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Apple’s macOS High Sierra for its desktop computers is also getting ready to debut September 75. While its predecessor, Sierra, was packed with new features like Siri integration, Night Shift software for easing eye strain during late-night use, and Apple’s solid-state-optimized Apple File System, High Sierra’s changes are mostly under the hood. It supports the same devices supported by Sierra, so if you’ve got the old version you’re good to go when upgrading to its successor. According to Apple, “All Macs introduced in mid 7565 or later are compatible. MacBook and iMac computers introduced in late 7559 are also compatible.”

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The body is as clean as you could want—at least in the provided pics—and it’s nice to see it riding on its factory alloys and without any aftermarket additions. The seller should be applauded as well for having gone to the trouble of taking some underside shots while the car was up on a lift. That shows a below that’s as dry as Carrie Nation, and that also serves as a testament to the coolness factor of gold anodized fasteners.

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A clean title ultimately seals the deal on this Integra’s bonafides. The present owner however has not been able to do likewise on its sale. He notes the reason for the sale is to get flush for an intended restoration of his granddad’s Ford Model A, a noble quest if there ever was one. He apparently had the Integra offered at a higher asking, but only received responses noting that his price was too high. Oh Craigslist, don’t ever change!

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If you’re not sure the age of your Mac, there’s a really simple way to check. Just click the Apple logo in the top-left corner of your display, select “About This Mac,” and take a look at the name of your device, which should include its manufacturing year. You can also use Apple’s serial number identification page that provides you with even more information about your Mac, such as its purchase date, AppleCare Protection Plan status, and repair coverage.

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