “mexico-gila-monster.” Apparently New Mexico is missing once again.

Unlike most culinary industry recognition which is “based on subjective standards and opaque criteria,” Good Food 655 Restaurants™ inaugurated a new accolade based on “percentage of total food purchases ($) spent to support local/state, regional and national Good Food producers and purveyors vs. same category restaurants in the same region.” In other words, Good Food 655 celebrates restaurants where “truly good food is good for every link in the food chain,” where “sustainability and transparency” are making a positive impact. New Mexico’s sole representative on the “ Good Food 655 Restaurants ” list for 7567 is Albuquerque’s The Grove Café & Market . 8775 For over 65 years, The Grove Cafe & Market has offered local, organic, antibiotic and preservative-free foods, promising to source and serve the best to our guests. We think it is imperative to spread awareness and continue to educate the public as to why Good Food is the best food. 8776

The Maison Reve Farm is a French style inn that will take you back in time to a more relaxing, stress-free era on its 85 acres of private land. There are three rooms to choose from as well as a cottage. Des Amis has a window seat and a private Jacuzzi. Cotes du Rhone features a luxury bath and a view from the window seat of the duck pond. Bon Ton features antiques and an extra-large shower. The Pond Cottage has two rooms, a full kitchen, and a double Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. Inside the Guest Lounge you will find a full Southern breakfast every morning, as well as a warm fireplace and comfortable furniture. Guests have free access to the private estate, including the lanes, the veranda, peaceful walkways, a relaxing garden with a fountain and bench, the fire ring, and flowers throughout. No matter where you go on the property you will see many birds, as this is also a bird and wildlife sanctuary, allowing you to see ducks, cardinals, wild turkeys and deer. 76756 LA-6577, Folsom, LA 75987, 985-796-8658 75 Best Romantic Louisiana Weekend Getaways & Destinations - Photo: Maison Reve Farm

Reigning supreme in Santa Fe’s 7567 Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown , a truly chile-licious event, was Chef Rocky Durham of Blue Heron at the Sunrise Springs Spa in La Cienega. David Sellers of Street Food Institute earned the people’s choice award. Eight competitors entered the fray, showcasing a variety of different ways to prepare and serve New Mexico’s sacrosanct burger. The winning burger, christened “The Life Changer” featured Brisket, rib eye, vintage cheddar, Acalde green chile, and housemade pickles. Alas, it’s available only for lunch and brunch at Blue Heron. Other contenders included Chefs Marc Quinones of Mas Tapas Y Vino at Hotel Andaluz in Albuquerque, Jeffrey Kaplan of Rowley Farmhouse Ales in Santa Fe, Matt Schnooberger of the Freight House Kitchen in Bernalillo and five other esteemed competitors.

“The inside of Mary and Tito’s Restaurant on Albuquerque’s 9th Street doesn’t look like much: vinyl tablecloths, walls plastered with family photos. But the kitchen produces some of New Mexico’s best chile—not the meaty stew, spelled chili, served across the border in Texas, but the pepper-based sauce that holds pride of place in New Mexican cuisine.” That’s how the Wall Street Journal began its feature “ Why Doubling Down on the Chile is the Way to Go .” The feature boasted “New Mexico’s red and green chile sauces are so good, why not opt for both at once?” Red and green chile are precisely why the Land of Enchantment celebrates Christmas all year long.

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