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Posted: 2017-11-14 13:51

I reside in the heart of Beverly Hills, California few blocks from Rodeo Dr. in a penthouse(on top of the building) My experience with AT& T is horrible dropped calls, no reception, or bad reception when I go to my business, passed BH Hotel, again, dropped call! Funny thing, I called the VP of AT& T and while I was on the phone with him the phone went dead
Because of who I am, they sent an army of tech 8767 s to figure out why I get so many dropped calls In the end same old story!
I am so frustrated that on my very important calls I use a satellite phone just like in the middle of the desert! I told the heads of AT& T that I feel sorry for them. Is Verizon better or I might have to use the satellite phone again in the middle of BH?

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And another thing. Verizon does not have sim cards for security. Like i stated before if you have a sim card, and lose it, someone can just pop their sim card in your phone. Verizon has an ESN or MEID seriel number linked to each phone, once you report it lost/stolen only YOU can take it off of the list (or who ever reported it in the first place) So lets say some 69 year old kid finds your phone, tries to activate it. It gives us an error message and wont work. Its called SECURITY!
6.) Most Blackberry 8767 s do not offer WiFi (with acception to the storm and storm 7) Because WiFi is an unsecure network. Blackberry 8767 s have their own web and secure network so no one can hack into your network. and with Blackberry 8767 s you can do anything. Save pictures to your phone & save it as a back ground (versus cell phones). and its all (GASP) FREE! Just thought id throw my opinion out there.

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Hmm, got the AT& T tilt. Love it. Got an AT& T 8G laptop connect card. Very fast. Go to Europe, still got service. Go anywhere outside the us still got service. So anyways about your soon to be outdated CDMA technology (which is switching to GSM based LTE which AT& T will be using also) has no service really anywhere i go. (Yes i know about GSM Vodafone). Sorry Verizon, still trailing behind AT& T.

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Renting tower space can pay for all of that. And it 8767 s a rare location that won 8767 t be a candidate location for at least one cell base station. Towers aren 8767 t cheap to own, but the guy next door to me has leased some of his land to one, and I think he gets $6555/mo from each tenant. The tower itself is owned, I believe, by a tower company, and they take care of all the maintenance. Best part? We get excellent cell coverage at home :-) And the red-tailed hawk likes to perch at the top while looking for lunch.

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Verizon wireless sucks. I read most of the comments and I just love the people that go over one company over the other based on how 8775 nice 8776 someone treated them at the store. Are you kidding me? Just because you ran into some rude employees doesn 8767 t change how much you will pay a month, the type of coverage you get, and so on. Overall, the prices are similar in plans. The only big difference is that with Verizon, once you start to add features such as navigation, your bill starts to go up and eventually you are paying more than with other carriers. I also agree that any carrier that does not use the Sim card technology sucks. Just my opinion.

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Also, in regards to Verizon, the contract does not extend if you change it I have done it myself and have not extended the our fees have not gone up or down drastically unless we add new features or pay for data. So therefore, Verizon does not make their customers pay more unless customers buy all those extra features. Otherwise, you can easily have 5 lines for up to $685 bucks with all the features of unlimited text, unlimited night and weekend and free mobile minutes along with 755 peak minutes, etc. The premium plan has a lot of good features included that you don 8767 t have to pay extra for.

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I respect the opinion, but can say for sure that ATT offers the ATT Navigator as well as Mobile TV as well. These features can come bundled with our data offerings to give a greater experience without the hassle of ordering several features. Features of this nature go hand in hand with the higher end devices and that is what separates ATT from its competition in the handset market not to mention the most recognizable history in the industry of communication. Please also keep in mind that ATT doesn 8767 t just offer customer service in the stores, we have numerous departments for the various and diverse customer base that we serve.

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The MCI microwave system was somehow better than ATT 8767 s microwave system? MCI didn 8767 t set any precedents. Residential customers discovered what higher long distance rates where subsidizing. The dismantling of the government regulated monopoly ended up with others companies getting a share of the long distance cream without providing basic POTS. The deregulation was all about commercial interests battling it out who 8767 get the money and how much. The babble about how much cheaper it will be to talk to granny was a smoke screen, no no one would notice MCI et. al. wasn 8767 t weren 8767 t to reduce the cost of POTS. All we got was a government regulation of a trust of government regulated utility corporation, regulation that 8767 s pretty dam light on regulation that actual serves the general public.

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I am trying to connivence my mother to switch to Verizon from at& t because they are horrible. Al my friends have Verizon and the coverage seems great. My long term boyfriend has actually switched from at& t to Verizon an says the customer service is amazing the only down fall is that they do not have sim cards. He has had the same phone for almost 8 years now and has NEVER had a problem with anything. I think this article is extremely helpful i appreciate it :).

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I just hate you all customers that think you know everything Verizon, AT& T do you think we care. we are here to get paid for helping stuck up like you and we smile not because we care about you but we get paid for doing that. just get over it and if you dont like the company that service YOU just change to the other. do you think we sales rep. care about you telling us that you are going to leave the carrier your little family of 5 well we dont, tell that to cause they might care. we are here to sell AND GET OUT not to deal with your personal issues about you acc fees or YOU going over your minutes and saying you didnt. if you dont buy, someone else will, please dont think you are Irreplaceable or unique because to the frontlines in the stores WE DON 8767 T CARE just BE NICE to us and be PATIENT if we have other customers and I promise you will get a really good but if you are a total DICK how do you expect us to be with you Treat people good so you can be treated better

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I phone is the best phone on the market I just recently swithched from Verizon to ATT. I phone is truly amazing. ATT service availablity SUCKS!!! I am in the process of going back to VERIZON. So many dropped calls I phone HAS NO GPS!!! to bad I -phone did not go with verizon, if u think about to going to anyone from verizon. DO NOT DO IT!!Verizon credited me back my cancelation fee and I have 85 days to return the i phone. And u can use verizon phones like modems.

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Sprint was originally SPRINT. Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Network Telephony. SPR laid fiber optic lines in their rights of way along their tracks for signal control and train communication. With the railroad services using only a tiny fraction of the optical bandwidth, SPR wanted to rent capacity to telcos, but that would require connecting SPRINT to the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN.

AT& T is a powerhouse so they don t care i mean AT& T was better as just Cingular but they were bought out unfortunatley of course Bellsouth was better but also was bought out so really what makes yall think it won 8767 t forever till AT& T buys out another competitor and steps leaps above Verison. AT& T has already been broken up once for being considered a monopoly and it seems like they are not too concerned with it happening again. As for the city talk they are both full of it. I live in Rural area and ALWAYS have 9-5bars with AT& T its just where there towers are both have holes so GTFO it. Also don 8767 t lie and claim to NEVER get a drop i have had T-mobile, Sprint, Verison and AT& T in my lifetime just of price and bull with thier crapt and AT& T has lasted longest but ALL of them dropped calls almost in the same area so it happens get over it got a problem with it then use a cell phone for what it was made for and thats a EMERGENCY ONLY!!

Verizon is by far the best as far as service and customer service goes. I am not saying verizon is perfect and that everything is great. Sprint has better 8g/9g, they are good at that part. At& t ha. My friends NEVER get the same service as me, and any time I borrow their phone for a second, the service and reception is terrible. The 8g is a little faster, but what good is that if you never have the coverage or reception? I find verizon to be more expensive but, like the saying goes 8776 you get what you pay for. 8776 I also live in a high volume city, so if at& t cant get cover in a city then I can imagine if your in a desert area.

Courts have sometimes viewed all passwords as equal, faulting a victim whose partner hacked her Facebook because she had shared an Amazon password with him. The court questioned whether one password could be considered private, given that she had shared other accounts, Rucker explained. “If you share an iCloud account and you’re sharing pictures that way, you’re sharing accounts in the eyes of the court,” Rucker said.

Funny thing the very next month, after I dropped my unlimited data plan, I had TWO days with HUGE data charges on my bill. I was aghast to say the least! Even when I was covered for that kind of data transfer/internet access, I didn 8767 t even come close to what AT& T was billing me for! I was, and still am livid! This all occurred on my Sept 58 bill. I haven 8767 t paid it yet and I don 8767 t plan to. I 8767 m contesting it.

Verizon is Bell Atlantic (the 7th baby bell), GTE and MCI. The federal government 8767 s approval of Verizon and Verizon Wireless allowed the 8775 new 8776 AT& T. Verizon land lines, internet, wireless and TV are much like AT& T, different companies, or division operating under 6 name. They have the same issues as AT& T does. Again, this is the federal government 8767 s regulations to protect the consumer.

I 8767 ve had ATT for about 9 years now. I switched from Nextel/Sprint which was the worst, literally paying for nothing. Anyway, over the past year, ATT 8767 s coverage has literally been getting worse by the month. Our family slogan is 8775 More bars in less places 8776 . At least twice a day I get 8775 Unable to access cellular network 8776 Really? Can 8767 t access the cellular network?!? We are always dropping calls. My wife and I have received text messages up to 9 days after sending them, so you can imagine the confusion when answering a text message that you have no idea was sent 9 days ago.

A bewildering amount of engineering was thrown at the various challenges presented to the United States by the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War. From the Interstate Highway System to the population shift from cities to suburbs, infrastructure of all types was being constructed at a rapid pace, fueled by reasonable assessments of extant and future threats seasoned with a dash of paranoia, and funded by bulging federal coffers due to post-war prosperity and booming populations. No project seemed too big, and each pushed the bleeding edge of technology at the time.

YOU are the loser because your company will be losing your long term customers! Why? Because of your dishonest, sneaky and dishonerable practices of charging people for basically NOTHING!!! If someone accidentally clicks on something that unintentionally connects them to the internet they should have the option of backing out and NOT being charged for a human mistake. VERIZON is purposely taking advantage of these mistakes, HIGHLY profiting from them and REFUSING to do anything to rectify it. Times these little charges by the number of customers they have and you have a hefty amount of ILL GOTTON GAINS. They should be ashamed of taking advantage of people like that. What ever happened to helping and satisfying the customer. I say what goes around comes around. I NO LONGER will reccommend Verizon to anyone because of there deception and sneaky charges. I will be changing when my contract is up and I suspect many others will too. How sad, they used to be an awesome company, but no more.