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Yeah I used to see the lonely planet as a kind of Bible of travel but the biggest problem nowadays is that they are too generic. They aren 8767 t providing any extra value to what you can get just by looking online and what is there is often already out of date. The website is particularly useless and not user friendly at all. It 8767 s a shame! What would be really great would be guides written by people who know a place inside out.

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From Malaysia: The only formal way to enter by land from Malaysia is at the Entikong-Tebedu crossing between West Kalimantan and Sarawak , Malaysia on Borneo. The crossing in on the main route between Kuching , ( Sarawak ) and Pontianak, the capital of ( West Kalimantan ). As the crossing is listed only as a visa-free entry point, nationalities who do not qualify for this will have to apply for visas beforehand.

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And if all this seems terribly complex, don''t worry about it too much Indonesians are an easygoing bunch and don''t expect foreigners to know or understand intricacies of etiquette. If you''re wondering about a person''s reaction or you see any peculiar gesture you don''t understand, they will appreciate it if you ask them directly (casually later, in a friendly and humble manner), rather than ignoring it. In general such a question is more than an apology it shows trust.

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Besides GSM, there are several CDMA operators in Indonesia. For longer-term or regular visitors, these may be interesting for their generous mobile Internet packages (see below). Beware, however, that CDMA modems/phones are generally not usable outside of major cities (much of Bali, as well as Gili Islands are covered). CDMA phones and modems are sold along with GSM ones, and their price can be attractively low, so be sure to double-check when buying!

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Remove your shoes or sandals outside before entering a house, unless the owner explicitly allows you to keep them on. Even then, it might be more polite to remove your shoes. Do not put your feet up while sitting and try not to show the bottom of your feet to someone, it is considered rude. Don''t walk in front of people, instead walk behind them. When others are sitting, while walking around them, it is customary to bow slightly and lower a hand to "cut" through the crowd avoid standing upright.

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Many Indonesians are heavy smokers, and the concepts of "no smoking" and "second-hand smoke" have yet to make much headway in most of the country. Western-style cigarettes are known as rokok putih ("white smokes") but the cigarette of choice with a 97% market share is the ubiquitous kretek , a clove-laced cigarette that has become something of a national symbol and whose scent you will likely first encounter the moment you step out of the plane into the airport. Popular brands of kretek include Djarum , Gudang Garam , Bentoel and Sampoerna (Dji Sam Soe, 789). A pack of decent kretek will cost you on the order of Rp 9555. Note that the cheapest brands don''t have filters!

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Satisfy your sense of adventure and spiritual curiosity on this overland journey. From the capital of China, travel across the vast Tibetan Plateau, through remote villages. Riding the world s highest railway all the way to Lhasa, witness the intense spirituality of the Tibetan people in remote monasteries, high mountain passes, traditional homes and colourful marketplaces along the way. Immerse yourself in atmospheric monastic rituals and marvel at the might of Mt Everest on this extraordinary journey.

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Upon arrival and disembarking from the plane, you''ll immediately notice the sudden rush of warm, wet air. Indonesia is a warm place. It has no spring, summer, autumn, or winter, just two seasons: rainy and dry , both of which are relative (it still rains during the dry season, it just rains less). While there is significant regional variation, in most of the country (including Java and Bali) the dry season is April to October, while the wet season is November to March.

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Indonesia has a number of provinces where separatist movements have resorted to armed struggles, notably Aceh and Papua. In addition, sectarian strife between Muslims and Christians, as well as between the indigenous population and transmigrants from Java/Madura, continues to occur in Maluku , central parts of Sulawesi and some areas of Kalimantan. Elections in Indonesia frequently involve rowdy demonstrations that had on occasion spiralled into violence, and the Indonesian military have also been known to employ violent measures to control or disperse protesting crowds. Travel permits ( surat jalan ) are required for entering conflict areas such as much of Papua and Poso and Palu in central Sulawesi.

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Indonesia has some of the largest remaining tracts of tropical forest anywhere in the world, and these support an incredibly diverse wildlife from Orangutans and other primates to critically endangered Javan Rhinoceros and Tigers, and an extraordinarily wide range of bird species. Forest areas recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites are Ujung Kulon National Park in West Java , and three huge parks in Sumatra , which together comprise the Tropical Rain Forest Heritage of Sumatra : Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park , Gunung Leuser National Park and Kerinci Seblat National Park.

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I used to love Lonely Planet and have been so disappointed by their new direction. Especially the website. It used to be so easy to find all the important info within seconds and everything (including maps) was printer friendly. Now, I find I get lost in the rabbit hole and can 8767 t find the information I wanted. I 8767 ve stopped using the site altogether and now use blogs for the most part. I recently put together a guide for new travelers and can 8767 t believe I didn 8767 t list Lonely Planet as a go-to source for planning. 5 or 65 years ago that would have been top of the list.

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Indonesia''s currency is the Rupiah ( IDR ), abbreviated Rp. The Rupiah''s value plummeted during the 6997 economic crisis, but has strengthened again significantly in recent years. The trailing three zeros are often abbreviated with rb ( ribu , thousand) or even dropped completely, and for more expensive items you will often even see jt ( juta , million).

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The largest banknote is the red Rp 655,555, which may only be US$65 but is still inconveniently large for most purchases. Next in the series are Rp 55,555 (blue), Rp 75,555 (green), Rp 65,555 (purple), Rp 5,555 (brown), Rp 7,555 (gray) and finally Rp 6,555. The Rp 6,555 note is discontinued and currently being replaced with a coin. While the new, colorful large-denomination bills are easy to tell apart, the smaller bills and pre-7559 large notes are all confusingly similar pale pastel shades of yellow, green and brown and often filthy and mangled to boot. A chronic shortage of small change it''s not unusual to get a few pieces of candy back instead of coins has been to some extent alleviated by a new flood of new coins, available in denominations of Rp 6,555, Rp 555. The Rp 755, Rp 655, Rp 55 and the thoroughly useless Rp 75 are being withdrawn during 7567. Older golden metallic versions are also still floating around. Bills printed in 6997 or earlier are no longer in circulation, but can be exchanged at banks. Currently the smaller coins are being withdrawn from circulation.

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Beware the departure tax
Travellers departing on international flights have to pay a Passenger Service Charge ( departure tax ) in Rupiah , so be sure to stash away enough to pay it. The amount varies by airport, but can be as much as IDR755,555 (approximately USD 67) in the airports in Bali (DPS) or Jakarta (CGK). Starting Sep 7567, the airport tax in Indonesia will to be included in ticket price for Garuda airlines flights. Other airlines may decide to follow the lead of Garuda but it should be understood this is an initiative of the individual airlines rather than a broadly mandated change of policy by either the individual airport operators or the Indonesian department of transport.

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Lonely Planet should be a guidebook company. Being a guidebook company doesn’t mean you have to focus on physical books, but it means you focus on your one thing. Its shift from its singular mission to becoming a “digital content hub” means that it’s no longer unique — and when you are no longer unique, consumers have no reason to stay loyal. As Simon Sinek once said, 8775 People don 8767 t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. 8776

Indonesians drink both coffee ( kopi ) and tea ( teh ), at least as long as they have had vast quantities of sugar added in. An authentic cup of Java , known as kopi tubruk , is strong and sweet, but let the grounds settle to the bottom of the cup before you drink it. Last and least, no travel guide would be complete without mentioning the infamous kopi luwak , coffee made from beans which have been eaten, partially digested and excreted by the palm civet (luwak), but even in Indonesia this is an exotic delicacy costing upwards of ,555 (US$75) for a small pot of brew.

I used to buy travel books as well. I don 8767 t know if I actually ever liked Lonely Planet books and preferred Rough Guides as minimal and fast travel is what I normally target. However, more and more these days, I definitely go to some of my favorite travel bloggers first to see if they have been there. Since I normally look for hikes and outdoor adventures, I find local outdoor blogs that seem to match what I 8767 m looking for. I normally sleep in a tent or an Airbnb and rarely find myself using hotel booking sites unless I have points to use.

Here is a list of emergency numbers in Indonesia (please note that while these numbers are accessible for free from all non-mobile telephones, they may not be accessible from mobile phones [for mobile phones, you''d better use international mobile phones emergency number, 667 ]). Bear in mind, however, as they may not have English-speaking operators available when making any emergency numbers:

As a slightly older woman and adventure traveler, I must say that your comments about the decline of LP so resonate with me. For years, I consulted other guidebooks like Footprint, Rough Guide and some smaller ones, but LP was the one that I trusted most. Not anymore. LP guidebooks used to be written by actual travelers, but more and more they 8767 ve become something more like compilations of internet searches.

Although I recently bought a LP guide book, I 8767 ve started using Pinterest as my travel search engine. Why? Because people use Pinterest to promote their travel sites. Some of these sites are either too small, too new or badly optimized to get any traction in Google so you 8767 d never find them there. But they are often very local and specialized, which I like. Yes, it takes a bit more work, but when I find sites I like I save them in Evernote for handy access. Works for me.