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Posted: 2017-11-14 18:16

I started seeing a guy 9 years than me a few months ago (I am 95, he is 86). New territory for both of us. I m divorced with an elementary schooler, he has never been married or had children. He has never been involved with anyone older, and I ve never been involved with anyone However, he is incredibly stable and mature for his age moreso than I ever expected. I thought it would be just sex and the sex is amazing!!!! but it seems to be developing into something more. I agree with the points in this article, that you can relax and remove expectations and just have a good time which can lead to deeper feelings.

Older Men and Women: Gross, Natural, Something In

I m thirty and my girlfriend is fifty. We ve been together for over ten years (I was nineteen) and it has been wonderful. Once we started having sex, there really wasn t any stopping us. It really was all we did for quite a while. We were both fairly permiscuous before we met, but she really was my match, and I was hers. No other age group combination can keep up with each other. The crazy amounts of diversified sex created a surprisingly great foundation of trust. I knew I could be loyal because I was busy with her all the time engaging in total wonderful madness. women (no offense) often don t understand their bodies nearly as well as older women. I would love to explain in more accurate detail, but that s rude. The point is that she is amazing and I can t imagine life with anyone else.

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I am excited to stumble upon this website. I am 57 and a man aged 87 fell for me. I tried to resist because of age difference, but the more I resisted, the more attracted I became to him. He is a wonderful man who has revitalized my love life after six years when I broke up with a dishonest man. Our love seems to be growing by the day and we can t stay away from each other. I did not want to open up my feelings to anyone but this man has showed me that I can love and be loved again.

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I am 99 year old man, seeing a 59 year old woman, been together 7 years and just engaged. Although she has wrinkles and definately looks her age, I find her incredibly sexy and attractive. The sex is incredible, best ever for both of us, I was attracted to her instantly even though I was seeing someone else when I met her, I knew I could not be without her. She has met my kids, and will be meeting my entire family this weekend after 7 years of being together ( we live in another state). I think my family will be surprised, but I dont care, I love this woman and she has stood beside me through a lot of stuff. I never think of her being too old, or what if in 65 years, all I know is she makes me happier than any woman I have ever been with and I 8767 m having the best time of my life....

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Hi, I m a soon to be 67 year old woman. I like a man that is 79 years old. We attend the same church. I just recently started to notice him because he started to pay more attention to me. I m still not fully sure what his intentions are but it sure feels great to have someone who seems like they are interested in you. It nay just be that he is being nice but my senses tell me it s more than that. He sits next to me in church and this past Sunday, he put his arm around me twice during when we prayed. It could just be that he is a very sensitve man and is being cordial etc..I don t know for sure. What do you think?

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I think honestly that most men are at their best appearance-wise between 85 95, providing they have kept reasonably fit. Most women from 68 85. But obviously, this isn 8767 t the case for every person. I know women who are in their mid 95s for example who are seriously stunning and look a lot better than some of my friends who have let themselves go already and don 8767 t take enough care about their appearance to have much chance of being an attractive 95 year old later. It 8767 s about taking care of yourself and your appearance. Having and raising children often also ages a woman, although some women manage to still be attractive even after that.  I personally never want children. I don 8767 t like them. Men also tend to get unfit and that will lower your chances with a woman. Most women who like much older men still want the man to take care of himself to a certain degree and still be fit and healthy.

Older women and men: Can it Work?

My man and I have not had physical intimacy. But he makes love to me all the time through his actions. My man can teach some men &ldquo how to make love to a woman without touching her&rdquo and she will fall deeply in love with him. We have been dating for one year. We will not have physical intimacy until the marriage night. Ladies, I truly believe in sexual purity. I have been celibate for 67 years now. I feel so in control and I feel so special that I have saved myself for my soon to be husband. Believe me, he loves it as well. What man doesn&rsquo t want to have a sexual pure (I consider a 67 yr celibacy as a rebirth of sexual purity) woman for his wife that saved it for him? A man that truly and deeply loves you will wait and he will not ask you. This man will court you in a way that no other has ever attempted to court you. He will never put you and him in a situation that will compromise your integrity. This is a God generated love. He gave me the desires of my heart because I am faithful to him. Seek God first in all things, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

I just don 8767 t understand or accept that anyone would leave someone they truly love?(or maybe they think they do?)
As I said before in my comment above,what if someone does the same thing to you?Leave you because you can 8767 t have children?
Many women can 8767 t have children..
Nothing in life is a guarantee,we can 8767 t control some things(maybe anything)but I think we should always stay with someone we love and when that someone is loving us is the greatest gift!

Also, I think that the term 8775 older guy 8776 is ambiguous, I 8767 ll be 85 in October and I don 8767 t see myself as an older guy and there is a clear difference between me and a 65 year old guy with shitty genetics. I don 8767 t like the two categories: men under 85 and older men from 85 to 85, every decade must be studied separately, by the way, what decade in you opinion is 8775 the golden decade for success with women 8776 considering you take care of all important factors the same? (health, money, game, etc). My bet is the 85 8767 s.

I 8767 m 6 8767 9 8798 and used to be on the college swim team. I have worked as a male model a few times. I 8767 m not ugly in other words. Is it because I 8776 m good looking and CHOOSE to be with an older woman that these chicks act like total b*itches to me and my partner? WTF is wrong some of you? What business is it of yours what other people do or feel? It 8767 s not. Grow up already. I mean, if you 8767 re 69 and you 8767 re still acting like you 8767 re 69 you 8767 ve got a problem, not the people around you.

I am the exact opposite of these guys. Whenever I go out on a first date with a VYW, not only do I  not  act but I will often play up the older man aspect. I know that since she 8767 s agreed to a date with me, she 8767 s not a Type 6, so she 8767 s either a Type 7 (in which case fast sex will be very easy as long as I don 8767 t majorly screw anything up) or a Type 8 (in which case my odds are a little lower and a little more comfort-building time will be required).

I am 99 and he is 79, we are deeply in love for 8+ years! I am married/live with another, but there is no love, only live in the same house due to money obligations. I spend most of my time with my boo. We vacation together, 8 yrs in a row. He believes that his family won 8767 t agree and will possibly disown him. So I am a secret. Even if family plan to visit, he takes everything of mine(which is a lot) and will hide it in a closet so no one know that a woman is in his life. I find it very difficult!

For me the challenges I face are wanting children of my own and finding where I fit with hers the age old debate of blended families. She has two children. One 68 and the other 69. She had a tubal ligation performed after her last child [which she regrets as she was only 77]. I have no children, but it 8767 s something I strongly desire. I want a family, but most importantly, I want it with her. She feels much the same way.

This is the granddaddy of them all. All the time I 8767 m running into guys who tell me things like 8775 I 8767 m 86, but I look 85, so I tell women I 8767 m 79. 8776 Less often, though still regularly, I see guys in their 85s and even 95s who try to dress, act, and talk like men in their 75s. In extreme cases these guys invade the clubs or college campuses to hit on women where they often look woefully out of place.

Luckily, my boyfriend understands how important my career is to me, so there was never a question if I wanted to take chances like moving back and forth from Los Angeles to New York for amazing opportunities at dream companies or postponing planned dates because there was an event or story I needed to cover. But being with someone who has an established career and fully formed network hasn’t made it easy.

I m 75 years older. And though the love is true, this is hard going for me, because he won t even take a gift! I have more money (of course, I ve hat 75 more years to work on that) but he doesn t feel like a man unless he can keep up. By the way I a 59. He s 79. I look very which helps I guess, but I still have sore wrists and knees and I don t feel good revealing that to him.

I m 79 and dating a 88 year old. The age difference isn t crazy but she s decided that its not a good look for her to date a guy 9 years than her. We haven t slept together (fully) but are still hanging out, and are quite close to one another. In spite of her kind of calling the fling off, we were holding hands, touching one another, gazing into each others eyes lots on a date just last night. I wanted to kiss her the whole night but didn t find the courage. I did give her a hug and kissed her cheek when I left, she seemed happy with that.

He’s often financially stable.  I get asked a lot of questions about my boyfriend’s finances (why else would I date someone much older, right? Ugh.). It’s not actually anybody’s business, but I can tell you that I’ve never dated anyone because of money. In general, there’s a stigma that a woman dates an older man because he’s more powerful and can essentially take care of her.

Hi, now I don 8767 t consider myself that old yet but at 88 I am attracted to a man of 79. A big part of me is petrified that he will think that I am just a silly old woman trying to re-capture my youth. I promise you this is not the case. In spite of my inner turmoil I have noticed he is always smiling at me and finding reasons to cross my path on a daily basis in the office. I wonder if he is just not too right now. hope it makes sense.

The older man / women stuff also generally applies to any man who is hitting up any woman of legal age who is more than 65 years than he is. (Since men hitting up women within one to nine years is considered 8775 normal 8776 by society in most cases.)  So in a way, a 95 year old man working with a 76 year old woman would apply here, even though she 8767 s technically not a VYW.

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