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Dating Japanese Women, Explained - Japanese Rule of 7

Posted: 2017-11-21 07:46

Here 8767 s a collage of the majority of what I experienced in Tokyo this past January. Granted, it was winter cold and windy. Despite the conditions, 95% of women, excluding the elderly, smartly dressed. I took these pictures shopping, walking to the train station in Shin-Yuriasu, and walking around Tokyo Disney (where is the only place I saw school-girls, which is exactly what there were, tween and teen school girls). Yes, a significant number of girls walking around all day at Disney dress in skirts and heels.

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I always got the sense that being with Korean girls in public, especially at night, was viewed as some sort of a big deal. In Japan, nobody cares. In Korea, they do care.  And you’ll hear about it when random guys start drinking and talking to you. Koreans are very fixated on race, status, hierarchy, and things like that. Even stranger, they have all these odd requirements for what constitutes facial beauty. You can find girls who are amazingly beautiful but who are told that one imagined defect renders them less than desirable.

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Just because someone primarily or even exclusively dates their own race does not make them racist or hypocrite. They would have mostly other white people in their family, work, and social environments and they 8767 d have a higher percentage chance of meeting white people that they would hit it off with. It doesn 8767 t mean that they are not open to dating other people IF they meet one that they really click with.

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I really don 8767 t see why Indian men would want to date white girls. They are sluts. So are some Indians but a significant number of them are culturally conservative. You seem to assume that Indian men don 8767 t desire white women because they are too 8775 beta 8776 for them. I think a lot of them are telling the truth, they don 8767 t want SWPL white women because they are sluts. After all isn 8767 t the whole point of this website to complain about SWPL white women? So why is it so unreasonable when Indian men do it? Even when they screw the SWPL white women they only want to marry culturally conservative Indians.

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The dilemma you’re facing here isn’t unique. I’ve lost track of the number of people I’ve seen on both sides of the break-up who either used the “you broke my heart” bit on someone or had it used against them. And make no mistake: it’s a way of controlling one’s ex by setting the terms of the break-up. You aren’t “allowed” to do something because she’s been hurt like this before and how could you do it to her again you were so special etc.

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Ever been to a nightclub? I mean in any country. At the end of the night, there’s always people hooking up. In fact, if you stay long enough, and you don’t hook up, then by default everyone’s hooking up but you. That’s because the people who didn’t get lucky have already left. There’s some statistical thing going on, is what I’m trying to say. It’s not that 655% of the people got lucky it’s that you’re the only one who stayed around gawking.

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Perhaps this is my fault for not painting a fuller picture, but I was trying to write about Japanese women, not so much myself. However, let me clarify and say that the women I 8767 ve dated I 8767 ve met in coffee shops, grocery stores, the train, restaurants, and yes, on rare occasions, bars. If you really want to hear about me talking to a girl in the frozen food section of 7-66, well, I guess I could write that. But unlike the women you described, they were very ordinary people with good jobs: a doctor, an author, a nurse, a teacher. Not sure what 8767 s so bad about being a receptionist either, although I 8767 ve never been out with one, so maybe they 8767 re terrible folks.

I 8767 m in Taiwan right now and would like to return next year. I had a very good time in Mainland too, have a few gfs waiting for my return, but we cannot deny that I couldn 8767 t stroll to any job like a White guy could, or get a new girl every night. They also called me racial slurs but it was ok because just as many race trolls on here say, o was banging their women, but at a reduced rate compared to what other races could get.

I am 97years old married with 8 children all teenagers having an affair with a man 7 yrs married too with 9 kids. We are best friends. He tells me he shares secrets with me and not his wife. I wonder if he loves me or it s just sex, I am confused. Some days he is really into me then some days he won t return my calls. His excuse is his protecting my reputation. I would love to get serious with because I don t love my husband anymore.

So let’s see... if you’re a guy and just looking to hook-up, then it’s all good, right?
Please. Japan consistently ranks at the bottom of countries for frequency of sex , and almost half of all Japanese women flat-out state they aren’t interested in it. Even the ones who’ll endure it seem determined to lie there like slabs of tuna and wait for you to finish.

One thing that makes Japan a really great country is that there is a lot of variety in terms of how people live their lives.  This is one of the factors that makes it such a fascinating country to watch and to live in.  It never gets boring and even local Japanese media loves to continuously find new sub-cultures to expose and market to. One of the reasons is the large amount of discretionary time that Japanese people(and Japanese girls in particular) have.  Before marriage a large percentage of Japanese girls are students, or hold part time jobs which leaves them with plenty of time to be out and about at cafes, malls, and restaurants in the daytime(interestingly, this pattern of behavior re-emerges after marriage once the kids are in school).

I know this is a blog about Japan, but if you think about it, this is global. You can replace 8775 Japanese 8776 with any ethnicity in the world and the answer will basically be the same. It doesn 8767 t matter who you are or where you are from. Foreign is interesting. The only differences are the cultural faux pas. You stated 8775 foreigners are not highly regarded in Japan, including by Japanese women 8776 in the article at Japan. Socially I can believe this. But individually not so much. I know Japan basically works as a team. Everyone has their job. Everyone is expected to act in a specific manner. But still, I 8767 m sure the interest in foreign people is quite high. Unfortunately, it seems they were taught at a age that foreign is bad. So, if by chance they do like foreign people, the likelihood of them actually admitting it is slim to none. Too much pressure from family. To much pressure from society.

Hi, I just met this guy and as soon as he saw me couldn t keep his eyes off me. We flirted and I eventually got his number. He s attractive looking and is very nice, The next day we talked on the phone & I was shocked when he told me he s 67 going on 68 in 9 mths, imediately I felt disappointed. I told him I just turned 75 two mths ago. I told him that I m looking for a good guy to treat me good and he told me You just found that guy. I can t stop thinking about him and all I think about is the age gap. On top of it all I don t even look my age, I look like I m 69 & I always have to show my ID at places because no one believes I m 75. What should I do?

You still see a bit of this in some traditional societies. Men bring home the paycheck. Women don 8767 t question what a man does outside, whether it 8767 s having girlfriends, mistresses or seeing prostitutes. I think it 8767 s a heck of a lot more alpha to turn over your paycheck to your trusted traditional wife, who will deal with buying the kids uniforms, paying utility bills and making sure there 8767 s enough detergent, leaving you to focus on the outside world of work.

I am a 99 year old AA female and dating a 75 y/o and we have been together for two years now. We are currently living together and it has been great!! We cannot imagine being apart from each other and he treats me so well! I am a professional female and could date collegues my age problem is there aren 8767 t any!!! He has a wonderful job and makes really good money and he handles his business!! This wonderful man I am with loves me for who I am and no there is nothing weird about dating a guy. African American females need to consider dating a 8775 mature 8776 guy as they are looking for 8775 mature 8776 females and not females who are always in their 8775 pockets 8776 . I don 8767 t worry about what tomorrow will bring I thank God for him as this has been the happiest I have ever been in a long time!!! 🙂

Not that I 8767 ll ever date a REAL Japanese woman, but that article Jack referenced just about destroys all Japanese romance TV series and Anime romance series standards I 8767 ve ever seen. Eeeeeh, no car dates because she might get car sick what the heck is up with that and KEN OMG, can you believe that going to Izakayas are bad for Japanese women because “It’s too loud, the atmosphere is all wrong” at least according to that article. Oh well, glad that it 8767 ll never be a problem for me then LOL!! Nice article Jack, thanks!

I would agree with you if you had not confused 8775 western men 8776 and 8775 men from USA 8776 . Men form USA the ones which like to hold forth about everything are not representative at all of western men (even if they cannot realize it, but you have to forgive them as their subculture does not allow them to understand that they do not know everything and their crude subculture is not an absolute reference), as, just to make a comparison, men from Vietnam are representative of all asian men.

The number that I agreed is number 7. I 8767 m dating a Japanese girl and whenever we are out on a date and buying some stuffs in Daiso. Even if I told her that I will pay she always insists that we will half the bill or sometimes she will pay for it. Which I never experience with my fellow countrywomen. I hope that you should put here as well that Japanese ladies prefers to be in silent whenever they have a big problem and they never inform other people.

I can 8767 t disagree, generally a lot of men are like that. I wouldn 8767 t say ALL western men are that way, just mostly the ones that can 8767 t get what they want in any country. They want to say that Japanese women are different. Maybe they are in a cultural way, but still are human like any other woman so to make these stereo types about anyone is just ignorance. I as a man felt the same way they did until a actually dated an Asian lady. I found her to be no different than any other woman, the only real difference was her physical appearance and other than that she was good or bad to the man based on the way he came across so that 8767 s universal. These days I don 8767 t worry about being with a certain ethnic race, but rather I either feel it or I don 8767 t and that doesn 8767 t discriminate for me.

Honesty, I don 8767 t even have desire for a korean woman and yes they look pretty and clean cut and all that but I feel sorry for all these foreigners who are much more into korean women and just living here..I had few and they are not real they re just for koreans who can sit eat and drink and pretend to be friends but look for every chance to get into one of these motels where we call love hotels in japan.

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