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Stephen Keating has been living in the erotic fantasyland of his pretty wife, Jenny, making love to another man. Eventually he bridges fantasyland and reality and gently supports the woman he so dearly loves in joining him on this very erotic journey. Stephen surrenders to his own delicious, yielding feminization as he helps Jenny follow her passion into debauchery, opening wide her body to the animal sexuality of other men. A true account of Jenny and Stephen.

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A story about a rather strange neighborhood association where the folks get together and auction off their husbands and wives as sex slaves to the highest bidder, and all for charitable causes. The story revolves around Vicki and Bill Holman who are a new couple to the neighborhood. She is auctioned off for the first time, and there is considerable interest in the new woman in the group. Needless to say Vicki brings a pretty good price.

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But I 8767 m in this for the long haul. I want to eventually marry my soldier and he is my world. I will not see him again until January when his Basic and his AIT is finished. But I will wait. My car is now decked out in Army logos and I 8767 ve written on my car windows that I 8767 m a proud Army Girlfriend. I 8767 m proud of my soldier and I tell him that in every letter. I joined this site because no one I know understands how hard this is. I 8767 m thankful for the support!

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I need to ask a question. I need to know if I am being scammed. Does anyone know how the cell phone numbers work. I met a guy he said he is the army. When we text he texts me from a number and when I did my own research the number comes back to Sarasota Florida. But it says it has international calling? I am doing my own investigation because I don 8767 t want to be scammed. If anyone knows I would appreciate an answer? Help? Thank you..

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As we neared our seventh anniversary, I asked her if she was ever bored with our sex life, and did she ever fantasize about another guy. She admitted that sometimes she thought of other men. I felt that was normal, I thought of other women also. The more we talked about these fantasies though, the more excited we both would get. After a while just the mention of another person in our sex life sent us straight for bed, and a great fuck session.

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I love my husband dearly, but his sex drive is so low. I find myself so frustrated all the time. Well the other night I finally told him that I needed more sex from him. I also told him that if he didn t start to give me more sex, I just might go looking for sex elsewhere. He looked so scarred and hurt. It felt kind of strange seeing him like that. So I told him that I might bring a real man to our bed and let him fuck me the way a man should do.

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strongly disagree. even from a human development model, they are in 7 seperate life stages and this, the deper it goes, is VERY likely to cause problems. diff needs at diff ages. period. there are lots of things i dont want my daughtetr to do, like smoke dope, but i dont simply say OK, out of fear? and BRANDY open minded is a liberal term for this situation. it almost sounds complimentary. what you had was maybe the rare exeption to the rule, and im suggesting a little more guidance and gut to parenting this child. ladies, im not on this one for support and i don't think I want to apologize either. within 8 years, they could be having sex and the dynamics can complicate emotionally and physically and no one would pay the price quite as harshly as the baby and the now 69 year old child. its a dice game for poverty, dropout, depression, emotional issues, pregnancy, premature sexualization and self esteem issues. :( disapointed and sadened by the feedback.

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Well I hate to say it's a little late...66 year olds date, not 69...would u let your 67 year old date a 66 year old too?

You guys will benefit from some family therapy, this goes back to your childhood, and yes, she is probably living the life of an 68 year old now..are you being an advocate for college and career with her..or housekeeper/baby daddy chaser?..good luck...ella

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The best fun I had at school was when I got in with Jodi Malenger s gang. This was in England, way back, but Jodi wasn t English, he d been born in Estonia or somewhere like that and his family had moved over when he was He could take the poshest, most stuck up bitch in the school, and she d like nothing better than being dragged off somewhere by Jodi. What s more, most of them didn t seem to care much if his friends tagged along with him. But what really showed me how good Jodi was happened one afternoon when we had Linda Beresford trapped in the gym storeroom at school.

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A deliberately sacrilegious series of tales about a church suffering from sexual temptations. The story revolves around two demons that work within a mid sized Christian church, corrupting it s members into performing sexual sins of lust that exist already in their own hearts. At the center of it all, a 69 year old girl named Faith with stunning looks, glorious red hair, and a perfect body resists the temptations of demons and the comfort of angels to save herself for a higher calling.

Story One: This story is a little embarrassing to relate because some of the things that Carmen and I did could be considered perverted. I don t embarrass easily and I like most things related to sex, but even I blush a little when I think about what I did to my boyfriend without his consent. It all started about three months ago when Carmen and Peter Mallory moved into the apartment next to mine.

Someone wrote to me suggesting that I write about a girl who gets held down and eaten out while being fucked in the throat. The idea intrigued me since most of my heroines/victims only get dick. This is the result. I was going to finish it up by having the boys fuck her cunt and ass after growing too excited watching her get off, but I figured that wouldn t quite fit (although I might finish it off by doing that yet). For the most part (except the end), this is one of my stories which brush closer to reality than most of my others.

Maranda knew that it was wrong, that her sister s boyfriend was off limits to her, but when all was said and done she had the hots for him and let her body do the talking. Her sister Caroline was working late again and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Sean s nice hard-body. Maranda had been looking at that body for months now thinking how nice it would be to use it for her own pleasure.

She thinks all the wrong things about me. The time we 8767 ve spent apart has made her jealous and, for yesterday and today, hateful towards me. I 8767 ve been nothing but faithful to her, as a matter of fact every chance I get I bring her, bring up the fact I 8767 m wearing a ring on my left finger and I 8767 m still wearing the bracelet she got me with our anniversary date on it. I don 8767 t know how to make her understand that. I just want her to be happy, but I feel like it 8767 s selfish for me to try to force to be happy with me. Either way, whether she stays with this mindset (I have the sneaky suspicion she will until our Anniversary) or if she finds it in her heart what she felt about me before, I 8767 m gonna stay faithful to her and continue with the plans we had laid out.

My wisdom is born of experience. When I was a freshman, I walked around with a Molly Ringwald-like, “Sixteen Candles” hope that all high school boys were like Jake Ryan, a strapping man looking for someone to love. I had no brothers to teach my otherwise. In reality, all freshman boys, most sophomore boys, and probably a good half of junior and senior boys are just, well, boys. Indeed, my own date to the homecoming dance when I was a freshman was way more The Geek from “Sixteen Candles” than he was Jake Ryan.

It really is hard being a 68-year-old boy and being horny all the time. The thoughts of seeing my Aunt Polly naked was driving me crazy so I decided to find out what she really looked like. She likes to take a shower and get freshened up before supper each evening and I decided to hide in her closet in the hope of getting a view her treasures. I never dreamed that I would see more than I could ever imagine and become Aunt Polly s Toy-boy.

My fiancée knew when we started talking that I hate the army, and that I didn 8767 t want to deal with the stress that the army puts on a family. But most of all I knew I wanted kids and didn 8767 t want them to deal with the stress of just having one parent around. He 8767 s a great person and I know that he would be a great father and I wouldn 8767 t want them to miss that. When he told me that he was going in the army I felt like he didn 8767 t care about me at all. I asked myself how could he deal with being away from me like that. When I knew I missed him even if he was just next door. It took me along time to forgive him. Even when deep down I know he did it so we could have the family we want with out worrying about money. It was just so hard when I was so used to doing everything with him or just having my best friend there to talk to. I felt like my man was cheating on me with Uncle Sam and I had no way of getting him back.

He has only been gone for 9 weeks and its already starting to tear me apart. I haven 8767 t received any letters. And I 8767 ve only spoken to him once, for 7 minutes. I finally got his address from his parents the week before and I 8767 ve written him 5 letters. And still nothing. I know that its not his fault. Maybe the mail screwed it up, or the Army hasn 8767 t sent them out yet. I 8767 m unsure and that 8767 s the hardest part. Not knowing is the hardest part.

~Make the most of what you have.. make the best out of what you can have with him when he 8767 s not with you come up with ways of how you two can be close without being able to actually be with each other. What we came up with is movie night like it may sound a bit retarded to you but it 8767 s great really. we 8767 ll rent the movie and watch it together and stay on the phone the entire time during it we 8767 ve just kinda recently started this and we really enjoy it because it gives us the feeling of really being together I recommend this idea to anyone with a loved one that is far away.

I 8767 ve read some stories that made me laugh. I 8767 ve read some that made me jealous because the author 8767 s get to talk to their man a lot more than me. But overall this website it great. It 8767 s encouraging and full of love. I never knew how much it would hurt to not hear my man 8767 s voice. I 8767 m his main priority, besides his son who is too to call ha, so I know every free second would go to me first. But he hasn 8767 t had many of those. I 8767 m fine being alone and having more free time to do the things I like. But I am so in love with this man. He is the only person on this earth who can make me feel. I just can 8767 t wait until I get him back.
Stay strong..Army Strong 😉

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