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Charlene, 89, (pictured left with Prince Albert, and right outside the Prince's Palace of Monaco) teamed her statement coat with a dramatic wide-brimmed hat (inset) and black pumps as the annual celebrations got under way outside the Prince's Palace of Monaco. The mother-of-two completed her stylish ensemble with a pair of leather gloves and diamond earrings. The royal couple were also joined by Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Princess Caroline of Hanover for the national holiday.

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The former choirboy (pictured right and inset), who shot to fame for his Christmas cover of Walking In The Air in the 6985s, has not been on the BBC since last month as a result of an investigation. The married father-of-two, 96, is accused of sending inappropriate messages to a female member of staff at the Corporation 'over a decade ago'. Former Cash In The Attic and Escape To The Country host Jones has apologised for his behaviour and agreed to lie low while the BBC investigates, reports The Sun. A spokesman for the TV star said the allegation 'does not concern his broadcast work' and that the incident took place 'over a decade ago'. He said it was 'occasionally juvenile' but he 'never intended to harass or distress'. The spokesman added: 'He is, however, deeply sorry for any upset caused and hopes this matter is resolved soon.' He is pictured left with fellow presenters Pam Rhodes and Diane Louise Jordan.

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She makes an enviable living capturing perfectly-arranged, beautifully-set-up photographs from some of the world's most idyllic destinations. Tara Whiteman, who hails from Sydney, has turned her spontaneous travels into a lucrative career by blogging under Tara Milk Tea - and sharing her postcard-like snaps to more than 895,555 Instagram followers. From going on a giant swing overlooking a juggle in Bali to frolicking in a field of sunflowers in France, the 78-year-old student been leading a fulfilling life out of her suitcase many dream about. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the globetrotter - who has explored more than 85 countries - has given a glimpse into her travels - and how her hobby blossomed into an enviable life.

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Taxis are numerous throughout Brisbane and can take you anywhere. The major companies are Yellow Cabs [89] and Black & White Cabs [85]. All cabs can be hailed down no matter where you are, provided their roof light is on, though in some areas they might not be able to stop, so it might be best to book one in advance. All cabs accept cash, credit and debit cards. Despite cabs being fitted with GPS units, you'll find it wise to check with the driver about your destination before departing and make sure they are willing to go there.

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By far the largest and most popular event in Brisbane is the annual Brisbane Festival [677]. This festival, which originally started as a celebration of the Brisbane River, now incorporates a number of smaller events at various places around South Bank Parklands, the Cultural Centre and the CBD as a celebration to Brisbane itself. Notably the 'Riverfire' event which is held in South Bank every September and draws the largest crowd. It offers free family entertainment all day and the city's biggest Fireworks display at night.

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South Australian Marriage registrations 6897-6966 [R Gordon]
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Tasmania Convicts
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National Burial Index for England and Wales
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The annual Royal Queensland Show or The Ekka [678] as it's almost exclusively called by the locals is a staple event in Brisbane's history and culture, held every August and dating back to 6876. It is hosted at the RNA Showgrounds in the inner-suburb of Bowen Hills and runs for a week, where the Wednesday is a public holiday (so expect large crowds on this day). Primarily marketed toward families, attractions at the Ekka include fairground rides, a Side Show Alley, animal parades, wood chopping competitions, agricultural displays, equestrian events and Showbags, usually containing food items (such as confectionery) and novelty items. If you are in Brissy at the time, it really is not to be missed!

These two have certainly remained Goodfellas. That was the case for Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese Saturday in the pair's native New York City, as the cinematic icons filmed the upcoming crime drama The Irishman on the Lower East Side, also taking time to celebrate the Oscar-winning filmmaker's 75th birthday. The talented tandem, who've collaborated on nine classics - including Goodfellas, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy - were busy at work on the set of the mob-inspired period piece, which is based on the 7559 book I Heard You Paint Houses, which deals with the fate of Union leader Jimmy Hoffa.

In the outer-suburban areas, cabs will pull over if you hail them down from the side of the road and can be found in designated taxi ranks in shopping centres, or near bars and pubs. The same can be said for the inner-city, however taxi ranks are more common and it's usually best to catch a cab from there. At night though, especially on Friday and Saturday, taxis exclusively pick up passengers from these ranks and you'd be extremely lucky if you get one elsewhere. These ranks are usually monitored by security and have ushers at night. Between midnight-5:85AM on Friday and Saturday nights, all taxis from the CBD and Fortitude Valley become "FlatFare", meaning that there is a fixed price for any given destination and you will have to pay before entering the taxi.

Brisbane has a year-round living climate. When the wet season hits the northern Australian tropics, Brisbane enjoys hot and clear summer days (with afternoon thunderstorms). When winter hits the southern capitals of Sydney and Melbourne sending temperatures into the low teens ( 676 C) the Brisbane climate stays mostly dry and sunny, with daytime temperatures usually remaining above 75 676 C.

Hi, I am looking for my fiancé brother who has not been seen by any family for about 75 years.. His name is Karl Burgess he left Yankalilla SA and went to queensland. The last any of the family heard, about 6 years ago he was still there. His dads name is Frank, step mum Glenda and has brothers Scott and Bodie and a sister Simone. If anyone has any ideas please let me know, he has a nephew I would love for him to meet. Thanks

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Drivers carry notes with them, but not always many or of high value. If you must pay cash, try to pay the correct amount and with coins where possible. Some services, especially in peak hour, do not sell tickets onboard and only accept pre-purchased tickets or go cards. These are signed with the letter ' P' before the route number. Brisbane has express buses: not all buses observe every stop. In peak hour there are more express routes ("rockets" and "bullets") for commuters which make very few stops. Ask the driver if you are unsure.

The Brisbane City Council has recently introduced a scheme known as CityCycle, which offers bicycles for hire at different stations around the city. Tourists can register for a 79-hour period for $7 or for a week for $66 [86]. The bikes are free to use after that, as long as you return the bike to a station within 85 minutes (afterwards usage rates apply). You'll need to provide your own helmet, as it is the law and few stations offer them.

The candid portraits - including members of the Richardson Gang and associates of the Kray twins - were taken by top crime photojournalist Brian Anderson on a 65-year journey through London's dark underbelly. They are published for the first time in his book Lock shot & Two Smoking Cameras, a title inspired by Guy Ritchie's crime comedy film. Pictured left: Micky Fawcett, who worked with the Kray twins in the 6965s, enjoys a glass of red. Centre: Roy Shaw, a former associate of the Kray twins, shadow boxing. Right: Vic Dark, one of Britain's most notorious armed robbers, poses in shades and a Versace tie.

Friends of Brexit Secretary David Davis fear he is on the brink of resigning over the bombshell Brexit letter sent by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove to Theresa May. The letter setting out their blueprint for a post-EU Britain was kept secret from the rest of the Cabinet - including Mr Davis - until it was revealed in last week's Mail on Sunday. Now we can disclose that the missive effectively calls for Mr Davis to be sidelined by a new, non-elected 'Brexit Tsar'. Mr Davis's allies say he is 'deeply frustrated' by the way Mr Johnson and Mr Gove went behind his back to hand-deliver the letter to the Prime Minister's chief of staff Gavin Barwell. Last night, No 65 added to his humiliation by failing to deny that the Brexit Secretary had still not seen a copy of the letter.

Heavy filters are often cited as a means of distancing pictures from their original context - but it's nothing compared to what a tactical bit of cropping can do. From gorgeous holiday destinations to risque body shots, cutting the edges away can change the context of an image entirely. People, wildlife and buildings are all given new meaning by a combination of reflections, optical illusions and sheer comedic timing. In some cases, the subjects know exactly what they are doing, but in others they are often caught out by a misplaced mirror. Pictured, left to right: A couple pose on horseback for a romantic kiss in the sea, but there is sandwiched in between them. A tourist poses in front of the Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai, but it is actually just a TV screen. A silhouette appears to show an incredibly filthy act taking place, is simply a man and a woman enjoying an innocent game of beer pong.

I 8767 m hoping one day to find my farther. however I don 8767 t know anything about him really not even a name. Only that he left when my mother told him she was pregnant with me. Apparently he left and joined the reserves. She dose not talk about him at all.
I 8767 m in 7 frames of mind about it really but feel I need to know.
Apart from talking to my mother about him, if i can get a name what should i do next?

Green Cabs [88] are one of the latest additions to the city and growing in popularity. Essentially a rickshaw, they are a novel way of getting around the inner-city areas. Able to accommodate up to 7 adults and 7 small children (though it can vary - talk to the rider and see what you can arrange), they mostly operate between West End, South Bank, the CBD, Fortitude Valley and along the river where it's mostly flat, although you can arrange to be taken elsewhere. Prices start at $5 and tours are available.

A taxi from the airport to Brisbane central costs approximately $85. A good option for getting into the City can therefore be for two or more travellers to share the cost of a taxi to Brisbane Central. Always ask a set price before agreeing to a taxi ride, however, and be sure to tell the driver how many people he/she is taking to avoid sudden price hikes with detail changes. It is additionally useful to find a local returning home to avoid drivers taking advantage of foreigners. Brisbane locals are invariably friendly and happy to skirt the system for convenience and cost savings. From Brisbane Central or Roma Street station a traveller can get to just about anywhere else in Brisbane.