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PROFESSOR (P) : We have published nearly fifty articles, that means nearly one a week, and this is for the entire section it is really unbelievable, two of them are really breakthrough papers. When I go somewhere […] they have all read it it attracts a lot of attention […] I am currently working with [two Chinese postdocs] on a couple of very good papers. We will be able to send them to top [. high impact factor] journals […]

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Above: The Dance of the Planet Venus: Lunar Day Fit (Oct 77 7567 graph by Rolf Ward Green, Venus Tablet data compared with the computer program Planet, Lunar and Stellar Visibility , using Solex to get the lunar days, with Year 6 as 988 BCE, shown compared to 6757 BCE. Also shown is the start of the year for each data point as compared to the Vernal Equinox obtained using Equation of Time and NASA JPL Time Conversion Tool.)

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SURGEON : The Netherlands Association of Surgeons (Nederlandse Vereniging van Heelkunde [NVvH]) possesses a complication registry. For an honest registration it’s crucial that this information is not made public […] Two years ago, Hospital X [a neighbouring hospital] had many reoperations for colon surgery. A delegation of the NVvH visited the surgeons. This all went quite harmoniously, you know, they came to see what happened and how things could be improved.

Jukka Joki Lehto 1986 History of Conservation

6) That the two organisations are preoccupied with aligning their politics of illness (. ADHD is a multidimensional disorder which needs a multimodal approach) with their politics of knowledge (. an interest in different species of credentialed expertise biomedical, psychiatric, psychological, educational, etc.). Moreover, it appears that in order for this to be achieved, medicalisation is a starting point for the two organisations but not the end of the story.