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I hv a gf with whom i am in love since 8 yrs. we both hv decided to parents were initially ready for her marriage with me my parents are looking for girls to marry me since last year i resisted them saying i wish to marry my gf who stays behind my parents dnt agree & continued looking for had to see some girls forcibly but in d mean time i tried to convince them 8 9 times about my love marriage. my sister & parents are against intercaste marriage & dey strongly oppose my gf. i tried a lot to convince them there were incidence where dey had hit me as i wasnt leaving my gf. they have forced d girls parents & my gf saying this marriage cnt tk place. i dnt want to marry any other girl i just want to marry my gf. my parents worry about our community & family. parents are like getting many calls for my proposal & they are frustated me behaving abnormally with gfs parents also hv started refraining from our marriage & so do my gf saying that lets keep faith in god & if its in desti

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I belong to a builder family an myself an architect cmg my post graduation am seeing a guy whom I know since is an interior designer by his dad is an architect an well to do parents are nt happy my relation wth him compare on had some bad habbits of smoking in past but given up completely parents are like u will get more qualified boy then I am vry much live wth him..very expectations making me feel my brother against of all des

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Hi there, I am an Asian gal who was recently involved with an Indian man. His parents refused to accept me and he do not want to make them unhappy so he ended up giving me up and just recently got engage when an Indian gal of their caste and sub class. Sad thing is, he sent me a photo of them together and I could not even imagine why do I have to get a copy of their photo. I do not know if he is sad and still thinks of me and showed me his sad fate or was just his way of saying I am over you.

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am loving one guy since 9 years and he is also loving me so much but still we have not opened our matter in both side but his parents knows our love matter through his friend but still they didn 8767 t ask anything to him and my parents are seeing boy for me and i told to them i don 8767 t want to marry now so my mom is very upset and finally we decided to tell my mom first but don 8767 t know how to open this matter to her an don 8767 t know how she will react for this matter.
my parents are very conscious about prestige and society so surely they wont agree for our marriage
we both are working and earning good salary too
can you help me out in this matter please

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Hey JJ! Thanks for sharing that example.
Well, whoever I know who has tried this was fortunate enough to have parents who were stubborn, but going by their subsequent reaction as I mentioned not so stubborn.
When I say take your decision, I don 8767 t mean take your decision with a 655% guarantee that your parents will come around. I mean that 8767 s the best chance you have at turning them around when everything fails. If they don 8767 t turn around well that 8767 s a possibility you have to take into account. A parent who disowned their child forever for choosing happiness was never worth sacrificing that happiness anyway. :) So if the parents disown you for taking your own decision regarding something as personal as marriage there couldn 8767 t have been a better way of validating your decision. :)

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I 8767 m so proud of you Rohan. We need more stories like yours for inspiration to millions of Indians like you who 8767 re living through depression as they fail to exercise their freedom wrt marriage.
Well if you have good relations with the girl 8767 s family you can talk to them frankly. Have your gf talk to her parents. If your father has come this far, it 8767 s a giant step forward for him. He deserves all our respect and support for that. Ask your gf what 8767 s going on between her and her parents. Try to gauge the situation there. Unless the girl 8767 s parents behave rudely or something, i don 8767 t see a problem. If they come to Mumbai with their entire family they won 8767 t be doing it to convey their rejection of the marriage idea, right? If they wanted to reject it they wouldn 8767 t even want to discuss it withyour parents.
All the best. :)

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Only thing we as could do is
6. Analyze ourselves with help of whom ever possible if your current love is viable(of course it would be), once you are concluded.
7. Propose your parents about your loved once and re-analyze.
8. If they disagree
a. Talk to them I know this is the biggest hurdle for a lot of people, but trust me the earliest you do this is the best.
All initial talks would be too much emotional, just don 8767 t get away from this,
You need to be confident yourselves what you are telling and
Always tell that you are not going away from parents and
Give all the strong points how you will be happy with the girl/boy - This is really important.
Convince parents each and every item what they are discussing Everything needs to be validated by both sides.
Parents will also have hard time to talk all this because they are also facing this crisis for the first time. So be gentle with them, never ever cross the line, always keep their ego satisfied and make your points.

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hey love in india,
I am facing same problem in my family but in a different way, we are three siblings and my sister is already married in rich rich family, although she was in love with a guy of another caste, but she chose parents for love, and now she is against love marriage.
my brother is than me but my parents listen to him for every decisions.
the problem here is none of my family member is in support of me.. please help..they are torturing me and saying that they will die..

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Thnks for ur suggestion. Actually the girl whom I love have their relatives presurrizing her parents for girls marriage. Her parents are ready to say they have looked for one but once they get confirmation from my parents. Whereas on other hand my parents are not agreeing. I am financially independent but her parents are saying tht they would allow to marry the girl until my parents agree n leaving home is not an option. Also, they want to these as early as possible. Otherwise they need to marry her with other guy.

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I 8767 m not like other guys who tell lies and cheat girls, I know the value of women , I like mother tersa a lot, she is my idol and admire her always, in case if some one likes me will always be there and will support her to achieve her dreams and will be beside her always come what may happen how difficult it may be, the value of life is very precious people very often tend to frget now a days, after death what they carry I dont know and dont understand , I will always like her to be happy and will keep her happy still my last breath , this Iam not telling for sake of telling , I know the value of life how precious it is which will nt come back once lost it, anyway i think to much about it , thats how Iam 8776
they said good story to listen, I felt so humaliting

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i m a 78 yr old marathi boyfriend is also 78yrs old. we are together from last 7 yrs. hes 9m a lower caste than me. last year i tld my parents dat i love parents know him well since he has been coming to my place to meet them frequently and they used to like him a lot. bt wen i tld them about him they suddenly started disliking him..they warned me to stop all contact wid hm..v hv tried to convince them 9m past one yr bt nothing has happened. they are totally against it. they say hes 9m a lower caste and also hes less educated than me. bt he earns sufficiently (more than me). they are not at all understanding my feelings 9 him..i love him and also he loves me a lot..his parents have accepted me. i juz feel so helpless as to how to deal with my parents..n i dnt like that they insult him. dey r nt even ready to meet him or his parents n discuss. plz help..wt shud i do?

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*[Update: As pointed out by some readers, this requires some clarifications. When I say 8775 655% of the cases 8776 , I mean 655% of the cases that I know of. Going ahead with your decision is not a guaranteed way of turning your parents around, but the best shot you have at it.
In my opinion, if they don 8767 t turn around and decide to disown you forever well, that 8767 s the best proof of your decision having been the correct one. )]

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I 8767 m really touched by your appreciation bhumika, you made my day.
Always remember, life is too short to chase anything but happiness. And make no mistake your first and foremost responsibility is to not your parents, not your boyfriend, but yourself. If making someone else happy (in this case your parents) would mean making yourself unhappy for the rest of your life (marriage is about a lifetime, remember? :D), then don 8767 t feel guilty to excuse yourself.
All the best. :)

need ur frm mumbai and m south indian and my gf is a family is bit strict abt religion as dey go for sunday mass for prayer and her mom had a heart dey visited goa native of my asking abt d my gf is scared to tel her mom abt d relation as her mom s a heart patient the plus point is dat her mom has a doubt dat v bth r dating as she saw d msgs on face u help me hw to tel her mom dat v actually r dating for 7 yrs

I wanted to ask some thing is it a sin to be born as an Orphan in India especially Iam having a bitter experiences , Im an orphan 85 years old male , I get scared at time wht to do with my frends advice he toook me couple of marriage mettings huff the kind of questions the girls parents ask so worst and bad , at times I feel why did I born , now a days most of the people are so bad and worst huff

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