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Date: 2017-08-13 13:45.

This guy that I 8767 ve gotten deeply involved with is leaving to travel for a year (cross country on a motorcycle) this coming week. We 8767 ve had an incredible time the past few months and my feelings have gotten really strong. He says that he really cares about me a lot and will always be there for me he said this as he made me turn around to face him, looked me directly in the eye w/the most intense eye contact I 8767 ve ever experienced and told me this. The past couple of weeks, he 8767 s been acting kind of distant though.

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Honestly, after giving it much thought we still want to get marry, and i 8767 m her girlfriend without my family knows about it But Venezuela has such an economic problem, everything is bad the president is crazy, 6 $ is at 65 BS (Vzla money) so the cost of a bunch of things got higher like materials to make houses (making to buy one unnaffordable for us), cars, and lot of new of crazy laws for renting appartments that doesn 8767 t help us.

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While I was still in pain for a while after that realization (no one wants to be told that the person you love isn't that into you), it helped me to finally let go of him and learn a hard painful lesson.  I think I had still been hoping that he would come to his senses and come back to me begging to take him back, that he had made a mistake and wanted to commit to me after all. silly now, I know.

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Dear Eric, i have been dating this guy for 8 months now, and i know he loves me. everytime we have sex, he says he misses me so much but now things had change, he had a new girlfriend, but they have broken up now, i dnt knw d cause of their breakup, still he doesn 8767 t want to call or talk to me. I broke up with him, but he said he is not breaking up with me and he is with nobody and he still loves me if i dont mind. I am confuse, cause i love him so much i need your advice pleassssssssssseeeee

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Get used to the fact that he’s lived a whole life before you met.  While I don’t have to deal with an ex-wife, stepkids, or any other ties to a former personal life—I don’t think I’d be able to handle that kind of responsibility yet—I know it can be a huge challenge for women who are in that situation. If your future with your boyfriend is important to you, these things might take a lot of talking and compromise to fit into your current life.

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Thanks Carrie for your response. The thing that doesn 8767 t make sense is that he was the one pursuing things so quickly. Wanting to see me everyday, texting me sweet things all the time, introducing me to his friends first, getting off the dating website and asking me
To be exclusive. These were all things he initiated. He is very similar to me in the I am and act. We are almost identical. He doesn 8767 t handle anxiety or stress well at all and is actually on medicine for it which I use to be too. Things couldn 8767 t har changed over night. He 8767 s everything I have ever wanted in a guy and we 8767 ve both been hurt so badly before do we both have trust issues. He thinks if he doesn 8767 t spend every day with me or text me every hour that I 8767 m going to leave him. It makes me like him that much more bc he doesn 8767 t want to be anything short of the best boyfriend I deserve. My question is, did I screw it up by being pushy and is there a way to fix this?

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Seriously, I HIGHLY recommend this book to all women who want to control their love lives. I have been raving about it to all my girlfriends who are frustrated with the opposite sex. This book is an absolute joy to read and it's so good I bet you that you will finish it in only one day!! That's what I did! Also, I recommend you to take notes, and regularly revise over the notes, as the concepts Evan teaches may be difficult for your mind to absorb, as they were for me.

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that depends on person, unlike me, I 8767 m looking for an independent companion but fail to do so, all the chinese women I met, no matter how independent they seems, but deep down they all want to be a princess, let her man do everything for her so she can do whatever she likes but not to worry about survival part, but I think survival should be both party stand together and face it together, so that we can become 8766 one 8767

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I just broke up with my insecure guy after almost 9 years of trying to please him. It was impossible. After reading the article, I recognized him right away. Never any trust, always jealous, nothing was ever his fault. He was very affectionate, understanding and attentive to my needs. He was a fantastic lover. He was generous when he wanted to be. On my part, I am very independent, outgoing, have friends, hobbies and interests, traveled a lot, was attractive to males. This just drove him crazy! He was so crazy jealous that he deliberately did things to humiliate and hurt me, kept dating other women, did horrendously disrespectful things to me. Towards the end he really became unhinged, and decided to be with another woman who made him more secure. To this day he still wants to be with me, calls me, wants to do things for me, but only to have access to my knowledge, connections and expertise. Finally, I see the trap.

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And, you will be much more fulfilled in the process. That would be better than settling. That would be better than just giving up. See, when you do either of those you lose a tiny part of that spark. You dim that fire that is burning inside of you. This fire, this spark inside you, should be viciously guarded. It should be protected, because it is the greatest gift any one of us could ever possess. So don’t destroy it by settling.

What the parents are mostly worried about is how to communicate with you and if you two are dating to get married. So first you can start learning Mandarin or their own dialect, to show them that you really want to become a part of their family. The first time you meet them, you can at least greet them in Chinese. The second thing you and your boyfriend can do is to show that you are together for good. Perhaps he could find a way to get all of you together for dinner. Is there any nice Chinese restaurants in the area you could meet?

From my perspective, you weren 8767 t too cold. maybe he wasn 8767 t super interested to begin with which would mean you did a good thing not giving into his 8775 mush talk 8776 and saved yourself from investing too much too soon. Was he ever calling or just texting? Was he only pursuing you with kind words and affection, what did his actions say? Flaking out usually doesn 8767 t happen when a guy is really interested. And it doesn 8767 t really matter that you had been flaky too since you weren 8767 t all that into him at first. When he is really interested he will make sure he sees you when he says he wants to.

It was like he wouldn 8767 t receive my comforting and assurance, because his issue is his issue. It wouldn 8767 t have mattered what effort I took, he is still insecure and angry and suspicious of my male friends, even after I cut those ties. He told me how he feels very strong about me and how he wants to make me his. He introduced me as his girlfriend and talked about how we should introduce our children soon, yet he was willing to walk away very fast bc he freaked out.

I have lived in Guangzhou for 68 years, and Chinese guys don 8767 t seem interested in me at all. I assumed they don 8767 t like American girls or I was just ugly? However a few of them overcame their shyness cause I 8767 ve had a few asking for my number lately. It 8767 s too bad the ones who aren 8767 t shy are shorter than me! And the foreigner guys aren 8767 t interested either, probably because getting a Chinese girl is so much easier. Do I have to move back to the US to date?? P

I didn 8767 t mean to, but I 8767 ve insulted my now ex boyfriend with his daughter present saying 8775 quit using me 8776 when I was frustrated and angry at him for being rude to me.
He was wanting to move in with me after dating for 9 yrs, but he wasn 8767 t putting his plans in motion about it. Now, he won 8767 t talk to me, and ignores me. I know I hurt him deeply, and blown his trust. I 8767 ve apologized, and the no contact for almost two months, and still nothing. What now?

They don’t know what they are doing with their bodies, hands and mouth. Few men will stick around and appreciate a woman who is a mediocre sex partner. I have seen many guys dump very beautiful women for that exact reason. Those women’s beauty was “neutralized” by their incompetence or their behavior during intimacy that chilled romance, or by their being boring in bed and not offering a sexual experience that 8767 s 8775 spicy 8776 enough to keep the guy 8767 s interest in the long run. Just like a woman who was bored on a date is not going to return that guy 8767 s call or text, the guy who has been bored with his girlfriend or a wife in bed is going to start looking for an adventure an excitement on a side. This is especially likely to happen if that guy had experienced great and exciting sex in the past with you or with some other woman, and he is looking for an equally good experience today.

I have been reading a lot about guys needing space. I get that. It is helpful. It 8767 s really hard because I know he is really stressed about some things and the best thing I can do is not push him right now. But it 8767 s hard. He texted me that he was having a hard time. I ask if I can help and he says no. That 8767 s ok. But then I tell him I love him and he responds without telling me back. But when we see each other in person, he will tell me he loves me. He used to say it all the time. I 8767 ve read that women push or want to close the gap. It 8767 s so hard to not take it personal. What is frustrating though, is that here I am trying to understand and learn to give space buy why can 8767 t guys understand how we feel during this time? We are uncertain. Is it too much to ask that he give us some reassurance during this time? Why can 8767 t he say, you do help or I love you too? The hard part about now is we can see that they are online but not responding to us. I 8767 m trying not to be insecure but why does this have to be one sided?

Thank you Eric, actually just reading that made me feel a little better and let things go mentally. I put the cell phone in a different room so I wont look at it to see if he has txt or called. I am focused on getting things done and having fun with my friends. He never specifially asked me for space but his actions sure have telegraphed it so I am doing my best to honor it! Thank you for your ear. One more question, do you ignore holidays when you are in the midst of this kind of thing? No 8775 Happy Father 8767 s Day 8776 txt or whatever hoilday is happening? Kind of feels mean but maybe it is the right thing?

Fast forward to dating me. I was always lying, always doing something wrong, never anything right. But all I could think of was, this man is so sweet, so sensitive okay, I 8767 ll change. I 8767 ll change my ways, maybe I 8767 m doing things wrong. And it was never his issue. It was always something I was doing wrong. Bu it was always in a polite way. He was incredibly sweet, incredibly sensitive, and the mos genuine person I 8767 d ever met. At the beginning he would admit faults. Next thing you know it was me causing his insecurities, me doing something that was wrong, I was ALWAYS lying to him, etc. HE actually pulled away, not me! And it left me broken. After reading this article though and realizing the similiarities whoa. Hit the nail on the head! Thank you.

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