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Posted: 2017-11-14 17:50

9. Make tons of stuff from scratch.  From nut butter to dried beans to pizza dough (with some buckwheat flour, also weird enough that I wouldn 8767 t serve it to guests), we 8767 ve gone down a road of making an increasing amount of food from whole ingredients instead of buying it in packages. It 8767 s fun and it brings us closer to our food, even if it takes a little more time. But not all that much time we 8767 ve found relatively easy ways to do this stuff, like making the nut butter in the Blendtec, dried beans in the slow cookers, and pizza dough in the food processor. No word yet on plans to go electricity-free.

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Almond milk I said correcting my sister who thought I said Mommy milk, when I let her know I 8767 m not drinking much cows milk anymore, she then said I eat wierd foods anyway. Since working on becoming more plant-based I 8767 ve done and begun to do a lot of the things on this list and can totally see myself doing the others eventually. I don 8767 t see doing these things as part of a cultural thing or trying to belong to a group or be intentionally wierd but rather trying to become healthier and fitter with less and with more compassion. If I eat plant based and change nothing else, that 8767 s not worth it to me. So much around us is toxic, contains animals and gets to us in an unethical manner, I want to help reduce that. However, I 8767 m not perfect and I learn new things everyday. The healthier I am the wierder I am isn 8767 t that strange.


67. Live with very little stuff.  I 8767 d feel like a phony to call myself a minimalist, because we still have a bunch of kid toys and dishes and beer and wine glasses and stuff like that. But when we moved last year (more on that in a bit), we got rid of so much stuff, and we haven 8767 t gone back. I 8767 ve been living by my friend Courtney 8767 s Project 888 , pushing closer and closer over time toward owning only 655 personal items. Clutter occupies not just physical space in your house but mental space as well, and getting rid of it has been incredibly liberating. (We did get rid of one too many couches when we moved , keeping only a love seat, and we 8767 ve missed being able to stretch out. But we 8767 ll get another one, one day.)

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9. Drink weird-ass smoothies.  It used to be that I could give someone a taste of my morning smoothie , and be met with a surprised, 8775 Hey, this is pretty good! 8776 No longer. Now our smoothies start with a base of pumpkin seeds (lots of iron ), chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp/rice/pea protein powder , and that 8767 s before the greens get involved. But we 8767 re used to it, and somehow it tastes good.

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You 8767 re a nut and I love that about you you keep it real and yes, we do these things somehow they don 8767 t sound weird until someone says oh look, someone else who eats the weird crap you do! or what the heck IS that?
Dried fruit: REALLY my fave Pineapples no sugar needed! They 8767 re as addictive as crack. Seriously. Mangos are also high on the list and funny enough strawberries which are a LOT of work but hey, it 8767 s strawberry season here in Florida naturally sweet and you can toss on your Ezekial Granola maybe you should come down.

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I 8767 m just about 55, and have been vegetarian for 98 years, mainly because I 8767 m squeamish. And it just seems SO WEIRD that you could kill a deer, a cow, a bird. WHY?? Especially, how could you feed and care for an animal, even name it, and then kill it?? I read The China Study three years ago, and was totally impressed, and it gave me enough courage to go vegan. I thought I 8767 d become deficient in calcium and B67. But, oh yes, we love pink salt, and tofu is to die for (there are certainly different grades of this). Avocado, horseradish and sprout sandwiches are wonderful. We eat Alvarado Street Bakery bread almost exclusively a sprouted, flourless bread. (I have noticed that the difference between Alvarado and Ezekiel, is that Alvarado has gluten added, which might be why it tastes better, but might not be better.) I 8767 ve never had a microwave never could believe it was safe. Cooking from scratch is the best. Weird is good.

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Oh, and dehydrators are the BEST! I depend on mine to provide me with healthy, portable, nonperishable snacks and to preserve surplus and free up fridge and pantry space. Crackers and flatbreads aren 8767 t much work at all, actually pretty much any paste or puree becomes a cracker when its 8767 dehydrated, so you can use pretty much anything as the base for a cracker. I like mixing flaxseeds and TVP into vegetable soups and purees and dehydrating them to make a protein-rich savoury cracker. Fruit purees with no added sugar will dehydrate to a brittle consistency, too. I attempted to make banana leather with some pureed bananas, but I left it too long and it dehydrated completely, but the results were amazing it was like toffee brittle. I started dehydrating banana puree with toasted almonds and other nuts, and the result was almost exactly like almond brittle. Highly recommended! Also dehydrated watermelon. Possibly the most delicious thing ever.

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My boyfriend and I just moved to Asheville a few months ago! And it really is super freaking weird, in the best way possible. I 8767 m afraid if I go anywhere else it will be shocking that vegan options aren 8767 t on the menu in abundance everywhere and I swear this is the only city where you can get Kombucha on tap. Speaking of which, you SHOULD brew your own Kombucha. It 8767 s so easy once you get a SCOBY started and you can start one with Buchi or (and it is soooooo much cheaper this way!).

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I love this, everything about it and I find myself nodding in agreement with 99% of everything (I 8767 m still a secret hoarder and need to learn to get rid of more things).
I find myself getting weirder and weirder (even though I tell myself I 8767 m 8775 normal 8776 ) and for some reason, I feel like everyone else around me are the weird ones.
Perhaps it 8767 s time for me to find another weirdo to appreciate this life with. Yes, I do believe that will be the answer and for now, I will just appreciate the weirdos from other blogs and places around the world.
Here, here to weirdos!

Well, goodness I think you described us! (even down to the loveseat vs. the couch, we 8767 re currently going 8775 simpler 8776 ). Although we don 8767 t drink coffee and I have a dormant scoby in my fridge, since I haven 8767 t made kombucha in awhile. But I used to brew it, so much so, that I had scobys in huge thick piles. What to do with all of them! So glad we 8767 re not the only ones with these trends. Thanks for sharing!

Ha ha, I hear you on the Bob 8767 s Red Mill. I had heard of them before I made the switch to vegetarianism (I 8767 m now a vegan).
I long to visit Asheville. I 8767 m hoping to do so within the next 7-8 years.
I don 8767 t use my microwave as much, but I still use it: oatmeal, warming up pasta dishes when I don 8767 t feel like heating it in a pot or skillet, and melting Earth Balance when I 8767 m making cookies.

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65. Buy everything else Amy 8767 s, Annie 8767 s, Bob 8767 s (Red Mill), Tom 8767 s, Bragg, and Bronner 8767 s.  No, these aren 8767 t our friends from the local farmers market (though I 8767 m sure it 8767 s no mistake they chose their brand names to sound like that). These are all brands that just three years ago I had never heard of, and now they represent most of what we buy that isn 8767 t unpackaged produce or bulk goods from our local co-op. We actually refill our Dr. Bronner 8767 s soap bottle from a big pump bottle at the co-op, which is fun. And pretty weird too, I suppose.

6. Wear trail shoes everywhere.  So here 8767 s how this happened. I stopped wearing leather shoes (technically, I stopped buying leather shoes, and the ones I owned wore out). I bought a pair of faux-leather shoes from a discount shoe store (they sell them because they 8767 re cheap, not because they 8767 re vegan-friendly), but I hated them. So then I just started wearing trail shoes around, since they 8767 re grey and look better than Danny Tanner white sneaks. Right now I wear a pair of Merrells that I also run in, and my wife usually wears her New Balance Minimus Trail.

How about eating entrees for breakfast? I 8767 m not vegan anymore, but when I was, the worst thing was trying to get breakfast in restaurants. With the popularity of non-dairy beverages like almond and soymilk, maybe it 8767 s easier now to at least get a bowl of house-made granola (as long as there 8767 s no honey in it), but a few years ago if I wanted to go out for breakfast/brunch with friends I had no options at all on the breakfast menu it was all granola and yogurt, pancakes/waffles/french toast, porridge cooked with dairy, or some eggs/bacon/sausage/hashbrowns combo. I either had to order off of the sides/extras menu (eg. side of potatoes or toast with side of fruit salad and side of grilled tomatoes), or I had to order a bowl of vegetable soup or a veggie sandwich/burger (with substitutions and/or omissions for the cheese and mayo). Now I 8767 m used to eating that way and I eat dinner for breakfast all the time, especially soups and stews everyone else says how weird my breakfasts are.

Though it looks gross, hagfish slime is actually something of a wonder material. Because it’s made of protein and sugar molecules known as mucin, hagfish mucous doesn’t dries out and harden over time—it stays all gooey. But that doesn’t mean the mucous is weak, in fact, quite the opposite. Hagfish mucous also contains thread-like proteins that are  incredibly tough , so much so that researchers are trying to figure out how they can use the slime to stop bleeding in accident victims, or make sustainable fabrics for clothes. Even the . Navy is interested in engineering it for defensive materials against missiles.

I was lured over to read this post because of the title and I really enjoyed it just tonight was talking to my partner about how our 9 year old asked if she could go to McDonalds because she just liked the look of the playground I explained the restaurant had lots of meat and she just lost interest I wondered if that was unusual among 9 year olds maybe even seen as weird! I have always put down my weird foods to blogging maybe because blogging makes me aware of them but the veg thing has gone so long that every now and again it just seems really weird that people eat meat!

Most of us have gone on dates with strangers from the internet at some point. But even if you met your date IRL, it’s a good idea to give them a Google Voice number when you start chatting, Rucker says. Google Voice lets users generate phone numbers for free and use them to set up other secure chat services like WhatsApp or Signal. A user can easily turn off her Google Voice number and get a new one if her date turns out to be a creep—and she won’t have to go to the trouble of changing her real number and redistributing it to all her friends.

69. Drink kombucha.  It 8767 d be really weird if we brewed kombucha and had our own SCOBY , like my buddy Jeff Sanders does, but we 8767 re not there yet. For now, I 8767 m satisfied drinking it, something I didn 8767 t start doing until I got to Asheville, where it 8767 s made locally  (like so much else). I 8767 ve found the smaller and more local you get kombucha, the funkier it tastes, which I imagine is how it 8767 s really supposed to be.

I used to be a coffee snob, ordering expensive coffee from gourmet roasters all over the country. Then, I stumbled across a few websites online that explained how to roast green coffee beans in a hot air popcorn popper. I ordered some green, unroasted beans online and dug our old popcorn popper out of the basement and I haven 8767 t bought a single roasted coffee bean in over 65 years. It 8767 s that good! And the best part is, unroasted green coffee beans are typically half the price of roasted beans.

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